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  1. Thanks for the feedback, it is appreciated. I suspect I need to do some major work on the manual. It seems documentation is always the last thing that gets addressed and is probably the most important. I think I'll make some short training videos on how to use the system as well and install stuff. Give something else for people to watch other than netflix I will try and send Iridium an email again and see if they respond again. I suspect you need to be a big commercial player to even appear on their radar. I've just added support for the Delorme Inreach tracker because a few yac
  2. Thought it might be time to update this post since there have been quite a few updates on the site, and quite a few new yachts (400 total now) So I've been busy in my spare time building more functionality into this cruisers tool. 1) New Chrome, Android and IOS Apps now available to work across most devices, except microsoft phones (hopefully chrome apps will run on those soon). These apps allow use from ipads and such and talk directly to the site thus not loading any html or css or js and the only communication is the stuff necessary to get your update on the site. Great for poor 3
  3. Not entirely correct, we stayed three days and also landed. You need a permit but it's worth the hassle and cost to get one. It was like Jurrasic park with walks over the island. The best diving I've ever done and my wife rated it as highly as the Galapagos islands. You need to leave one person on the boat at all times and you have to land yourselves which is interesting in itself. There is a yacht that does go head up and stay a week or two most years, from what we were told by staff there.
  4. Are you going there? no not for a good few years. We missed it last time due to stopping at the kermadecs for three days. Next time we will go to the kermadecs and then to Minerva then to Fiji. Blog from Minerva from yacht Rafiki taken from www.yit.co.nz
  5. Hi Chris, Do you have a date for departure so I know when to have the weather splitting in the site by? The other stuff is working as I didn't need a sat phone to test that. The site has been quite busy with boats on the way to the islands and I've been ironing some issues out as a result and havn't had a chance to build it. Gulf Harbour Radio is getting localised weather information from yachts on passage and is taking that into account for its weather it's predictions. eg a yacht that other day reported winds 10kn NNW and a yacht 58 miles away reported SE 15. So in your sat updates
  6. There were 28 yachts anchored there over the last couple of days. Even the tongan navy was there. NZ Orion flew over and made every boat check in via vhf.
  7. I'm getting some white paint for my wetsuit!! This is damn interesting, especially when they do the tests with sharks. http://www.ted.com/talks/hamish_jolly_a ... cebook.com
  8. sailfish


    Our boat had nothing in the way of electronics so we went garmin. I'm a computer programmer by day and computer hater by night, so went with ease of use over trying to figure out why my computers usb is not working for some stupid reason, or if I forgot to plug it in and it hibernates at the wrong bloody time. Some times I'm my own worst enemy with the dam things. So we went: Garmin chartplotter 4010. Garmin wind sensor Garmin Autopilot GH12 Garmin Quatix watch Garmin nmea2000 wireless sender unit for the watch. Standard Horizon GX2150 VHF with AIS into the chartplotter on n
  9. omg northern reef are you crazy!!!! I suggest you do some googling.... I suggest you go with a well known like lumley through baileys.
  10. Ok spent the day putting part of this in and its working on the live site, just need someone/chris14679 with a isatphone to test it. It works via normal email fine. so to do an update use the following. s@yit.co.nz (email address) boatname (email subject) [p]mypwd p:36 25.6037s 174 50.4068e This is a test update with a position for kawau island. Now recieving weather updates which maybe 500 chars or larger. I can split out the body into a series of 160char chunks ( I presume the address on sending doesnt enter into the char count does it? ) on the server and send
  11. It's quite easy to code in the support for this, I'll just double up the tags as you suggest. If you guys don't mind testing this functionality this season then I'll definitly add it for you no sweat. It's not much work and if it means your friends and family will follow you then thats awesome for them. I'm not sure how the format of the emails will come in so if your phone is active now can you test by just sending a test email to mike@ore.co.nz with the following. [p]mypwd p:175 35.41e 24 45.94s Not sure how many characters this is but I will stop it at 160 characters.I still have 60
  12. Well I've been beavering away tidying up the site somewhat and think it's pretty usable now after several yachts ironed out the bugs and stuck with it last season. A couple of improvements as requested by those cruisers that used it last season: * You can subscribe to weather areas for any number of days now. ie fiji: 14 (gives 14 days of fiji weather) * New weather area Norfolk for yachts on passage to New cal, subscribe for 3-5 days or so and then it stops automatically. norfolk: 5 . * New weather area brett for yachts coming in to NZ, 3 days out add this to your weather
  13. sailfish

    Wind Turbines...?

    sweet, I would be most interested in that voltage reading I'm bringing those windings output straight down the post. (isolating the grounding wire on the slip ring first).
  14. sailfish

    Wind Turbines...?

    I wasn't implying the number of wires for the size of cable, I was implying the 3phase ac voltage will be higher than the 12v thus reducing cable size as most know that cable size is determined by voltage size, for current carrying (as you state). The voltage output for the units only matter at the controller to battery side. I can't see stated anywhere what the voltage from the unit to the controller is but our wire size is according to their chart and looks way to small for 30amp at 12v. So I'm thinking 200+v.
  15. sailfish

    Wind Turbines...?

    Silentwind is three phase down to the controller. And because of this you can run nice small wires. I'll make the air-x the same.
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