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  1. The reports coming out of Northland indicate that the finding at Omakiwi Cove is probably ground zero for New Zealand's Caulerpa infestation. It was called out previsouly in this thread that Caulerpa was very possibly transferred to Great Barrier from a yet to be determined location in NZ. Looks like the authorities may have found that location... This now starts to give more credence to the Aquarium theory, introduced into the storm water by a BOI resident. The finding certainly doesn't rule out the more likely anchor theory. Particularly that BOI is the obvious first stop
  2. I find the story of this ship fascinating. An ocean liner passenger ship sunk by the Germans just off the Hen and Chickens... like wtf!? This is a great book on the story, including the recovery of the secret cargo. https://www.seatech.co.nz/products/deep-water-gold-by-keith-gordon Deep Water Gold is the complete story of RMS Niagara, a famous Pacific liner sunk in 1940 with eight tonnes of gold bullion off the Northland Coast of New Zealand by the German raider Orion. If you're ever visiting the restaurant at Tutukaka Marina there's a big photo on the wall of the dive b
  3. I am using Chrome on Windows 10. Same results with Firefox and Edge. Also same results on my Android Tablet and Phone with Chrome. It's a permissions issue - not a browser compatibility problem.
  4. I don't see those options. After selecting Crusing it then takes me to the upload page with no options to create a album. Also, I can only choose the Cruising entry, Racing and Non-Sailing are ghosted for me and cannot be selected.
  5. Thank you. Really good to know and understand that. I was definitely not aware that the MRXs were in survey. Infact I had been told completely the opposite when I enquired several years ago.
  6. Now that it's up there in those shallow bays the tides and currents are going to spread it everywhere. Boat anchors are going to play a very minimal roles.
  7. A few years ago mnz ran a campaign which contradicts that. They might have changed their position, but the campaign went something like "if a friend gives you money for boat petrol then that's OK, if he gives you money to borrow the boat then that isn't". As you said it is MNZs opinion, on the law. Until the law is tested in court and case law is established the definition of what the law means isn't defined. Your club can't test it in court, only MaritimeNZ can test it in court and only by bringing a prosecution against the club officers - that's the risk. Consider also the comple
  8. That's a bit different from what we are discussing here, isn't it? That's paying someone to operate a boat which they or the club, or someone else owns. Presumably the operator is making a profit? If your skippers are volunteers, they are club members and they are receiving a "nominal wear and tear gear allowance" eg, $25/day and a beer and a meal afterwards at the bar, then that would need to be tested in court to determine if that was payment for service, in my non maritime club experience in relation to, Worksafe, DOC Concessions and the Adventure Tourisim Regulations, the courts hav
  9. I thought patrol craft had exemptions? Like the start boat, which is clearly funded by paying race entries, and the boat they use to tow the Elliott's around, which is clearly paid for by the learn-to-sail fee. You're saying no exemptions have ever been granted?
  10. It thasn't been tested in court with a not for profit club There's a lot of grey area. Funds go to the club which can then be disbursed as running/operating costs to the boat and boat owner. Does the boat owner make a profit, can it be shown to be running costs? By extension are contributions from crew to a owner of a race boat subject to the same rules? What about when you go out with a mate on your launch and he pays for the petrol/diesel? Or the crew get together and decide to buy you a new headsail because they flogged your old one? Are the (literally) cans and cans of beer I
  11. The MRXs at Squadron were discussed once. The conclusion provided was because they are a club they don't need to have the MRXs in survey. I felt the position didn't align with common knowledge but I conceded that knowledge comes from MaritimeNZ themselves whom are not the law. The reality is that no one has actually tested the law in court, MaritimeNZ actually need to bring a case against a club that is doing this. And to date they have not. If you ask MaritimeNZ for their opinion then that's what you'll get. It's not a legal position, it's their interpretation, for that you need
  12. If your theory is right, then it should be found all the way down the eastern coast as far as the Chatham rise. PS: Blind, not Bland
  13. Both conversations seem to be taking place simultaneously Once introduced it can move on coastal currents. According to MPI, their theory is, that as it can't survive below 40m and it sinks, it's very unlikely to spread to the rest of the gulf on it's own. I have not read any reason for why they reached that conclusion. I guess we wait and see cause there is nothing else to do
  14. Not according to the this document from POAL. The Cuvier Dump Site ranges in depth from 500m to over 1200m and the seabed is likely to be primarily mud (60- 80%) and sand (20-40%), similar to the material being dumped. Since World War II the site has been used for the disposal of ammunition, decommissioned vessels, and dredged material from Auckland marinas. POAL used the Dump Site for the disposal of dredged material in the 1990s. Information on the ecology of the disposal area is limited because of its isolation and depth.
  15. Pretty sure that dumping ground was only approved at the end of 2022 and it got tied up in court battles. That dumping ground also as far from the barrier as the Ports of Auckland are.
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