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  1. Lowry Bay Yacht Club club would most likely be keen for an evening like this Matt .
  2. Working towards it again now. Hopefully this time in 4 years we will be enjoying the sun somewhere in the South Pacific.
  3. Thank you. Looking forward to it
  4. Will they be using trackers so we can follow their progress?
  5. Thank you everyone for your input. The job is progressing, unfortunately having to return to my paid work is slowing things down Rather frustrating with all of the perfect weather we are experiencing in Wellington at the moment. Chees
  6. We are needing to change the exhaust skin fitting as we are putting a new motor in and want to make sure the new fitting is approved for Cat 1. The website that details the regulations is in fact not very detailed about what to use. If anyone can enlighten us we would appreciate it. Cheers.
  7. With 40 percent of crew needing to do Sea Survival course wondering if any consideration given to giving discounted rate for entrants in Central Triangle? Anyone approached organisers?
  8. Thank you everyone for your input
  9. The inflatables are less bulky and as they like to help around the boat we have less worry about them falling overboard when harnessed on. They have been active crew since they were very tiny, they wear non inflatables when in dinghy fishing and out and about on the pier. Thanks Matt for pointing out the advertiser here. I will contact them as well .
  10. We are trying to find inflatable life jackets with an integral harness for our grandchildren aged 3 and 7. We like the Baltic brand but there don't seem to be any advertised anywhere in N Z. Can anyone suggest where we might be able to find either the Baltic brand or have experiences with other brands that are available here?
  11. Looks good Matt, not always easy because of the stretching issues you mentioned. The walking foot does make it easier. Really liked your clear directions regarding lining up the new with the old. Thanks. Hope you are not getting too battered by the weather. It's calm and clear here in Wellie!
  12. We used Exclusive Boat Haulage to bring our Lotus 1280 with a draft of 2.4 metres down from Gulf Harbour to Mana recently. They were absolutely amazing, took great care despite the draft being reasonable. It cost $3600 including Pilot Vehicle, insurance GST the works. Their equipment is very new and in pristine condition. JJ and Shelley were very accommodating and easy to work with. I can't speak highly enough of them, so we are spollt for choice having 2 fantastic firms available to us.
  13. We are keen to go and watch the start of Leg 3. Any ideas when that might be?
  14. broadoak

    RNI 2014

    Who are the withdrawals and where can I get up-dates for the RNI? The SSANZ site doesn't seem to have as much info as I thought they would or am I looking in the wrong place?
  15. The Cav 36 regularly beat the D35 by at least 1 leg of the course and by a super long time on a Cook Strait crossing and I know which one I would rather be on in any sort of real weather, but each to their own.
  16. Hi Bushpeople, Yes the Cav sold earlier this year. She was a fantastic boat, good passage maker, (averaged 150nm days on passages) lots volume for all of the cruising gear, good safe cockpit especially for children. We sailed many miles with our young grandchildren, 8 months & 4 years old, on their first 3 week holiday away with us. She also handled interesting seas and wind well and looked after her crew well. Always felt safe on her. Certainly worth trying to track one down. As said earlier, don't let advertised price put you off as there are many deals and options out there once you
  17. Thanks bb, I have tried Tower, unfortunately their answer was the same as State & the others. Thanks Matt, we are happy with our current boat insurer its just the separate insurance cover for cameras laptops etc etc, but will give Brian a call & have a chat to him as well.
  18. Thanks bb, I have tried Tower, unfortunately their answer was the same as State & the others. Thanks Matt, we are happy with our current boat insurer its just the separate insurance cover for cameras laptops etc etc, but will give Brian a call & have a chat to him as well.
  19. For the first 17 years that we lived aboard our insurance company, that we had the cars insured with, the house (until we saw the light and retired from being land-based) and our contents insured with, accepted our money and insured the contents of our boat, however after the Christchurch earthquake, they declined to renew our contents insurance. When questioned the stock answer was that we no longer fitted the criteria however if we lived in a house bus or equivalent they would be happy to insure our contents. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me especially after the latest series of shakes when
  20. We quite like this one too 'It is not the lofty sails, but the unseen wind that moves the yacht." unknown
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    Thanks for the information and help Knot Me. It sounds as though it will do the job we need it to for both the main halyard & genoa halyard. Now we just need to sort out how much we need and who to buy it from. Cheers
  22. broadoak


    we are wanting to change the main and genoa halyards from the ancient wire/ rope and are looking at buying speedcruise rather than spectra/ dyneema but we don't know anyone who has used this. If anyone has any comment as to their experience with speedcruise or any suggestions as to what would be the best to use it would be appreciated?
  23. broadoak


    Thanks Fish, will look at that.
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