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Dean will be around a while yet.

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Calm down guys, Ketchup is gone. 180 days revocation of posting rights.

Back on topic. On the Radio and TV this morning, Dean says he is out of ETNZ.   While I do not dispute the fact that he has had his go, and it is time for him to move on, the way in which this has b

My daughter just made the comment that it is hardly fair to blame DB for TNZ losing when the other boat was 3-5 kn  faster - it wouldn't have mattered who was driving.

:razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:  The Herald has a thing that links to the next article from the one you're reading.


Go suss the one on Dean Baker with all that blaa blaa palava and what is the next article the Herald links to "What penis size is normal?'


A Freudian slip by someone or just a coincidence???


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KM - I thought those links were based upon your interests & past viewing history!!! :razz:

:razz: :razz: :razz:  One could think that based on the number of emails I get from Russian woman wanting to jump on what, judging by many of the other emails, must be a seriously undersized penis. I don't think Olga and Svetlana realises the effort the Viagra team are going to just for their benefit. :razz:

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Its all about to get very very ugly and expensive.


The public should not be pouring funds into this dysfunctional pack of bitchin losers.


Its all about to get very very ugly and expensive.


The public should not be pouring funds into this dysfunctional pack of bitchin losers.



Agree with you.


 There was no need to have a different size / design purely on the grounds to save costs.


It is a well known fact all they had to do to the 72 footers was to change the rig to a soft sail rig. Speed difference estimated at 1% only. Savings ::: 66 paid staff members and no expensive technology wing sail. How much did the wing sail cost., No need for a high aircraft hanger type building or a crane to store / launch the wig sail. Would not need 12 crew to launch the boat with a traditional soft sail rig.


Evidence to support.


The previous world speed record holder had a soft sail rig 54 mphHydroptereRB181.jpg



Soft sail would solve the maximum wind speed they could sail with saving time / postponements   and frustrations. They could sail by reefing to 50 mph wind speeds.


Also no need for grinders - electric winches where to be included on the 72 foot design, but the rule maker received numerous telephone calls from AC crew grinders saying " you are not going to put a engine on the boat are you - You will be making 26 - 30 of us with 20 years service redundant and with no jobs."


Ponder what that means for a moment.


If they had of done this then there would be no need for  previous / existing AC syndicates to apply for funding what so ever, Emirates airline funding would more than covered the entire 35th Challenge. Accordingly the Gov't investment from the previous challenge would not be wasted and no need to ask for tax payers money this time.



If barker had to go then Dalton and Ray Davies should have both gone also. The helmsman does not make the decisions  / make the calls  on the boats the Tactician and strategists do. Helmsman's just steers the boat and on occasions with ETNZ can over ride. Not so on ORACLE only the Tactician and Strategists make the calls, leaving Spithill free to steer the boat and push his two controversial buttons  

[ Servo Electric / Stored Power ? We will probably never know Dalton failed to lodge the appeal that would have clarified the issue. If that decision had of gone against ORACLE ? ]


to balance the boat. 

Barker is being dismissed / used  as a scape goat to win public money support which they should not get on any account.


Who made the most incorrect decisions re ETNZ the 34th AC Challenge.



To find the answers possibly and to ponder whether the AMERICAS Cup is becoming like Indian cricket




There where two crucial races that ETNZ Tactician Ray Davies took the boat site seeing when Spithill and tacticians stuck to the non current waters and gained hugely on ETNZ. who[ ETNZ kept on sailing against the strong SF harbour current.

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I was watching a presentation from Hasso Plattner at work today, co-founder of SAP & keen yachtsman. He was talking about software & modelling/predicting business outcomes and got sidetracked onto yacht simulation. He mentioned that in all the boats he has had built they would produce computer simulations & tank models against expected wind/wave conditions, and that the computer models would be accurate to 1-2% of the real world performance. He went on to mention that in the last Americas Cup the accuracy of the modelling went out the window as unlike displacement or planning hulls there was insufficient data available on foiling.


He also mentioned that the performance of Oracle improved 40% over the course of the regatta. I'll accept his figures, he associates with people who should know.


I guess that ETNZ did not improve by 40% & that in the end Oracle had improved to the point they had a faster yacht - always easier to win in a faster boat, it allows for all sorts of issues to be overcome. It is a possibility that the 40% improvement was driven by access to funding, and that if ETNZ had more funds they may have been able to wring a bit more performance out of the boat, maybe not had to gamble on a flyer or two trying to overcome a performance deficiency.


Maybe the government should have put in more money!!!

Maybe ETNZ should not have agreed to a lay day!!!


Water under the bridge now & I guess no one will ever know.

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A syndicate with numerous small funders can't match a syndicate with a dedicated billionaire, with 17 of the worlds top designers designing the boat and rules, more than 17 different foiling boards and with the worlds best and - knowledgeable re tuning a boat to make them go faster - with support from the force and the worlds best tactician - the worlds best strategist and the worlds best multihull helmsman apart from Barker.


No one has mentioned it yet. What is Barkers new position with the Russian boat?



ETNZ needs a new CEO - Put Dalton as Fund raiser on .250% commission only, on gross funds raised. It has been said Dalton is the only person in their opinion that can raise the funding, even that has been challenged.

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