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  1. I have tried a number of products. Looking at a number of cruising forums they recommended Stugeron. I have used it a lot now and I find it very good. We keep a supply on board for the crew now. I get it from Chemist Direct in the UK. Managed to make it around the North Island without throwing up. Felt like crap at times but they make a huge difference.
  2. Looking for a level 1 & 2 coach at Northcote Birkenhead. We coach a mixture of adults and kids and X3 and Opti's. We are great little club with a strong community spirit. We have recently completed a major renovation of our facility and the next step is to build a strong sailing program. We also have a great 420's high school sailing program with 6 x 420's and we are looking to start match racing in these boats. If you are interested please reply to this post or flick me a PM
  3. Guzz

    Crew wanted

    Looking for a couple of new crew members. We compete in the squadron series B division as well as Commodores cup, and other races (White Island, Tauranga, Coastal Classic etc). We are happy to teach people to sail as long as you are enthusiastic and willing to turn up regularly. Our crew is a mixture of males and females and many of them have come off this website (Most of them have stayed as well). We like to compete and race the boat relatively hard but the most important thing is that you bring a good attitude. What position you occupy on the boat is based on your experience but over ti
  4. Guzz

    28ft Pelin

    Cheers guys I have passed on the details
  5. Guzz

    28ft Pelin

    Have a mate looking at a 28ft pelin based in Whitianga. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-m ... 382552.htm Seems like a well maintained boat. Anyones thoughts. Main focus would be cruising around the coromandel. He likes the fact that it comes with a mooring as well. Does anyone know someone that can perform a survey in Whitianga.
  6. Guzz

    RNI 2014

    Here is the facebook page for Duty Free for the the RNI and our fully crewed sailing https://www.facebook.com/makeminearum
  7. Guzz

    PHRF Question

    Thanks for your help Mark and I have flicked you an email. cheers Guzz
  8. Guzz

    PHRF Question

    So next week we are having a staff outing for work on 2 different yachts. We are going to have a friendly race (whilst introducing a bunch of people to sailing) most likely around one of the Squaddy inner harbour courses. One of the boats has a PHRF of .765 and the other has .875. Whats the best way to figure out the winner? Ideally a Mark Foy start would be great so is there a method to work out the time differential or do we just race and then do you simply multiply the times by the PHRF value to get the finish times?
  9. The skipper has just fitted an AIS system on the boat I sail on. It was quite good during the coastal as a number of boats around us had it fitted. Whist we were keeping an active watch it was also good in the dark to see what headings and boat speed the boats around us were achieving so we were able to gauge our performance - sometimes good and sometimes bad
  10. I also agree Sturgeron is a good product. I suffer from sea sickness from time to time and have spent a fair amount of time trying different things. I had read about Sturgeron in a number of cruising forums so I ordered some from the following UK supplier. http://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/stugeron ... .html#2061 They ship directly to NZ and it was here 2 - 3 week after ordering. I was also weary that like many of these products they can have adverse affects so I tried it several times on short harbour races when the conditions were very rough to make sure I didn't have any pr
  11. Bump - does anyone know a coach?
  12. The Northcote Birkenhead Yacht Club (NBYC) is currently looking for a Head Coach to run our Learn to Sail Program and a Beginner Race program. The Club operates from the Birkenhead wharf on the North Shore. This position will be paid and involves running the sailing program and managing the other volunteer coaches. Over the last couple of seasons the club has operated from a container on the wharf due to a major renovation which is due to be completed in the next couple of months which will see the club well set up for the future. The club focuses on learn to sail for both kids and a
  13. We have a crew member in his mid 70's who regularly sails rum races with us and always does delivery trips back after longer races. He sold his boat 5 or 6 years ago due to age but still loves getting out on the water. This year he will be doing the coastal with us after a number of years away. We all accept that when he's on the boat he is pretty much restricted to helming / sitting below when off watch but in return we end up being better sailors as we get access to a vast amount of knowledge and experience and he has pretty much done it all. He is certainly a kiwi from that age of "I'l'
  14. Guzz

    Watch the AC

    I see tvnz are now showing Sundays race live on tv 1
  15. Brian Murray was on The Green Hornet which sunk in the 2 Handed Melbourne / Osaka race. His story is quite amazing and he is a great story teller and genuine all around good bloke. There is a documentary on the sinking which was on Discovery channel which one of the crew has on DVD which you could probably get a hold of if you are interested? Brian would probably also be quite happy to have a chat. Happy to ask him if you are interested?
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