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  1. oh Clive I am very tempted to stir it up when you talk about my two favourite topics handicapping and outright performance .... but I wont
  2. johnk

    IYRU Rule 17

    to follow on from Josh , and you don't have luffing rights if that overlap was established from behind and to leeward but as josh says the leeward boat is not luffing unless it is sailing above its proper course and the windward boat has to keep clear and if it feels it is being infringed , by the leeward boat sailing above its proper course, its real option is to protest, if it doesn't continue to keep clear by possibly altering course (to avoid an illegal luff) it may find itself subject to protest for not keeping clear
  3. all right clive youve sucessfully baited me into as reply if you were truly young guns you'd jump all over W/L racing instead of taking an old folks scenic tour around the harbour ha ha only joking
  4. yes eaxactly the two fleets might do the same days or different days or the same number or different number of days we just wanted to guage interest before asking to join the W/L days
  5. hurts hence the enquiry to gauge the level of interest from the OPEN MULTIs my question was aimed at the OPEN MULTIs , perhaps thats not clear enough in my initial post, my apologies we are absolutely not seeking to inflence what the 8.5s do at all
  6. samin yes seperate starts for the open and 8.5 may even be some same days some seperate days
  7. Similar to Bobs post trying to guage support for the winter racing In particular increasing the number of Windward /leeward race days from 2 to 4 would suggest we didnt create a new W/L day but tacked on the back of another already scheduled day we on Foiled and Excess and Charleston talked after the jack tar and the gret racing we had there and thought this would be good , the Stratis guys are also keen . it would mean a 6 harbour / 4 W/L split thoughts?
  8. we ( foiled) are happy to provide the extra mark laying boat and propbaly crew for it pleased you are prepared to look at it
  9. we on the foiled would love to do W/L's and the more days the better, i dont think 2 is enough just a question to Col does adding a division to an already scheduled day impact the amount of resource required, from the NOR it looks like W/Ls are happening on all days except 1 and 10 maybe the multis could go out days 3, and 7 as planned and then be added on the back of 5 and 9 as well to give a 40% /60% W/L split we dont want to create extra work for race mmgt but if there goping out anyway we would happily be added to the back of the day , you never know we might be able to hel
  10. we were on the big course in one of those foiling two wheelers and found the inter fleet behaviour pretty good , in it was awesome do you want to expand on the bit about the PRO, i thought a very efficient job was done in a very friendly manner
  11. for once i am 100% with knot me dont dis volunteers , grass roots club yachting suvives in this country to the extent it does largely because of volunteers , people who have been there and done it and stepped back to put something back , or are still doing it and prepared to take a break to put something back, or the family of participants and it works week in week out and for bigger events where those same people use there contacts to tap a little slice of sponsirship but the key is these "volunteers" and "amatuers" know what works , what people want because they are there at the coal
  12. Knot me ( you negative poster you) I do enjoy the services that YNZ give us for yacht racing and I enjoy great seafood too But just today I spent a brilliant day at paradise and indigo bays in the BOI two bays where we anchored had lunch went ashore walked the beach and you know what thanks to YNZ these are now PROHIBITED areas for aquaculture due in a large part to the YNZ submission and the recognition they are valuable for other use They are perfect spots for all boaties in the bay to enjoy, they might also be great places for aquaculture but it's about balance and best use Mate I woul
  13. as a member of 6 yacht clubs i think i am qualified to comment here i think we should all take a breath and think about the good YNZ does for us that we dont see they run a boat register , a couple of handicap sytems ( that have their good and bad aspects ) , administer national titles , provide the race management and umpiring networks we all use ( ie ensure these people are there and up to scratch) as well as act as our general advocates on all things regulatory but to beat all of that, after a hard season of racing when we get on our boats to head north , to the barrier or the
  14. Bartb yeah you are right we did see it all last night and the very even battle was fairly decided in favour of the boat that got the last 2 or 3 shifts/puffs right well done the three designs are very different in concept but very equal in speed in that range hurts it might have been more and it did feel more and balanced too until we had a wee breakage and bought it off the foils the two sets of foils comment means that in the light we have a board (with tip) fully dowm and the other board although raised is still dragging the tip ( not to mention two very deep rudders, they need
  15. all good points above who is quickest is very dependant on a number of factors smart sailing ( and a bit of luck) really matters a little error , or a missed shift/gust can translate into a big difference but assuming everyone sails smartly in the light (0-6kts) charleston and ninja are very quick as the SL 33's and foiled drag two sets foil tips once the foilers can lift a windward hull ( 6-8 kts) they even up a little and maybe over 8kts the SL 33's and foiled should start to be quicker, but Ninja and Charleston are well sailed so its never certain as the breeze increases fur
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