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  1. Such a great weekend down at Waiheke. Real Deal will be on the line for Kawau. Looking light again so it will be nice not to be out there in the heat of the day. Where will party be? (must remember to park on less of a heel this time)
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been watching this thread with interest whilst trying to get my account reactivated, and since I have finally figured out how to do that I thought I would throw in my 2 cents. I have been really interested in minis for the last couple of years and have done quite a lot of research on them, although it looks like there is still a lot I can learn from some of you that have already posted. I was able to do the North Island race (and the qualifiers) as a bet of a dipping the toe in the water exercise with regards to short handed offshore sailing, and its safe to say tha
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