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Dean will be around a while yet.

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Calm down guys, Ketchup is gone. 180 days revocation of posting rights.

Back on topic. On the Radio and TV this morning, Dean says he is out of ETNZ.   While I do not dispute the fact that he has had his go, and it is time for him to move on, the way in which this has b

My daughter just made the comment that it is hardly fair to blame DB for TNZ losing when the other boat was 3-5 kn  faster - it wouldn't have mattered who was driving.

In my post I didn't call it a leak.  Turner, Chairman of the Board, with a far greater knowledge of events than I, called it a leak.  I didn't mention that DB assumed it was a leak - you did.
AM wrote:  "Did the reporter state he obtained the information from a leaked source. No he did not. There was no direct source other than his loop connection."
None of this statement is relevent to me being fed up with the crap coming out of ETNZ - needs no further reply.
AM wrote: "ScotttiE
Go to        http://homepages.ihu...ascupstats.html
Click on  Are grinders needed on a AC boat?
Read the article."
I did as you requested - nowhere in the Sailing World article, "Writing the rule" (ME Slade 4,9,13), does it mention the word "grinder", "electric" or "winch" - none, zero, nadda.
Neither the original link nor the Sailing World article are relevent to me being fed up with the crap coming out of ETNZ - needs no further reply.
The next bit of shite about a conspiracy theory involving the "Grinders Collective" - (All hail to the carbon pedestal!), women's magazines etc. is just to out there to be of this planent - needs no further reply.
The last bits though are just hillarious - in one sentence you tell me that "..."they" know how many sheets of toilet paper I use EVERY TIME I go to the toilet" - then you immediately tell me to "get this thread going with reality" - and then finally when you've completely fucked with my head - and this is the punch line - you tell me to "read between the lines"!  And so I will.
Clearly the lines that you refer to are the ones that exist between each sheet of toilet paper.  Inplanted "in" each line (the whole anti-mass mass debaters will be sighing with relief that you got that one in!) must a GPS transponder sending a signal off to a massive "sh*t paper data collecting repository" that some then "sifts through", summarises for each individual and the forwards that off to "them".
Needless to say, these last bits of your post that you expect me to reply are not relevent to me being fed up with the crap coming out of ETNZ.  Neither is my "reading between the lines" - and thus needs no further reply  - no seriously - please don't.


Yes ScottiE you did call and used the word leak.


Here is your words Quote Not Turner's, Chairman of the Board, because the turner quote you had "..." Your comment did not have "..."

I use ".. " for your words which have the words leaked it.


 "So the implication here really is that it could only have been DB who leaked it.  In deciding that he wasn't going to be Sail Director they should have known he was gone - not realising that shows a complete lack of understanding of key staff/management.  They're a sinking ship."


The article you have missed the point.


Ponder this for a moment,


You are at your office writing the rules for the 72's and you write a gen set will be allowable to produce current to run electric winches rather than have grinders and while you are writing some 14 or so lines further on the phone starts ringing and they are grinders from AC syndicates barking at you Quote " you are not going to put an engine on the boats are you."


Do you immediately look around to see if your work mates are on the phone and giving you side glances or cry leak - complain to the boss the computer you are using is hacked or there must be a hidden video camera focused on your work desk computer?

They knew who to contact and why before you could finish writing the rules or even publish them.

Are you saying that situation is impossible to happen. Because it did happen or he is Bull Sh.....g


I'm suggesting whilst Dean and Dalton where negotiating real time Tony was tuned on to their conversation by mental telepathy, and publish the story either to be first to gain brownie points with his employers to be credited with a scoop or to stir things along or for what ever reason. Just about all the media are advocating the government should not fund this time and Dekker is leading the charge. Accordingly it is entirely possible there was no leak at all. Leak being an insider contacted him with the details with verifiable evidence.

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Now I've stopped laughing at the Interweb powered bog roll :razz:





Yes ScottiE you did call and used the word leak.





Sorry dude but he didn't.


Stop using pastel colours. They may work well with your aura but they are damn hard to read.


Yes I do know that can sometimes be a blessing ;)




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Quote from latest yachting news website.



"Japan to announce America’s Cup bid


Published on April 23, 2015 |



(April 23, 2015) – The long-heralded announcement that Japan is to challenge again for the America’s Cup is expected finally to be made by the end of next week and will see not only a Japanese skipper but the appearance of former Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker in the lineup.


Barker was controversially dumped as helmsman by Team New Zealand who have placed their faith in Australian Glenn Ashby and rising Kiwi talent Peter Burling to take the wheel. Barker’s experience in the foiling catamarans and 20 years in the America’s Cup game would be a huge boost to any new syndicate.


With several one-design elements featuring on the new 48-foot catamarans, a lot of the technology advantages have been evened out, bringing the racing more into the hands of the sailors.


The team will be sponsored by Softbank for the Kansai Yacht Club and is expected, like the French team, to be offered some support by the cup holder and defender Oracle, which represents the Golden Gate Yacht Club.


It is expected that Oracle boss Larry Ellison and his sailing team boss Sir Russell Coutts will attend the signing ceremony along with Masoyashi San. Earlier this week Coutts, the America’s Cup Event Authority boss, suggested the current lineup of five teams, including Team New Zealand, were set to be boosted by late entries.


It is not known whether the late entry will compete at the warm-up regatta being staged in Portsmouth in May and organized by an associate company of the British challenger, Sir Ben Ainslie’s BAR."



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Most of the teams are Oracle funded, and you can bet your ass which one is going to get the Larry-Ellison cash injection when they need it most. Talk about a sham.


All these puppet teams plays perfectly into the majority-rules decision-making. I wonder if the wind limits will again be "readjusted for safety concerns" to match a specific range of boat performance that favours a specific hull design?

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