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  1. rich2

    Reefs For Cat 3

    What is the Actual requiremnt for Reefs in a Cat3 Race??
  2. Pepermint planet has a wellington keel. And hullabaloo will hopefully be getting faster up hill with a new toy or two.... is witchy woman's engine under the stairs or was it moved forward very early on (even before it was launched) to match force 11 and i think fineline. I don't think it will still be there in 5 weeks You should start buying it now..
  3. Hi i sail on the Young 11 Hullabaloo. it is completly standard like witchy woman is. it has also been cruised alot. even as a standard boat they get up and boggie.We will find out how they go two handed in the simrad. (three handed with richmond this sunday Any one else in FINELINE) Force 11 is a very turboed boat. I dont think pete is trying to sell her. Furture feedback (also out at HalfmoonBay) has just had there keel modified Added Winglets to the bottom of it. i am not sure how much better she goes now but Talking to john would be worth it. There are alot of young 11 owner
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