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  1. As a young R Class sailor I asked the same question, our rudder was transom mounted, some others were on frames. The answers varied, but generally the benefits were, in order... When twin wired downhill the angle between the tiller and the extension was wider, making for better control. The 'board and rudder are further apart, so a little less twitchy. There's less tiller in the boat, so more space when running to the other side. And that was it, really. All valid reasons, all from the '92 Leander in Lyttelton.
  2. As it happens, I'm looking for a Noelex crew tomorrow arvo. Details in Crew Find section.
  3. Looking for a passenger/ string puller for a there-and-back race (about 2-3hours) in the Noelex 22 tomorrow, Sunday 9/8/20. Start around midday. Weymouth Yacht Club, Manukau, out to the Airport area and back. Boat still being rebuilt, but floats and sails well.
  4. Wow, I guess it's been a while since I logged in here... If they're interested in learning a few things perhaps more suited to the Variant, Manukau YMBC, near Mangere Bridge, is where the Auckland Hartley 16s and Noelex 22 fleets sail. If you head over there on a sailing day, there's a pretty good chance of getting a ride. Alternatively, flick the Variant and buy a Noelex 22, then you can race "like for like", plus drag the boat to lakes etc, which opens up an entire different sailing universe. Not that I'm biased ;) but the noelex 22 is one of the best all-round boats out
  5. Chopper? Nah, this is my hovercar, even morphs into a small plane for avoiding traffic.
  6. Yep, they seem to be grunty lil' beasts. Obviously still running in, but just above idle had us going pretty quick. Started first pull, ran like a dream. Unrelated photo of a part of the Auckland Noelex 22 fleet taken yesterday arvo at Weymouth.
  7. Picked up the new Suzuki today. It literally can't be shoehorned in to place, there's no space for the horn. In the outboard well, there's about 2mm clearance for the gear lever, and that's with the motor hard up against the other side. I can see some more boat mods in the future.
  8. As it happens, fluid dynamics was one of the things I covered at uni, in a fairly rudimentary way. Not that it really bothers me, but my better half hates the steamroom effect.
  9. Great idea, that Perspex sheet. We have a shower over the bath with full length curtain, now wondering whether a temp curtain halfway along the bath and Perspex sheet could be utilised the same way. Project for next weekend maybe.
  10. Hey Chopper, I think we may be having this same conversation over on the Noelex FB page.
  11. Dunno, but I had to share it to Facebook regardless
  12. Yeah, fantastic boats. Still a massive following in Europe and Australia. That pic shows the Severn river on an abnormally calm day. Similar story... While the 'ball was being repaired, we hired the clubs GP14 for a windy race. Blowing 25-30, beating uphill on starboard and we slowly pull up alongside a Sun 2000, maybe 10 metres to windward of them. The next moment their prod hooks our forestay. They'd tacked right underneath us without looking, and impaled us. (Should I mention that the club commodore was on the helm??) We got flipped, and Gina was tangled up und
  13. Good spotting Greg. Well worth considering, as long as the warranty can be transferred. Yeah, short shaft in the well. Looks like the Suzuki gets the vote. Hopefully I can get down to Fink's later this week. And maybe I can even go shopping after Thursday 😀 And if I really push my luck, Sailing in the weekend!!
  14. Just found that Parsun now do a four stroke 6hp for $1750. The Suzi weighs in at 24kg dry, so not bad for a four stroke. P5.8 is 21kg, P6 is 27kg. All have integral fuel tanks, but agree, four stroke seems nicer.
  15. Ok, so I'm in need of a little outboard for the Noelex. Nztya rules state I need 5.5hp minimum for racing. The Parsun 5.8 two stroke is $1495, while the new generation Suzuki 6 four stroke is $1999. Favouring the Suzuki, as I've had lots of Suzie's in the past, but that $500 price difference is awfully tempting. Any thoughts as to the quality, performance etc?
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