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Galvanic Corrosion on Boom

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These little lugs (x4) under the boom for the lazy jacks were installed about 4 years ago. I've noticed not insignificant equal corrosion at all four points.


There are several other stainless fixtures on the mast and boom that have existed longer and don't show any where near the same amount of corrosion.


There is no corrosion inside the boom.


I can't tell if the rivets are stainless or aluminium. I have drilled them off and will reattach them with aluminium rivets and will put an insulating washer between them.


But the stainless will still be 'connected' via the rivet. So will just the rivet corrode or will the boom continue to corrode through the rivet? And therefore do I need to completely insulate the stainless?


(I guess plastic rivets are a thing?)


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