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  1. Full manual: http://www.shipmodul.com/downloads/manuals/MiniPlex-2Wi_3.17.pdf
  2. Brought this to get instruments on an ipad but project changed, never installed or used. This is a MiniPlex-2Wi NMEA 0183 model Full specs here: http://www.shipmodul.com/en/miniplex-2wi.html will work with most of the popular navigation and tactical race apps like iRegatta $350
  3. Mini - NZ$80-90K fully charged ready to rock C950 - NZ$220-240 fully charged. Excluding w^&#$@r bureaucrat 'design checking' tax. I've sussed both hard in the last 6 months and could do either for the above coin but feck all less if looking at a fully fired up boat. There is some price cutting 'deals, bribery, blackmail and pure threats of violence' included in the prices. WT, the C950's have strict rules all designed to stop arms races. But I suppose if you wanted to swap sails, rigs etc every 6 months you could do it so you do have a point there. Hmmmm, a full
  4. What about a classe 950? probably not much different in price to the mini due to the restrictions.. http://www.classe950.com/p/en/laclasse/ http://www.alchemyboats.eu/htm/home_eng.htm
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