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  1. I am curious about the window size. I would be interested to see the actual measurements of a sister ship. The report stated the window was nearly twice the size of what's allowed before requiring a storm cover. It didn't look even close to 4sqft...but I know photos can be deceiving. I think that once cruising resumes, a few people are going to be quite shocked to discover that the storm covers and the box of screws they had for emergency use must now be fitted at the time of inspection and then again when departing... gonna be a few unhappy boats with some extra screw holes
  2. neither had I till last week when I went down the - "my windows are too big" rabbit warren
  3. Looking at the picture it's already are separated internally with Muntins, and they don't look large enough to be a issue. It's the size of the internal hole, not the size of the covering glass that matters. in the interests of sharing... Mullion's are inside and outside and split the glass entirely so you have two pieces of glass. While Muntin's are only on the inside and provide structural support to the window frame, but the glass is continuous over the Muntin.
  4. No one knows for certain. The general expectation in the community, is that these will become part of the rental pool. However, until council actually publish a formal position, this is just an educated guess. Some would say a very probable/likely guess.
  5. It's an orbit plane. The Satellites aren't located over a population they are located on a plane that loosely cuts through either side of the North and south poles. Each satellite circles earth once every (approximately) 100minutes. Currently each orbit plane has 22 satellites and there are 72 planes. Starlink already has 'global coverage'. You can see a satellite at all times from anywhere on earth (except the poles). The only reason that it isn't truly global yet is because the satellites cannot always see an neighbouring satellite or a base station, so the satellite you can
  6. Drogue/spinnaker bag with lines through blocks on the beam and bought to the aft winches. I was actually surprised at how well this worked when we practiced it. Most of the wheel steered syd/hob boats have a carbon fibre moulded rudder with pintels attached to the stern ready to have it clipped in place.
  7. Oh OK. So the divider on the inside makes it two windows instead of one, even though it's one piece of acrylic/glass. I had interpreted window as the single piece of glass covering. That's OK then, panic over
  8. I am totally surprised at how small this measurement is. I had always assumed that I did not need storm coverings because my windows couldn't possibly be larger than 1852cm2... cause in 8 years of Cat3 certs it had never come up. I am replacing my 'smallest' window and the internal measurement is approximately 85x24cm that's ~2000cm2. We don't have big windows. Smaller than the Hanse next too us, no bigger than a young 11, probably the exact same size as a 1050....
  9. 13.11 (K) Storm coverings shall be fitted for all windows more than 1852cm2 in area. Required Cat 1,2. Recommend Cat 3. Although the 2017 - 2020 rules this was REQUIRED 1,2 AND 3. Carpe Diem has had 4 Cat 3 certificates and never had storm coverings or even been quizzed about this? Am I misinterpreting this requirement? How do other boats meet this?
  10. Makes sense - the photo is misleading - it looks like the tack is back by the mast (not 2 ft from the prod)
  11. Do you normally set your kite masthead first, tack second?
  12. We're in. 27 boats entered so far - 6 are Two Up. Would be great to see more boats at the ~0.79 PHRF point *hint* *hint*
  13. Some of my windows are attached with vhd and glue some with just glue. They all have screws, atleast half have minor annoying leaks, time to replace them all and do away with the screws. What's the best way to remove the glue and the windows? Can anyone recommend a company in Auckland which can cut/make replacements? Ideally I want a very short turnaround. Thanks
  14. Pandora Bank?! In a tinny?! Where do they launch from?
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