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Found 3 results

  1. Sailing on a Ross 830 two-handed with fractional runners, and a masthead backstay, which doesn't clear the top corner of the square-top main when it gybes. Swept back speaders only to just below fractional halyard. What is the best strategy to manage the gybe with two people (or even fully crewed) when the wind picks up and mast support is needed throughout the gybe. Should we ignore runners grind on some vang, and then just try to get backstay on ASAP after gybe, keeping in mind there's only one person in the cockpit for the majority of time before gybe as kite pole needs to be dealt with. Or
  2. echoesof88

    Ross 490

    Hey Crewers, I have a Ross 490 two man dinghy that I have been sitting on for a LONG time, which I have recently ovehauled and intend to get into seriously sailing it. Have noticed that about once every 5 years or so one comes up for sale on trademe, or if someone asks you what boat you have and you respond they come back with "oh i knew a guy who had one of those"... So, in an attempt to bring the Ross 490 community together, and for me to get a gauge on how to set mine up properly, id be dead keen to hear from anyone who owns one. Im based in Blenheim. I have #18 Ile Flottante
  3. Anyone got a 'spare' boom for a 930 lying around? Wild Oats would like a one piece version.... the two piece experiment proved to be slower on the second half of the Gold Cup race.....
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