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  1. You cold try Kelly at Dive Zone in Waipapa or Dave at Dive North they may be able to help you wit someone keen for a bit of "unpaid" work. Tell them Anthony @ Dive Doctor sent you, that may or may not help
  2. Hey Greg, it is a Ross 490 - like a Jolly Boat but designed for the larger man? We have one if you are keen for a sail.
  3. Rental

    Squadron Wednesdays

    It should not have to go to protest, saling is a self regulating sport if you sail the incorrect course you RAF. My bet is the Epsom won't turn up waist everyones time and will be DSQ. Flame away but I call it cheating.
  4. Rental


    Yep the technology has really improved in the last couple of years.
  5. Rental


    I have some nice 7mm Cressi suits on a boat show special for $399. Make sure you let us know you are a "Crewer" and we can sort out a few air fills FOC. We have shifted to 20R Sylvia Park Rd in Mt Wellington and need some customers !! Come and visit......please Ant.
  6. I think so, lets have a look at it.
  7. We have only just shifted here about 4 weeks ago and the signs are not even up !! PC - Next time you are at the greasy spoon next door getting a maggot pack pop in and say Hi. Loving being only 2min off the motorway so might make it to a few rum races now Getting the shop sorted and do air fills, tank testing, regulator servicing, fix wetsuits and drysuits - just about anything dive related. Thanks Mr Slut for you kind words - we also repair wet weather gear - neck seals etc. Make sure you let us know you are a fellow "Crewer" and I will do you the best deal I can do
  8. Yep give us a call at the Dive Doctor - 5308117 20 R Sylvia Park Rd in Mt Wellington and I am sure we can sort at a fellow Crew member with something. Or come over with a bottle of rum to the Multi hull marinas after racing on Saturday and we can discuss it over a drink Anthony.
  9. Also a grinder and a set of bog knifes.
  10. Don't worry about the sticker most of the time the Squaddy notices that you are doing 18kts past the finish line with a stupid grin on your face and no keel boats and insight and figure it must be one of those new fangled multihull things................. See you out there and have fun but keep out of the way of the Stewart 34's !! Make sure you pop over to WXY after racing because it is far more fun talking about you when you are there !!
  11. Charlie Brown IS a lawyer And there is the answer
  12. Rental


    Naaa, not quicker one of the 8.5's beat them up and we crossed them 3/4 of the way up the first beat in the chopstrand and poly 1970's vinatge GBE......but it was their 2nd race.
  13. Rental


    Its already off. If you don't already know, the very reason you use green tape is that comes off easily, intact, even if its been in the sun a few days. WHAT....you removed the structual green tape !! Thats the only thing holding it all together. and how will Samin and Rob know where the lines are when colouring it in
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