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  1. Bubbles are gone. Recreational sports teams are considered a gathering. Distancing requirements within a gathering is gone. Gatherings at Level RED can have up to 25 unvaccinated people so long as the total space available to the gathering is at least 1m2 per person Or 100 vaccinated people so long as the total space available to the gathering is at least 1m2 per person You can also have multiple gatherings at a location but the gatherings have to stay separate and have the above space requirement per gathering. I think any boat would be hard pushed to
  2. Common sense has prevailed. SportNZ and YNZ have announced that no physical distancing limits or mask mandates will apply to people participating in sporting activities such as yacht racing. Auckland clubs have started advertising a busy summer of races, kicking off on December 3rd. https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/clubs/covid-19-latest-updates
  3. Unknown. The legislation which allows the traffic light Health Orders to have effect only got Royal Assent today, after being jammed through parliament. Now we have to wait for the actual Health Orders to be written. The current blurb from the Govt for outdoor events states: RED: 1m distancing and 100 people max ORANGE: No limits So it's going to depend on what the actual requirement for 1m distancing applies too. Eg, will a bunch of 6 friends from 6 different bubbles need to maintain 1m distancing on a yacht, or will they be allowed to treat themselves as
  4. Most 230v drills have relatively low torque and high RPM. The Milwaukee M28 and the M18 are 122Nm The WinchRite is 130Nm and the Ewincher is 90Nm The electric high torque Makita drill is 50Nm - that might be enough... You probably want something that is at least 60Nm...
  5. Nothing wrong with being hopeful, however, I certainly hope that it's a case of them having some inside information!!!
  6. A few Auckland clubs have announced that racing will commence on 4th/Dec. Unless they know something that isn't public yet, this feels a bit overconfident in my opinion. But it's a stake in the sand. I would expect the clubs to take their cue from Yachting NZ and YNZ will take their cue from Sport New Zealand. Sport NZ are still trying to work out what the Covid Framework means for sport teams, they have committed to making an announcement this week. https://sportnz.org.nz/about/news-and-media/news-updates/covid-19-sector-update-18-november-2021/ Currently publi
  7. Is there a large chunk of your furlex drum missing? Or is that an optical illusion?
  8. I have used Cerium Oxide to successfully remove scratches on my windscreen from the wipers when the rubber came off. shop around - but here's a random Google link - https://www.glassstation.co.nz/products/cerium-oxide-100g
  9. Climb up the mast wearing a harness that's tied into a halyard, have someone tail the halyard on a winch - DO NOT use the clip/shackle of the halyard. If you're going to be up there for a while (30minutes+) then a bosuns chair is a nice to have - we just just use a rock climbing harness for quick and easy access - they are more comfortable than a chair short term. We send someone up before every long race - so in Auckland that's generally 10 times a year...
  10. Received this in my email today. Seems the widely discussed BoI Marine Mammal Sanctuary was signed into law today. Key takeaways: 1. Boats within 300m from a marine mammal must stop immediately until the mammals leave 2. Swimmers within 300m of a marine mammal must exit the water immediately 3. Certain areas have a speed restriction of 5 knots Supplied "User Guide" is attached. There will be a way for event organisers to work with DoC to get an exemption. BOI MMS User Guidance - DOC-6818995.pdf
  11. https://www.tidetechmarinedata.com/grib-files-for-sailors
  12. To replace metal padeyes. https://www.ropeye.com/usage
  13. Did you turn the tubes? Or is that some prefabricated something else? How do you stop water ingress? Does it just pool inside the tube?
  14. That's awesome. She was on our pier at Westhaven, what a spectacular improvement.
  15. If someone actually organised enough of the voting Squadron members into forcing an outcome, that outcome could be quite interesting. Maybe AC38 could be held in Piedy's out the front of the squadron?
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