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  1. Its not really sailing related, but I've promised Miss 5yo a trip to a wharf for some fishing tomorrow, hence where's a good wharf within an hours drive of Auckland that might deliver a fun day out and a fish of any size? Leigh is one option, but are there any other recommendations?  

  2. Thanks for the tips everyone, the job turned out to be a piece-of-cake and the good use of a few hours. 

    I removed the unit from the boat, stipped it down (carefully), cleaned large volumes of gunk out of it, greased it up, reassembled and reinstalled, and now its working like brand new one. 

    The internal workings were completely clogged with a thick sludge of which I assume was old grease and salt.

    Thanks again



  3. My current lever/selector is playing up hence what's the collective wisdom of fixing or replacing these things?

    In a nutshell, forward-idle-reverse works fine but the button (on the left) that's pulled out to engage neutral isn't working despite some encouragement.

    Is it worth trying to fix it or should i just bite the bullet and replace it? and if I replace, what brands make a similar unit of decent quality?

    Any intel is greatly welcomed.


  4. On 20/11/2020 at 7:35 AM, mcp said:

    Z158 from ryco.  That engine is a Perkins 103-10, Perkins m30, Shibaura 753, ford 1220 tractor, new holland 1440 tractor, caterpillar 3001, it's found in hustler lawn mowers, bobcats, northern lights generators, refrigerated shipping containers.  Very very common engine.


    Awesome! thank you.


  5. Does anyone have a link to a reliable X-reference for the above?

    My rebuilt MD2030 engine needs an oil change and the current filter is an OEM part number 3581621 which Repco and Supercheap cant match, and the usual online x-references arent working either.

    I know there's a compatible filter but I'm buggared if I can find it!


  6. 52 minutes ago, BOIGuy said:

    What has that got to do with legalisation? 

    The very people you are concerned about are not only suffering psychosis but are also criminalised by the current situation, the proposed bill is there to help such people in more ways than one.

    "So far, this research shows only an association between smoking pot and developing psychosis or schizophrenia later on. That’s not the same thing as saying that marijuana causes psychosis."

    From your own links, hardly supporting your proposition scientifically is it? Also all the studies you link do not differentiate between people using cannabis legally or illegally. You are making too many assumptions to support your own beliefs to start asking others for better evidence.

    Perhaps you should re-read what I said but use both eyes this time?

  7. 6 minutes ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    This doesn't loosen control, it enhances it.

    Almost be definition you cannot control an illegal substance that is used by 10% of the population annually.  The bill proposes controls that address your specific concern, as well as others.

    Perhaps a poor choice of words and i could argue the point, but do you see cannabis use in 10 - 25yo's increasing or decreasing as a result of this legislation passing?

  8. I'm not against an adult having a puff at home and a plant in their backyard, but i fear that loosening the control on cannabis and the associated easing availability to young people and will have a serious impact on mental well-being.

    I've witnessed first hand a young, bright lad engage in moderate use as a teen and whom now suffers severe psychosis and schizophrenia to the point where his family cant let him know where they live for fear of their lives. One moment he can be and engaging, polite adult, the next moment a knife welding, paranoid menace.

    If you're interested in reading about the link between cannabis use in the young and psychosis, here's a good start


    "In one recent study that followed nearly 2,000 teenagers as they became young adults, young people who smoked marijuana at least five times were twice as likely to have developed psychosis over the next 10 years as those who didn’t smoke pot."

  9. For those of you in Auckland, how are you cleaning your decks and topsides without using fresh water?

    We usually give the boat a good soapy scrub this time of year with plenty of fresh water and a hose, but with the water restrictions in Akl we'll need to use seawater. So question is, is there a decent saltwater detergent that we should use? or what are others doing to stay presentable?

    Thx muchly



  10. 1 hour ago, Fish said:

    You are starting to appear very ignorant of what is actually going on, either that or you are trolling?

    So you want to compare deaths due to not delivering on a policy, to what Trump is doing? OK

    How many children have died in Iran because Trump wont let any country anywhere in the world sell medicine to Iran? Why wont Trump let anyone sell medicine to Iran?

    How many children died in cages that were put there by US border officials, after being permanently removed from their parents?

    Why is Trump even putting children in cages?

    So, JA's govt policies is to improve child poverty, Trump's govt policy is to permanently remove children from parents and lock them in cages, and to deny all children in a country with zero to do with the US any access to any medicine at all.

    So are you ignorant or trolling?



    An I ignorant or trolling? Probably, much like yourself, a bit of both. Its just a matter of perspective.

    BTW, migrant children were separated from their parents and kept in cages long before Trump, and if Iran wants to build nuclear missiles then their government should prepare itself and its people for the consequences.



  11. 12 hours ago, Fish said:

    You do understand that Trump assassinated a guy, as in with a bomb, blew him and several others up. In a country that had nothing to do with either trump or the assassinated guy. As far as anyone can tell, this was entirely to make Trumps cock look bigger.

    It is beyond me how you can relate that to our PM. I understand she gave a reporter a sharp look once... You do seem to have some kind of unhealthy fixation on Jacinda though. 

    Do we know how many children JA's government killed because they didn't deliver on their child poverty and housing promises?

    Do we know how many avoidable deaths were attributed to delayed treatment caused by emptied hospitals during the lockdown?

  12. 12 hours ago, Fish said:

    Its all about the greater good KM. Its about reducing the net total suffering. By wishing ill on Trump, I am actually hoping that all the people who are wronged by him will no longer be wronged. As a caring sharing person, I really want all the people of Venezuela, and Iran to be free from Trump's oppression. And all the people in the US who are suffering from his poor decisions.

    If Trump were assassinated, the world would be a fare better place.

    PS, what on earth are you doing reading the Daily Blog?

    PPS, if you want to understand why I'm linking oppression, Iran and Venezuela with Trump, you'll have to read reliable news sources, like maybe Al Jazeera, not the Daily Blog ;-)

    It's for the greater good KM, the greater good.

    Depending on your political bent, you could argue similar points against Jacinda Ardern for her failings on 

    • Homelessness and the broken promises to provide housing for the vulnerable - up 300% in her term.
    • Increasing in child poverty
    • Growing unemployment etc etc
    • Disdain for farming and business
    • etc etc

    But to wish her harm via a danger virus or even death is just a step to far and downright uncouth and nasty. 

  13. My advice would be to get a mobile data plan and stream it. As Wheels mentioned and in my experience, TV aerials on boats are a pain in the ass unless you throw considerable loot at it.

    As a tip, when we've been cruising in remotish spots, a mobile hotspot gizmo in a bucket pulled up the mast will give you pretty good range and data speed 

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