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Two things.


Ants, there is no "below " as such.


Wayne, it's a long row at high tide, I usually go to the boat, swap the motor, leave the dinghy on the mooring and bring the boat to shore to pick up the wife and kids.


I was there at high tide Sunday, the car park was under water.aside from me, the only people mad enough to be out were a mature couple in a thundercat with a big cat parked under the hill.

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ah - so you use the same donk to motor the dinghy out to the boat.  How about ditching the dinghy altogether and use a paddleboard.  9/10 times that's what I do - sometimes with 10kg of gear in my backpack - and I just carry it from the house.  That would require leaving the motor in the boat.

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use a paddleboard.  


With my inability to stay dry in a drysuit, that'd be asking for trouble.


Eventually I'll find a cheap long shaft 4-6hp jobbie and just leave it on. With a security chain.


Generally I'm quite happy with my mooring location, it's just inside the nastiest chop line in the prevailing wind, just catching the left overs. anything West through to SE via the Northern way and it's calm.  It was a little light for Euphoria, I think it may have dragged very slightly inshore from where it was. No doubt the inspectors will tell me, I think it's due again late this year.

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