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  1. Well doctor Watson wich designer living in nz heads a production line of modern cruisers being manufactured in nz and being sold all over the world Zilch You wouldn’t come to nz and have a boatbuilt and sail it home Yes some are in the big luxury size but not in the 30 to 50 footers and then there is the weather to cope with , I have been to these country’s and see the set up we can’t compete

  2. We’re at the bottom end of the world , our designers are few , and not up in the class as some in the EU etc , why would you come here to buy a production boat. ,we offer non , even out best designers live off shore where the masses are , the turnover , the better weather. ,and economy. Supper yachts built here but only the odd one , labour for these is cheep , and the business cost are left here once the boat sails away

  3. Tim c yes but houses are a priority over boats , and nz shot it’s self regards building boats as the cost is to high in the set up ,New Zealand manufactures want all there cost back in the first few sales Foreign manufactures spread costs over a long period so can take a slice of the market Nz is to dear in most idustries to deal with , just look at your own running costs. ,

  4. Well it’s pretty basic don’t buy a boat less you can run it , looks pretty ,lots of fun , but you have to manage it , spend money on it , keep it , make sure it gets you home , why did the battery go flat , thoes boats have good alternators , being launches , why wasn’t there a house battery to offer power The trip wasn’t prepared ,

  5. I think you would find looking at the boat it was a bit of a bro boat ,lacking in maintainance ,it looks like an old Carl Augustan 28 roll it’s guts out and dead flat in the stern ,and a roll tuck stern so with out power it would not be fun , maintainance stop all these problems ,

  6. Wrong pitch , I was 2 blade 12x10 , and 5k was tops. Changed to Volvo three blader folder 16 x9 and less pitch bigger circumference now I pull 7.7 knots cruise all day 6.5 smooth

  7. M Y cousin had a 42 sent here ,he asked for the small keel and short rig , he got small keel short rig but the sail safe were for the large rig , they to,d him to send them back or get them cut down at his cost , the varnish on the cupboard doors was only on the face and not in or around the doors so we revarnished them a year ,after the keel was opening up at the join they told him just fix it his cost ,he spent $275,000 for this boat not a good deal

  8. Ta wheels ,,,, Yes but in tantalised timber , tanalith reacts to s/s as is the bolts I pulled out had dulled off , most of the suppliers in the building industry don’t really know what they are buying , , they just order s/s bolts and charge heaps for them I found a place on the north shore the tool warehouse there s/s bolts you would never know what What coding they are but are under half price the building merchants , every body goes there , your proberly going to shoot at me , but the more steel in the s/s the longer they will last , old Galve bolts just corrode through the galv and seam to last well , in the old days we used to greese galv bolts And they last years I give up

  9. The building s/s is crap , 304 or less. Even the building inspectors Say it’s shinny looks like s/s tick the box . I add onto a deck I built a couple of years ago I had to take one bolt out of the bearer to connect another bearer and there was rust and dulling . The dulling was weird , no shine ..

  10. thanks IT i think they quiet long i see the bog spots on the lead about half way down so they could be a foot or two long or more so it looks like they were fitted after the lead pour baby and they are about 3/4 in good nick it has a keelson and a sister keelson above about 10 inches wide and solid to the main keelson so is very strong ship  

  11. Yes they have some slight green on the nuts All polished highly as they are seen I tried to spanned one that had the loose washer and I could see the bolt twist a tad , so will soak with crc the day before to help tighten it when ready

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