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  1. The trouble with Wanganui is as much related to river conditions as sea conditions. Following heavy rainfall there can be big standing waves at the entrance. Not a big deal leaving since you can pick your day but be wary entering the Wanganui Moles after heavy rainfalls. The positives are that after a big flood the seabed there gets smoothed out easing the waves encountered over the bar when you give it a few days. I would make a crossing to Port Hardy on the NW side of Durville. It has a very big sheltered harbour. In WW2 the Japanese fleet sunk in the Battle of Coral Sea was reputed to
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    I saw Leander was used in the TV mini series on Ed Hillary (voyage to Antarctica). Some clever shots there. I guess the Japanese communal dormitory style of sleeping arrangements is a little bit off-putting but otherwise a nice vessel. Are you still involved with her? What was her career with the Japanese? Is her former name Joshu or Yoshu? The only Japanese vessel I could find to match was Yoshu.
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