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  1. This November. One weekend. 17 races in central Waikato. Open to all trailer yachts. 2021-trailer-yacht-sprints-nor-200921 (1).pdf
  2. I read on the Suspect Device FB page, that they don't require lifelines as a classic yacht exemption. I'm thinking that 1970-ish construction probably allows me the same. Maybe next year. But first I'll try racing a few piedys around the cans.
  3. I guess they've eased up on the size. At one point, the last time I thought about it, there was a 24foot minimum length. At 6.5 I could be in, no sticky out bits required. I'll give the '22 race some consideration, haven't tested the boat enough for this years race yet.
  4. Since people are comparing notes... In the mid '90s I did the RYC Sailor's Spring Regatta. A mate and I did it in a Hartley 16. That was the year that Innismara lost a crewman, the race was abandoned, and the CG had to rescue crazy numbers of boats. Being a tiny boat, with a handheld VHF, we didn't hear the abandonment call, so just kept racing. From memory the gusts were the high side of 60knots. We couldn't even make out north head, so after Islington just edged around Rangitoto until we guessed we could lay Bean, then a couple more tacks and we were home safe.
  5. Not that I can do this race unless the size limit has changed, but I'm loving the way you guys are thinking. Where there's a will, there's a way etc. I hope it gets the green light, and can happen- those of you stuck in Auckland must be chomping at the bit by now. Although on a very selfish level, another week would let me finish the new rudder blade before going back to work.
  6. When I was selling this stuff, the best spraytop was the cheap Gul non breathable. They were waterproof for a couple of full-on British race seasons, and at around £30 were easy to replace. Paired with the Gul bib dinghy trouser thingies I found them great, and never had complaints from people buying them. Actually, I need to get some more. Edit... In my experience, breathable fabric is best in freshwater, and tends to lose its waterproof-ness in a salty environment.
  7. The trailer works!! September 11, 2021. Bundle the whole family into the car, hook the boat on the back, and head south. An hour and a tiny bit later, we arrived at our destination, Lake Ngaroto in Te Awamutu. Boat and trailer towed absolutely perfectly, not a wobble, no clunks or bangs, infact at one point I forgot it was there, and cut a corner very, very fine. Unfortunately, the racing wasn't quite as good, because bundling a bunch of kids into a car just after sunrise isn't quick. We Arrived in time to see the end of the first race, and after rigging, finally got on the
  8. Ive had both jabs, nothing at all. After the first one I had to double check they'd actually done the jab. Standard seems to tell you to look away, and then say it's all done. Such a small needle I didn't even feel it. I felt the second one, but no side effects at all. My daughter had a really sore arm, couldn't sleep on that side for a few days. A mate had massive headache for a week after jab 2, but no side effects after jab 1. Seems to hit everyone differently.
  9. Thanks I'll get in touch with him.
  10. Someone suggested soda blasting. Is that the same thing? And is it expensive?
  11. Sadly yes. Looks like a royal blue gelcoat under all the white layers. Kinda explains the name Chillibin, huh?
  12. Hi guys, Any recommendations for removing what appears to be a really good 2pot paint from aging gelcoat? I've tried the heat method but it seems to soften the gelcoat instead of the paint, which could create a whole new raft of problems. The moderate heat and wire brush seems to work on the kiwigrip over the 2pot, but I'd really like to get it back to the factory moulded non-slip, so I know what the substrate is like. Any and all ideas welcomed!! Thanks
  13. Started building the Mk3 rudderblade for the Noelex today. Centre ply bit, first glass layer, and first ply layer each side all epoxied together. the up-and-down strings are built in too. Mk3, because the Mk1 was too light and broke, then the Mk2 was indestructible, but a terrible profile, and as aerodynamic as a slightly rounded brick. To be fair, the Mk2 was slapped together mid regatta, then reinforced at home later. Racing performance took a back seat to getting afloat. This one is being built properly, has a decent profile, and shaped to (about) NACA 0016 section.
  14. I'm a do-it-all-from-the-cockpit guy, turtle bag in the main hatch, leeward hoist, windward drop whenever possible. To be fair, my kites are pretty small. Extremely small if we're talking presently. But have used the same procedures on 25-30ft keelboats.
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