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  1. Its not really sailing related, but I've promised Miss 5yo a trip to a wharf for some fishing tomorrow, hence where's a good wharf within an hours drive of Auckland that might deliver a fun day out and a fish of any size? Leigh is one option, but are there any other recommendations?
  2. Thanks for the tips everyone, the job turned out to be a piece-of-cake and the good use of a few hours. I removed the unit from the boat, stipped it down (carefully), cleaned large volumes of gunk out of it, greased it up, reassembled and reinstalled, and now its working like brand new one. The internal workings were completely clogged with a thick sludge of which I assume was old grease and salt. Thanks again
  3. Thanks all! Its good to know that the unit should be salvageable with some TLC. It sounds like a removal, deep clean and spruce-up are on the cards this weekend - thanks for the tips IT! Cables are fine its just the selector button that's seized.
  4. My current lever/selector is playing up hence what's the collective wisdom of fixing or replacing these things? In a nutshell, forward-idle-reverse works fine but the button (on the left) that's pulled out to engage neutral isn't working despite some encouragement. Is it worth trying to fix it or should i just bite the bullet and replace it? and if I replace, what brands make a similar unit of decent quality? Any intel is greatly welcomed.
  5. Does anyone have a link to a reliable X-reference for the above? My rebuilt MD2030 engine needs an oil change and the current filter is an OEM part number 3581621 which Repco and Supercheap cant match, and the usual online x-references arent working either. I know there's a compatible filter but I'm buggared if I can find it!
  6. A Bruce Farr designed Javelin Skiff ( I think?) named Farr Canal
  7. I was saddened to read this today. Only 62 years young. https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/news/legend-new-zealand-sailing-passes-away?fbclid=IwAR2YNXXyvijyFpCM7zg8jlYq-b3b9f_e8Cn1viUuoG89unj6XaOsUijvXVo
  8. Thanks for the input all, for some reason i never knew salt water boat soap existed! Looks like a trip to Bursco and some elbow grease are on the adgenda this weekend. BTW Wheels, shes 42ft of Comalcos finest, barely a timber fibre in sight 😎
  9. For those of you in Auckland, how are you cleaning your decks and topsides without using fresh water? We usually give the boat a good soapy scrub this time of year with plenty of fresh water and a hose, but with the water restrictions in Akl we'll need to use seawater. So question is, is there a decent saltwater detergent that we should use? or what are others doing to stay presentable? Thx muchly
  10. My advice would be to get a mobile data plan and stream it. As Wheels mentioned and in my experience, TV aerials on boats are a pain in the ass unless you throw considerable loot at it. As a tip, when we've been cruising in remotish spots, a mobile hotspot gizmo in a bucket pulled up the mast will give you pretty good range and data speed
  11. My thoughts as well. It'd be a great donor boat for a racer/cruiser project - 2/3rds of the costs are saved right there A rented chainsaw, a skip and a weekend would take care of the hull.
  12. I use white Petite Vivid White primarily because my hull is alloy and Petite Vivid doesnt contain copper. Seems to work fine but does need a regularly wipe to stay looking good.
  13. Ahh, i get it now, its a riddle If a pregnant nanny, a green lawyer and a refugee are fishing the Northwest passage of Waiheke. who's the bloke with a bucket on his head?
  14. tuffyluffy

    40' Boats

    It all depends on the marina. Westhaven put a tape measure on my boat when i tried to rent a 12m berth. It turns out that 12.8m is larger than 12m and hence they insisted i rent or buy a 14m berth with the associated costs. Hence i packed a sad and left. I've been on a 12m berth at Hodsonville marina ever since and no ones mentioned a thing
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