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  1. Bit on aboard faster coyote. Fast downwind. Not so upwind. Top speed on gps 17.8. On a small boat punching into the oncoming swell downwind was interesting.
  2. Any truth to the rumour that sudden impulse developed a furling spinnaker? Meanwhile on faster coyote...... Was interesting for us when the furling line on the fro jumps off the furler. was instrumental in getting us from dead donkey last back into it. Time to drop and after a skid that shook the sheets off and we have to resort todoing a letterbox drop in a squall with a furler that's trying to knok me out. Fell back off the pace upwind. More downwind next time please.
  3. Force11. Good start, legs on frenzy and squealer and lawless wasn't getting away from us. Call was made before the race that if it was 30 knots on the nose we would pull out early. Was 37 on our dial when we said f**k it. Gaff battern end had also shat itself so the square was a bit limp. Nice sail home at 12 knots from waiheke.
  4. The bucket of pills beat spearhead. May the force be in you nearly got Valium. A big dibly we'll and truly got absolute leisure at the finish. Booboo was on form.
  5. Think it was 2.85 for class legal. Just sayin.
  6. took line and 3rd handicap overall in the winter series. went for a bare headed sail then motored back from bean rock .... missed prizegiving. fml
  7. col j

    What the??

    jap nuclear fish?
  8. I seem to recall that boat doing something to the side of an anchored something in a winter series race 2 years ago? problem 1 is the Chinese. steer up and/or brace forward, forward led downhaul so solution is a massive sheet on in a hurry. oh s**t we have gybed. better stop this headsail from sliding to leeward..... I see they dropped the halyard and let the sheet go so the lot went in the drink, loaded up and snapped the foreward led downhaul then the pole folded around the side stays. woops on the boat I was on we did a gybe where the boom didn't go through and we fell over,
  9. how long is the forestay/height to fractional hoist off the deck? trying to hatch a cunning plan
  10. A new young 11 class rule has been written. See it in the squadron winter series race this weekend.
  11. maybe its only 200 taller. looks bloody tall with no jumper struts though.
  12. fineline is too tall to be a young 11. according to the class president the rule is force eleven or smaller. think fineline has about 600-700 taller rig than force and a deeper keel.
  13. col j

    New boat

    its marshy. ex mercenary
  14. col j

    oops & oh s@#t

    picking up a buoy....just smoke the kite sheet, heading to the finish anyway and had secured the loss. concrete boats
  15. been trying to kill a 727 for years...cant seem to. going try again soon! a grounding, races where the wind scared off bigger boats (gold cups). ripped a backstay off the mast, windex blew off. broken spinnaker pole just under compression...ok it was under engineered. 13 knots with a bit of water in the boat (bunk boards floating ) 16.8 top speed with number 2 headsail, may have beaten that since but didn't look down...., countless crashes into/off waves. many many round ups, never a Chinese. it might work.
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