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  1. I'm looking for a boat builder on the North Shore to finish off our Ross 780. Fizgig was the first glass hull 780 but had ply decks that were the plug for the deck mould. Over the last 30 years the ply rotted out... So we cut them off and had a new glass deck laid up and fitted, and that's where progress ended with the last boat builder... We want someone who can work on it semi full time and get it done!! No proper deadline but just finish it... We have all new deck gear to go in and will order the new rig once work starts... If anyone knows of someone who might want to take


    The rudder on No Worries is a beauty! So balanced, so light yet so much feedback, and holds on harder the faster you go. At 15kts+ you can point the boat wherever you want and drive with so much confidence. But the transom needs some serious reinforcement behind the gudgeons to take the loads.
  3. Remember in the Top Gear episode in NZ when May raced Clarkson on Oracles AC45, They went from Coromandel to Sprits Bay (?) in something like 7 or 8 hours... I cant remember the exact details but someone probably does. extrapolated out, that is probably near on breaking the Coastal Classic record...
  4. I've done a lot of sailing in a Farr 727 and I rate it very high for a simple boat to single hand, even in high winds/waves. Most of what I have done has been crewed harbour racing or 2 handed cruising, but in 30kts plus it became a very competitive boat, even against 1020s etc, while everyone else is getting over powered the lil 727 powers through, and is very controllable in 1-2m+ waves. Cruising on them is good for 2-3 people max. Think of it much like camping though. Speeds, can hold 5kts upwind, down wind we have seen 11-12 with a kite, previous owner had it up to 14-15. V
  5. Report from No Worries Starting mid line, we had made the desision to go with our lil red frac genny even though most others went for the mast head spiniker. We got stuck in a bit of sh*t from all the other boats and saw The Entertainer and Grunt Machine pulling away down to Leward. Gybe at North Headput us nice and high but with a few boats still shitting on us we decided to climb and get clear air. By Rangi light we had our clear air leading Div 4 and were mowing down most of Div 2 sitting between 10 and 13 knots. We nearly beat our record of 1 hour to Tiri (that fateful 2012 Coastal
  6. Yea.. I just tried it and got a reply from Vodafone "sorry - this service is not available at the moment, please try again later" I have a suspicion that they might postpone the race start...
  7. How do we subscribe to the text updates from SSANZ race committee?
  8. I am doing up an old laser as a bach boat but I need some things like a sail, battens, cover etc. If you have any laser bits lying around, please let me know. They don't have to be genuine "Laser" or in mint competitive condition as I'm never going to race this one. Nick 021 023 99350.
  9. Hey thanks for that picture of No Worries! I was "co skipper" If you could send me the full res image to nxride@gmail.com and any others. Its an amazing picture!
  10. From what ive heard, 780s are having Nationals in BOI next January...
  11. Race control should have known better than to send us on such a long course when there was variable winds on the start line... It should really have finished at the 2nd Rough Rock rounding. Lovely day on the harbour though, sad that it has all gone to waste...
  12. There is the 930 Lightfoot racing in the restricted division at Bucks...
  13. Looking for a sail for a laser i just bought. used is fine but would like something that is still reasonably crisp and has battens.
  14. Im looking for an old non foiling Moth just for mucking around at the bach over summer, any condition considered, I'm not afraid of doing a lil bit of work to get it going. Must have usable sails, rig and rigging. Let me know what you got. Possible trade for a Javelin with cash my way. Nick 021 023 99350
  15. Not entirely sure, (I'm just the bowman in the crewed races) But Ian told me that they shredded the fractional genniker, and that was the ideal sail to use. I think they were both just a bit tired and that was the last straw, so they pulled the pin and motored home.
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