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  1. The last logistics company I was with (one of, if not THE biggest single owner outfit(s) around) was sending several containers of dry goods to the south Island daily ex Auckland. The price was lower than we could send a truck for, once the strait crossing was taken into consideration. As HT has said above, 3 days service. At my departure, around 5 years ago, they were investigating rail, and I'm told, had consent for a rail dock and private line near the Puhinui station. I see now they have a new fleet of trucks, so perhaps that was a non starter in the end. When I started rea
  2. Pulled the plate out of a Marten Noelex a few times, I don't remember there being anything special around the pin. Honestly can't remember how we got it in or out these days, but I know it was a hella heavy once it hit the floor! If you have the boat "lifted" I'd be checking the entire centreboard, I can remember one of the Auckland Marten boats had the board crack, then the steel insides rusted and expanded, jamming it solid in the case. That boat (Spasmodic) later underwent a major refit, including a daggerboard conversion, and is still racing today. Funnily enough it's the boat th
  3. Wait, this was a thing? If you do it again, I can think of another 22 class that could muster up a fleet. From memory, not a million miles away performance wise either.
  4. Inspiration for American Magic. Too soon?
  5. I was given something similar last year for a birthday or something. Surprisingly effective if you're sitting in the flow of cooled air, but didn't seem to actually cool the room. I've been told that the best way to cool a boat on a windless day is a black polythene sheet suspended just above the main hatch. Apparently the heat causes some type of convection through the cabin. * * I've never tried it, if it's that hot, go swimming or something.
  6. I'm fairly sure Misty Clipper used to belong to a guy I knew. He really liked it, and it seemed to perform ok. From memory they were middle of the bunch of Whangarei keelboats. I know that they were kicking back relaxing on a stupidly windy Sail Rock race while we were white-knuckling it in Astro.
  7. Are the aft sides actually a concave section as they appear in some pics? or is that just optical illusion? I'd been thinking about ways to gain aerodynamic advantage, one obvious one is to angle the flat bottom down, thereby generating vertical "push", and I'd wondered about using hullform, since the apparent wind is always forward of the beam, either using concave sides, which could be angled to generate forward thrust, or perhaps tunnels through the hull, which could be optimised to whatever the designed apparent wind angle would be. I'd be quite interested to hear a bit more abo
  8. Late to the party as always, but here's my tiny spoke... Something you can take home to work on is very useful - as long as you have a big enough car, and big enough lawn. No antifoul or mooring costs either. One downside to trailer boats tho, is people can tell if you're out, so maybe not great if you live in a dodgy area. There is a small fleet (4-5 on average) of Noelex 22's racing in Auckland, presently at Manukau YMBC with the Hartley 16's and 12 foot skiffs. They're all heading to a Waikato duck pond this weekend, which is something you just can't do easily in a keelboat. Stil
  9. As a young R Class sailor I asked the same question, our rudder was transom mounted, some others were on frames. The answers varied, but generally the benefits were, in order... When twin wired downhill the angle between the tiller and the extension was wider, making for better control. The 'board and rudder are further apart, so a little less twitchy. There's less tiller in the boat, so more space when running to the other side. And that was it, really. All valid reasons, all from the '92 Leander in Lyttelton.
  10. As it happens, I'm looking for a Noelex crew tomorrow arvo. Details in Crew Find section.
  11. Looking for a passenger/ string puller for a there-and-back race (about 2-3hours) in the Noelex 22 tomorrow, Sunday 9/8/20. Start around midday. Weymouth Yacht Club, Manukau, out to the Airport area and back. Boat still being rebuilt, but floats and sails well.
  12. Wow, I guess it's been a while since I logged in here... If they're interested in learning a few things perhaps more suited to the Variant, Manukau YMBC, near Mangere Bridge, is where the Auckland Hartley 16s and Noelex 22 fleets sail. If you head over there on a sailing day, there's a pretty good chance of getting a ride. Alternatively, flick the Variant and buy a Noelex 22, then you can race "like for like", plus drag the boat to lakes etc, which opens up an entire different sailing universe. Not that I'm biased ;) but the noelex 22 is one of the best all-round boats out
  13. Chopper? Nah, this is my hovercar, even morphs into a small plane for avoiding traffic.
  14. Yep, they seem to be grunty lil' beasts. Obviously still running in, but just above idle had us going pretty quick. Started first pull, ran like a dream. Unrelated photo of a part of the Auckland Noelex 22 fleet taken yesterday arvo at Weymouth.
  15. Picked up the new Suzuki today. It literally can't be shoehorned in to place, there's no space for the horn. In the outboard well, there's about 2mm clearance for the gear lever, and that's with the motor hard up against the other side. I can see some more boat mods in the future.
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