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  1. I am going to replace some winches and the bolt patterns are not compatible. The deck is plywood. What's the best way to fill the old holes so that they're best possible for future possibilities... I used sone knead it aqua on some old cable holes I had, this seemed to work OK. It's cheap and I probably have plenty left. But wondering if there's a better way. Thanks
  2. Squadron dropped the y88 div Q this winter series. The 88s had w/l's out of bucks today. Richmond racing had a great view of them on the leg from N.leading to Motukorea. I would like to think they knew we were coming through and had purposely dropped the top gate markers 50m off the Richmond rumb line, but I think it was good luck... Weren't you out today? Pretty dismal showing on your part
  3. While you raise some interesting further discussion points. Your post has produced no evidence at all to back up your claim. Where is this well tested proof that these units don't work? Or is this just your opinion based on personal or anecdotal experience? The evidence available seems to be quite the opposite to your assertion that the technology doesn't work. Here is a third piece of evidence. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/304251445_An_acoustic_antifouling_study_in_sea_environment_for_ship_hulls_using_ultrasonic_guided_waves
  4. That's a bold statement. NZ has some pretty strict laws that make selling products that have been 'well tested and proven not to work" to be very illegal. There's literally dozens of independent test reports, diy comparisons and diy tests that support the ultrasound manufacturers claims. I suggest that you start with reviewing https://nordkyndesign.com/category/marine-engineering/electronics/ultrasonic-antifouling Eric Bretscher is a well respected NZ engineer who has, amongst other things, developed and tested his own ultrasonic AF system.
  5. The idea of not needing to haul out for 5 years is extremly enticing... but I am wondering about the prop/saildrive... What about damage from strops when getting hauled out? Does it go on the prop/shaft/saildrive as well or does that still need to be propspeed'd every 18mths? Even half a knot would be a significant advantage.... So I wonder how this tech fits within the racing rules, specifically Rule 53... - would this silicone qualify as a "specially textured surface"? RRS 53. SKIN FRICTION A boat shall not eject or release a substance, such as a polymer, or have sp
  6. What do mean by that? I guess I do not understand the difference between foul-release and anti-foul...
  7. There was an individual recall sounded. They identified 6 boats over the radio, 5 came back one was scored OCS, whom I guess was not listening on channel 17 and had not self-identified that they were over... I suspect your view of 50% of the fleet being over was not the same view from the committee boat.
  8. Around what? The Glo 2 only receives two GNSS services, GPS and GLONASS. It is an extra device that has to be charged, fed and watered. A-GPS, (its correct name is A-GNSS), has nothing to do with cell phone towers or location triangulation. A-GNSS is a method for obtaining the GNSS constellation positions known as the GNSS Almanac. The almanac is a list of every GNSS satellite and where it will be at a given point in time for the next few days. A device uses the Almanac to lock onto satellites at a higher speed than it can by scanning. A device doesn't need cell ph
  9. Was it salt water? Salt can bridge the moisture sensor. I always wash mine in fresh water water after it has come into contact with salt water - however do not try that if it is not water proof rated A light spray of fresh water from a spray bottle might clear the sensor. You can try taking a pin/needle and scraping around the socket for the crud.
  10. https://www.stuff.co.nz/motoring/300478141/toyota-reveals-full-ev-range-including-a-ute Possibly too late
  11. A mate has done several multi-month trips. He swears by the buy and sell model. Haggles for a rock bottom discounted price from several vendors. And then sells it on Trademe upon his return. Once he made money, twice it cost him ~$300. Definitely cheaper than renting one for 4 months.
  12. Another epic SSANZ Enduro event. Thanks to the committee and volunteers for another awesomely run/managed event and the people that make it great. Just cheered Titanium and Niksen across the line. Bet those teams are exhausted. Start Me Up is still out there somewhere, probably halfway between litte barrier and Channel Is. Hope they make it into Kawau before the cutoff at 8am tomorrow!
  13. I don't think that this is a 'GOOD' example of a basic system. I think that these kinds of pictures set DIYers up for an immediate fail, there's just so much more to be considered here. Sure it is an "example" but it isn't good (imo) and that should be called out. Consideration needs to be given to: fusing between battery packs in case of a battery short and understand if you do or do not need to fuse issues of connecting drop-ins in parallel - 4 BMS's that do not talk to each other is a recipe for massive current flows not fusing the start battery - I know 99% of NZ
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