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  1. Bit on aboard faster coyote. Fast downwind. Not so upwind. Top speed on gps 17.8. On a small boat punching into the oncoming swell downwind was interesting.
  2. Any truth to the rumour that sudden impulse developed a furling spinnaker? Meanwhile on faster coyote...... Was interesting for us when the furling line on the fro jumps off the furler. was instrumental in getting us from dead donkey last back into it. Time to drop and after a skid that shook the sheets off and we have to resort todoing a letterbox drop in a squall with a furler that's trying to knok me out. Fell back off the pace upwind. More downwind next time please.
  3. took line and 3rd handicap overall in the winter series. went for a bare headed sail then motored back from bean rock .... missed prizegiving. fml
  4. Good. We have a start on our own. DONT SCRATCH THE FORCE OR WE WILL BE IN YOU. any rumours been started yet? new rig? lighter? new boom? ya what? its pete ffs!
  5. something like that. cameras banned.
  6. chilly bin installed in force 11 cockpit. photos banned sorry. guessing it'll hold around 200 bottles of beer. looking forward to crew.org rum race. guess we go to sanfords/the fish market to get a bulk order of ice?
  7. banaari, ya boats still floating in westhaven by the way. i, we managed to have a cock up of a race in B div on saturday. general recall at the start, back of the line, called starboard on a classic that we caught, no response, had to do a quick tack, boom in runners, crew in water. from 3rd to about 8th. played catch up, got to 3rd and wrong side of a ship going the same speed as us, tack to go behind it on a reach....from 3rd to about 8th. put the medium chute up and got back to 3rd. feck
  8. spent some time cutting carbon with some southern spars boys. played boy up the mast with scott laying it up. time will tell if we done it good enough. this all because of last weekends achievement of busting the top 1200 of the mainsail track. none of us have done any laminating hanging from string before but we looked like we knew what we were doing and thats what its about right?
  9. you could pull the battery appart, cos its probably f**ked anyway. and then you can just connect the wire to the inside of the battery after the cells have been taken out and just plug battery in as usual. or put a 12v transformer in the battery if you find one small enough and plug straight into the wall. heard of electric drills? you have given me an idea. got a few rooted battery drills. quarter pint might get electric winches....suspect there wont be enough torque though.
  10. tried our best to break a 727 sailing in the route 66 and couldn't. 3rd overall h/c 1st small boat h/c after a miserable slog that just got worse.
  11. go rum racing, practice man overboard drill (attached to jib sheet), go to the viaduct, meet some american girls. wake up hungover and take future perfect north, test out new leisure furl boom. makes things a bit easy really.
  12. a mate got voodoo. what gave it away? played with the rig for the last race. quite pleased to round the first top mark in 5th....with sails measured in 98. would that make us the first pannel headsail to the first top mark in R8? the rest was a bit average also glad another boat told us we could take off the L plate now. we'll take a first on h/cap in race 8 as our glory for the weekend.
  13. think its just time on the boat and a bit of rig tune.... not quite able to make the same angles as the others. higher than we make the 727 go atleast. seeing others out there with spanners adjusting the rig between races kinda makes us think we really don't know anything about these boats. at the finish we are amongst a bunch of them, not like we are 5 minutes out the back door.
  14. went out on a newly acquired 88 to do the owners nationals. first time we have raced the boat so we put an L plate on the back. surprised ourselves by not coming last in race 2,3,4,5 and 6 thing we learned. -sails are f**ked for lack of a better word -bow is too heavy with the anchor winch on it -we dont know how to make them point -our kite looks bloody small from on the boat when looking at others -foredeck crew is awesome compared to some others
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