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  1. Thanks, I have emailed them so will see how that pans out. On a related issue - can one get aluminium drums re-knurled?
  2. Hi wise people My 2-speed winches started jamming a bit and it seems the issue is the lower pawl slots (or whatever they are called) are worn and the pawls wobble about. Either they sort of pop out and semi jam or the pawl springs work their way out and either lock up the pawls or get bent. In the photo this is the inner brass casting (machined?), I have shown how the one pawl does not lock snuggly into the slot. Barient was bought by Lewmar a million years ago and I cannot find any info about getting replacements for Barient. Does anyone have any advice please? John
  3. I had R...... 55mm ratchets and they blew up. Switched to H..... 75mm ratchets and they have been great for years now. Prop them up with 1/2 a tennis ball, cheap and cheerful but a bit finicky to install the pins (a few have "plopped") and they only last a couple of years.
  4. Hi Looking for a ride from North Shore/Auckland to Tutukaka Marina on Wednesday (28 Oct) please. PM or evening preferred. Need to bring boat back to Auckland and will save someone driving me up and then back. Happy to share costs of driving. John
  5. Good blast out there. Thanks DYC Apologies to Cool Change for the port starboard, jib had too many turns on the winch and it did not release. Bit of an effort doing penalty turns in that weather. Well done to the guys that can beat in weather, arrgh not me! Took a bit water over the boat on the peaky ones behind Motutapu. Also a bit of a battle keeping Crocodiles's snout above the water surfing through Motuihe channel. Also a bit edgy doing 10 kn around the bottom of Motuihi in 5m of water by the lee - the things we do??? I think I passed the white cruiser boat about 3 times that race afte
  6. Big catamaran arrived recently at Westhaven, anyone know what it is please?
  7. Length handle to blade overall 1550, handle to rowlock 440mm Cant seem to add images??
  8. Posted in the off chance that someone found it. Lost Saturday 12:00 between AKL North Head and Westhaven. Otherwise if anyone has a spare I can buy please? Akron 2m inflatable, split paddle, about 1.5m long???
  9. Good day out although the early start was a push. Great to see the sunrise though. Rigged kite for the run Haystack, too forward so rigged gennaker. Watched HandH and then Revo Blues heading for Tiri so stuck to the genoa.Wind never got aft enough to have a good run but just enough wind and waves near haystack to get in some quite long skids stuck on 9-10kn. Dont like the upwind bit so changed to #3 before haystack for the windward leg back to Weiti. Blazing White got past me but managed to hold off the others. HandH and Oracle made the right call going low to Gulf Harbour. Well done and tha
  10. REMEMBER to get your series entry in Major Skippers Spot Prize of a Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Unit plus installation will be awarded at the club after the racing. Kindly donated by First Mechanical. Conditions apply: To be eligible, you must have a series entry, must race in the first race and be present at the prize draw after the first race (Wed 1st Oct) See http://richmondyc.org.nz/
  11. I did also tape up the coil aerial.. sarky buggers! Thanks for your answers though! The aerial itself if fine, just the plastic sheath cracked in half, presumably bumped, bent and cracked. The vhf has spent about 99.9% of its life indoors so it a bit dissappointing that the cover seems to have gone brittle anyway and now cracks easily? And it is discontinued!
  12. My handheld vhf aerial cover has cracked and so I have taped it up with insulation tape. Will this affect transmission. Or receiving?
  13. in the interest of enjoying others' reporst and bad typing, here is my bit fr the small boats had a great theory about wind backinf NE to NW - so a bad hypothesis as it transpires, had a great start at the comm boat end after expecting to get squeezed but the low boats were snoozing, pushed them down and got 30m of space so the windward squeeze got us an escape an we were to windward and off. code bluddy zeros are a pain and should be banned unless someone buys me one! they started gettng away but we hngon the wind egde under rangi and were close enough to fx to be happy. the platu thingy was
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