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  1. Hi folks, got a brand new, never been hoisted spinnaker for sale. Was an insurance replacement that I never got around to using - has been stored in a vacuum-sealed bag since it was made, probably about a year or two ago.


    Can check exact dimensions for anyone who is interested. Was used as masthead kite on my old 29 footer which had an 11m rig, but I think it was intended for a bigger boat.


    New boat came with 5 kites so I'm selling this one to get some other gear for the boat.


    Made by Harold Sails, white in colour. I think the value new was $2700? Open to offers. :)




  2. Sailed this beautiful creature from Auckland to her new home in the BOI. Very VERY happy bunny. Thanks so much to all of you who offered advice and suggestions over the course of my painfully long and frequently frustrating search for a new boat. With your help, I'm pretty sure I nailed it. :D

  3. Hey Kiwikid, rubbish barge will be back for the holidays - saw a notice about it somewhere the other day but can't remember where... Best to listen to local VHF (Russell Radio?) for details of where they'll be.


    Not sure if there are any other options for water besides Opua - maybe Russell? You can fill up on the OCC dock though - just remember to stick some $s in the honesty box on the dock. :thumbup:

  4. Following with interest... Just trying to buy my first glass boat (previous was wood) and the whole subject of osmosis seems like a veritable minefield with more than its fair share of 'experts'. Mike Menzies seems to me to know more about it than anyone else in NZ, but of course his time isn't free, and rightly so if he's the expert he appears to be. Not sure how much stock I'd put in anyone else's opinion at present - not unless they prove their credentials on the subject. Sorry crew.oracle! :wink:

  5. Hi folks, just catching up after a few days on the water - thanks again for all the input.


    At the moment I'm reconsidering both Whiting 29s (I can see one on TM at the moment - is this the 'Pukeko' someone mentioned? It certainly looks like the interior theme, so I'm guessing same boat, but the listing says fractional rig?) and actually having another think about Marauders too...


    Cascade 36 - could certainly have a look next time I'm in AKL, but I think it would probably be a no-go owing to the potential re-saleability (if it's been on the market that long, presumably it's a bit of a hard one to shift??)


    Reinke, Hallberg Rassy, etc... maybe in a couple of years! At the moment I'm looking for a 'stopgap' boat that I can cruise potentially anywhere around NZ (but 90% of the time likely to be Northland/Hauraki/Mercs, etc), yet also get involved in the odd club race. If my perception of certain NZ designs is wrong then please set me straight! As I said I basically decided Marauders were a no-go due to concerns about safety/seakeeping ability in rough weather. But sounds like I could be wrong? I mean I'm not an idiot when it comes to storm tactics either, and I'd like to think that with any reasonably safe/seaworthy boat I wouldn't have trouble coping with rough weather.


    Sadly I think the Lotus 9.2 is outside of my budget, so not really worth considering. Easy to say "just borrow the rest" but not when you're already tapped out and trying to build two houses! I've got to be realistic and the budget is the budget.


    Think I'll pass on the McGregor... :wink:

    • Whiting 29... Maybe?
    • Lotus 9.2/Marauder - storms, really?? Had seriously considered both of these but dismissed them due to concerns over seaworthiness. Perhaps unfounded?
    • Ross 930 - I won't even dignify that with a response KM... ;)
    • D28 - too small
    • D35 - too big! Well, too expensive, or too run down within budget? Would love a D35 actually but that's my concern - anything within my budget will need too much work.
    • Lidgard 30 - already looked at this one, hate the layout.
    • Raven 31 - again too far outside budget for a decent one, and also not sure about seaworthiness?


    I also seriously considered a Farr 9.2 as I had my eye on one of those before I bought my last boat, but again, would you want to be on one in a storm? Not sure I would... Nice boats though - tick all the other boxes.

  6. Hello again ye olde fount of nautical wisdom. I am once again seeking your advice as I've reached a dead end in my search for a new boat. I was oh-so-close to buying a Chico 30, until the seller went and sold it to someone else the day before I was going to have it surveyed! I've been trawling TradeMe for what feels like months, and have just about lost the will to live - I just can't find ANYTHING that floats my boat, so to speak. Does anyone out there have any ideas? I'm even willing to buy overseas and sail it back if I can get something for the right price in the Tropics or Aussie, even the US (probably not Europe - not sure I could really justify that much time off work!)


    Here's my wish list:

    • Budget $30k ideal, $35k MAX
    • 30 foot (ish)
    • Offshore capable (not looking to take it offshore, but want to be able to do some serious coastal cruising and not have to run for port at the first sign of a gale, and obviously if I buy overseas I'll need to get it home!)
    • Not a complete shitter - capable of at least keeping up with the average Wednesday night crowd here in Opua. I mean I don't mind coming in after the E5.9s, but I don't want a WetSnail or anything...
    • Good resale value - not an oddball or one-off - I'll more than likely be looking to upgrade to a bigger blue water boat within 3 years so I want to be reasonably sure I'll get back more-or-less what I pay for it.
    • Separate head, i.e. fully enclosed behind a DOOR, not a curtain (seriously guys, my days of being able to smell someone else's every bowel movement are well and truly over!)
    • Decent double v-berth (bow-chicka-wow-wow...) ;)
    • GRP preferably - see point re. resale value...
    • NO teak decks
    • NO DIY projects (I had enough of them with my last boat...)
    • Decent rig and deck gear, i.e. furler, self-tailing winches, etc.
    • Reasonably new engine (already been through the exercise of installing a new one in my old boat - would rather not do it again)
    • Will compromise on stuff that can be upgraded within budget, i.e. crappy deck gear, teak decks, engine etc... But not on stuff that can't be easily changed, e.g. interior layout, resale value, etc.


    I'm sure there are plenty of overseas boats that I'm not even considering because I'm not even aware of them. But I feel like I've exhausted all of the Kiwi possibilities. A nicely upgraded Chico 30 without teak decks is the closest I've come to finding something that ticks all the boxes. What am I overlooking?? Any suggestions greatly appreciated! :thumbup:

  7. Hi guys, I arrived back in Opua from Christchurch yesterday after a long day's travel due to cancelled Kerikeri flight. SH11 was closed just past Kawakawa but Moerewa was just passable with caution, though very marginal and I wouldn't be surprised if they had closed it soon after we got through at around 4pm.


    On the subject of the boats lost, one of them was sadly mine. I don't know the full story yet - I plan to speak to people who were on the scene to find out. From what I gather from fraught phonecalls on the night, a larger boat broke free and fouled mine, and both were subsequently sunk against the marina breakwater. I cannot say that with certainty as I have not yet spoken face to face with those who were there, but I will say that my boat was on a well oversized, practically brand new mooring, and should not have broken loose on her own, but who knows really. It may have simply been mooring failure. It is truly devastating in a way I simply cannot describe. It feels like the death of a much loved friend, and I am gutted beyond words.


    I can only offer my sincerest thanks to those who did everything they could on the night to save my beautiful boat, but conditions were simply too rough and dangerous to do anything, and continue to be far too rough to effect a salvage at present.

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