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  1. This sounds like the voltage regulators the BEP sold as their ER4 model. They were in fact a locally made brand, re-branded by BEP. There were an escalating series of problems with these and each modification seemed to introduce a new issue. BEP took them off the market about one year after I refused to use them any more. However, this does not justify labeling all smart regulators as troublesome. There are also other well known brands that I won't use for various reasons, but there are some very good multi stage smart regulators. One alternator repair company doesn't like smart regulators bec
  2. BEP VSRs are now all dual sensing. For the battery voltage to drop to 12.8 volts, the charging source must have been removed, or an exceptionally heavy load must have reduced the voltage of all batteries being charged, to the cut out voltage. This occurs so as to prevent a discharging battery from discharging the other batteries connected in parallel via the VSR. This is not a disadvantage, it is an essential feature. The only way that I can see a VSR preventing parallel connected batteries from getting adequate charge is if something inhibits the ability for the voltage of one or more ba
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