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  1. Self insurance isn't really an option, unless they have several million sitting around that they can tie up in escrow... Insurance would be more about 3rd party than protecting the owner against loss. This could run in the order of perhaps $1M if they were to say wreck their boat on the Poor Knights. The legislation allows customs to ask for whatever documentation they have internally deemed necessary. Proof of insurance has always been a requirement for boats over a certain GT - maybe they have decided to just apply this to all boats? It would be best to have a conversation w
  2. You could get an aftermarket stainless one. Just search for d2-40 stainless exhaust mixer. Here is one. https://www.marineenergy.com.au/products/volvo-penta-v878-stainless-steel-mixing-elbow-replacement I had a custom riser made. But it cracked after an estimated 150 heat/cool cycles which was pretty disappointing. I had it repaired, but obviously the stainless is weakened so it gives me some cause for concern. I have heard that the cast one's corrode and the stainless cracks. I have kind of reached the conclusion that these things are disposable items. Also chec
  3. Just received this email from NZMHYC. I will get back in my box, they obviously tried pretty hard to avoid a clash while getting their new classic underway. And it seems there are some future harbour events that they want this to be a part of which played a role in the conflict. Whilst we were very excited to bring you the news of the inaugural Harbour Classic (Saturday 1st April 2023), we recognise this is on the same weekend as the Altex Yacht & Boat Paint Auckland to Tauranga Race (Altex A2T). The Altex A2T race for cruising yachts starts at 1000hrs on Thursday 30th March with th
  4. All races are cat 5 at a minimum. Cat 5 (and 4) is self declared. The skipper does the inspection themselves.
  5. A2t is Cat 3. Which is the same as coastal classic but with a life raft, and most coastal boats carry a raft anyway. So if you're a coastal classic boat you have to choose one over the other. We'd do both if it was an option. It's always less about the race and always more about the destination. What makes coastal, a2t, kauwau night race, ssanz anzac, (and now this), so attractive, is the after event. 37 boats entered a2t in 2021. That's a lot of boats with phrf having to choose. Hopefully in future years it won't conflict. It is a great idea. But given a2t has been on the
  6. Smack bang in the middle of the Auckland to Tauranga. Which is a great race where many boats with PHRF could also be. Such impeccable planning.
  7. You can get an attachment that loops around the furled sail. Particularly useful if you have a furler, cause what happens is people can reduce sail area over time as the wind increases, finally you're down to a handkerchief in 40knots and it is suddenly impossible to unfurl, drop and hoist a storm jib in its place. I assume if your staysail is on a furler it's removable? In which case you could have a storm jib in it's place with a Dyneema luff cord so you can crank it on tight. But that would depend on if your boat performs with the centre of effort moved aft. Out storm
  8. What are you using to drive the rudder? Does that piece of kit work? In my limited experience that error is the result of a failed rudder drive.
  9. The 2013 concept plan, did not include an option for closing the hard stand. Concept 1, 2 and 3 were announced in 2022 and were "updates" to the 2013 plan. So Concept 3, closing the hardstand, was announced in early 2022, (or maybe late 2021).
  10. As a side note, I recently discovered that the callsign and MMSI actually belongs to the person who registers it and then that person can associate them to a boat. When you sell the boat, the callsign and MMSI number don't go with it unless the owner transfers them for a $50 fee.
  11. Buying one might be an option. I bought one of these recently, very cheap and a nice tool to have in the tool box. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3906863326 Unfortunately I have no idea where it is as I am between storage containers so can't loan it to you.
  12. Thanks. Hopefully Auckland Yachting and Boating Association are in a position to take it through the courts. Please share with crew.org if they have a way that we can assist financially to the cause if they plan to proceed with a challenge.
  13. Did they vote on this? Or what was/is the outcome?
  14. That's Hydrogen Peroxide. I have often thought about using that but have never been able to find any good sources for what concentration to use. Interestingly that product is 7.5% while food grade h2o2 is 33%. It's also stabilised with silver so it will hang out in the water indefinitely until it runs into something biological. It's amazing the crap we drink... Water is anything but H2O I will look at this. Thanks.
  15. I once had a valise repacked from a suitcase shape into a rollbag of the same volume. Might be an option to get it repacked to fit into the locker?
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