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  1. You should definitely get rid of the wire. You could downgrade the diameter considerably, saving cost on the line, but then you need to think about clutches and winches and handling which will increase cost. I made up a 5mm exposed core to a 10mm with sheath as a trial experiment for replacing my main halyard. It would be 5mm at the mast and 10mm at the clutch. Several end to end splices 5 to 6 to 8 with cover got me to 10mm at the clutch adding an 1mm insert should get 12mm at the clutch reef points.
  2. I got a piece of "Viscous Tube" from RigPro and repaired it. The last race we did required a reef for the duration and we didn't shake it for the reach home so I don't know if it works yet and don't really understand why the last one blew out, so the repair might also just pop out. Might find out on Wednesday night... Keen to obtain a spare if it surplus to your requirements?
  3. Anyone recognise this type/make of track/car? Had one of the bearing inserts pop out and disappear last night. This is our boom outhaul track. Can't replace it with webbing because the end if the boom tapers up to a point. Thanks
  4. The WN "Mobile Caravan" plan is not RBI. I did not intend to imply that the WN Caravan product was RBI, I was just going off on a tangent explaining RBI vs normal Mobile. These days RBI is generally marketed as "Fixed Wireless Broadband", which is kind of a contradiction in terms. Regarding better coverage from the modem, the devices all use common chipsets, they have the same antenna configuration and they have the same transmit/receive limitations which are all part of the LTE standard. A lot of phones do not support dual frequencies (often called 4G+) and other features such as carr
  5. Playing devils advocate, allowing cruisers in, would create a backdoor into NZ for anyone with the means/money. I would expect the boat brokers in the pacific could do quite well out of it. And I am sure the cruisers would be able to charge a hansom price for a couple of extra crew positions. A lot of people are stranded through no fault of their own and are asking for our help. That includes NZ citizens who don't have the means to get home from across the world.
  6. But there is no difference. Those people are entitled to enter NZ on either a boat or a plane. They could of sailed here, legally landed at Opua and still bought there 12 Covid cases with them and MiQ would of dealt with it. Not directed at you personally, but where should the Government draw the line? Should they allow cruise ships with 6000 foreign passengers to dock if they have been at sea for 14 days? Should they allow fully loaded A380-800's with 800 foreign passengers to land and disembark if the country they are coming from assures us that all the passengers were in iso
  7. Wireless Nation mobile plans use the Spark Network via an MVNO agreement. Any number of devices on the market can have an external antennas attached which will increase the range. RBI connectivity uses 4G on the mobile network but can be carrier independent depending on where you are, it is typically set up with uni-directional antennas, such as a Yagi, resulting in maximum signal strength. Uni directional is no good for a boat unless it's auto tracking - which is mega bucks. RBI can and does work with omni directional antennas. You aren't contractually allowed to move your RBI base s
  8. Section 13 of the border order states that if a ship is in distress and/or it is necessary to preserve human life, then the clauses which prevent non-New Zealand citizens or foreign vessels from entering do not apply. In those circumstances, vessels will be allowed to enter New Zealand. However, any deliberate attempt to contravene the order would be liable for prosecution and may result in a $15,000 NZD fine, imprisonment of up to 12 months, or forfeiture of the vessel. I can't see how this section could possibly apply to any vessel unless it's on the way to/from Antarctica. It's n
  9. So this is not different to flying into Auckland, catching a domestic flight to Wellington, and departing for Australia. A visa is of course required for this. Even flight crew overnighting are issued special Visa's. "these guys", to just get to the Airport, (a) needed an exemption for their vessel; (b) needed a exemption for entry under the critical workers rules; (c) needed to be granted a Visa (d) needed to comply with isolation requirements These are the same rules that apply to a commercial vessel and its crew.
  10. Could Kiwi sailors Northwest Passage transit break legal ice between Canada and US
  11. While they won't pay up front, they'll end up with the liability. NZ Govt may or may not have the ability recover this via various international treaties. One thing for certain, until that debt is settled, they won't even be considered for an NZ visa. And even after it is paid there's still no guarantee. Their boat, if seized, will ultimately be sold, this would offset their deportation costs, any residual will be forfeit. So not exactly 'free', but none the less it's an effective way to liquidate an asset if your intention was to spend every cent of it on airfares anyway.
  12. https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/adjustable-delay-timer-relay-delay-on-or-off-12v-10a.html I would put that across in the existing circuit and install a 3 position toggle switch circuit to start it, I would add a bypass as the third position so I could run for longer than the timer if I wanted. And I would add a light so I knew the compressor was running....
  13. People needing to make essential travel, that they can prove is essential, can get an exemption. I doubt the AC race director would be denied an exemption... your travel is as part of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak, including the provision of aid your travel is essential for the conduct of critical industries and business (including export and import industries) you are travelling to receive urgent medical treatment that is not available in Australia you are travelling on urgent and unavoidable personal business you are travelling on compassionate or hu
  14. Firstly the gas locker would be completely air tight except for its drain. So the fingers crossed, is that the locker door did not leak. The same principle as a Cat 0 bulk head with a air tight door. So long as the sealed locker door was shut securely then there would be no way for the gas to get inside the boat, it would go out the lockers drain. As I said in the original post, I wanted to avoid cutting a hole in the side of either the cockpit or the transom. I generally dislike cutting holes in the outside of boats. It's going to need a big hole next to the point where the runn
  15. Had Angus over today to do our Cat 3 again, we discussed this. The answer is no.
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