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  1. Stanchions are a Cat 3 requirement, there's no exemption in the safety rules. So any exemption is outside the rules and provided by YNZ. OAs can consult with YNZ to get an exemption approved for their race, which MHYC did for the life raft requirement. If they do it for the Piedy's then they can do it for the s34's - an s34 division going up the coast would be good to see.
  2. 6.5m is the current limit - add a pointy stick out the front? There's a Piedy (Suspect Device) entered this year. Not sure how they get Cat 3 without stanchions, but I also don't know how the Melges 40's, with their carbon-fibre stanchions, get Cat 3 either. Where there's a will there's a way I guess... My problem is getting my life jackets and fire xts serviced so my Cat 3 is current - an annual September boat task ;-/
  3. How is this possible? How can you get your vehicle/trailer to West Arm? The road from West Arm to Doubtful (Wilmot Pass Road) is a private road, they have a irregular bus that runs from the West Arm visitors centre. I wasn't aware private vehicles could be taken to West Arm or even over Wilmot Pass. Or do they have a trailer service at West Arm that's compatible with any boat?
  4. us too - Fully Crewed RNI would be pretty awesome
  5. Anything worth sharing?
  6. Are they the same as what comes with the DST800? If so I have one.
  7. Lockdown questions answered https://www.coastalclassic.co.nz/post/your-lockdown-questions-answered
  8. They have not listed the chemistry or capacity of the built in battery, looking at the voltages it looks like LiFePO4. So you'll definitely get 500 cycles at 80% DOD - personally I wouldn't get anywhere close to that usage. You may find that the unit cuts out at 30% actual DOD (while reporting 100% DOD on the display). Impossible to know how they will have programmed the BMS/display unless they tell you.
  9. Inspection is a business. Last time, businesses such as mobile tradespeople (plumber, electrician, locksmith) could all operate in peoples homes so long as distancing, ppe and contact tracing was in place. The inspector would be responsible for all health and safety issues that go along with it. Ultimately the decision would rest with business managing the service to determine if they could meet the h&s rules.
  10. I reckon it's very likely. Hopefully we're in Level 3 by the 14th. Even if that's delayed a week we'll enter Level 3 on the 21st. Assume level 3/2 combo for 4 weeks - worst case? Worst case Auckland hits the same level as Northland on October 19th? No reason why you can't get the boat inspected and seaworthy during Level 3 and get your entry in. It obvisously depends, but personally I think it's looking promising.
  11. By that logic people should be able to travel from Auckland to Whangamata to check on their bach... See the problem? Westhaven Marina staff have said they are available for urgent queries or concerns. Once we get back into Level 3, while you possibly won't legally be able to visit your boat, any business will be able to assist you with maintenance.
  12. It's somewhere in a revoked gazette notice. You can see the revoked orders here https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-levels-and-updates/legislation-and-key-documents/ The original lock downs were done under the civil defence emergency act, you may recall they were found to be illegal... Since then the laws were written so that the cdem doesn't need to be invoked. Fwiw, your insurance company cannot legally enforce a contractual clause that requires you to break the law.
  13. Yeah. Previous lock down orders had a clause that classified 'protection of property' as essential travel. So one could go to the boat, empty the bilges or check the batteries each fortnight. This time around that clause is gone. It might come back with level 3.
  14. What was the outcome/summary of your experience dealing with council over the notice they served you?
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