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  1. CarpeDiem


    Hmmm... Boi race week delivery weekend... That's annoying 😕
  2. Holiday Pay. Sick Leave. All the perks of working for a Government dept 😂😂
  3. If you want the higher accuracy SOG and COG get the L5. The accuracy that the L5 and L1 provide together can approach sub-centimetre. Although it's not clear from the specs if Garmin are leveraging this. But L5 on its own will provide sub-meter accuracy which is significantly better than L1/L2 receivers anyway. Last time I looked the L5 constellation wasn't complete and was still broadcasting as unhealthy, but it's the next generation signal and it will become the norm. Apple and Sumsung have supported it for a decade... If you just want to know where you are then L1/L2 is more tha
  4. Oh wow. I did not know that. Lifetime of the vessel? That could make it extremely cost effective...
  5. No. YNZ is an optional NZ internal register only non-optional for yacht racing. Part B registration is ~$370 for 5 years. So it will cost you that plus MNZ inspection fees. Part A is for commercial craft.
  6. Haha. Thanks for the Cat 1 Cert Jon 🙂🙂 I hope this mess works out for you! Yesterday was a yucky sea state. Wind has been fairly constantly 10-20knots... A few dead spots have required the motor, but given the overcast days that has been useful to top up the Lithiums. We've been hanging out between two fronts for the last few days it's remarkably pleasant compared to my last trip in 50+ knots 🤣😭 we can't get far enough into the northern front as it collapses in front of us and we keep sailing out of the southern one... first world problems 😭 Starlink is unbelievably goo
  7. The most logical thing for MNZ to do would be make it self certifying. Master of the ship signs off and completes a stat dec that they meet the safety requirements. Just like Cat 4 and Cat 5 are self certifying. Then randomly inspect. An inspector could just show up with the immigration officer... Job done. This is after all what every other flag does... Then YNZ can learn from that and do the same for Cat2 and Cat3 and put the oneous on OAs to actually carry out the spot checks they threaten in their NoR's but never do...
  8. Yeah, Sea Survival, Medic and all the safety requirements come from World Sailing. I can't see MNZ being licensed/permitted to use World Sailing rules so it will be interesting to see what safety requirements MNZ come up with... I am going to be impressed to see what they have in place by July 1st.
  9. The legislation states one can't be a NZ Citizen and own a boat that is foreign registered. (ignoring dual citizenship which is a separate minefield). Ownership has to be held through a foreign holding company or other such entity, and then the NZ Citizen cannot be the owner of the entity, so now you need a foreign agent such as a lawyer or a trustee to own/manage your entity/vessel and act on your behalf under your instructions. All fairly simple to set up, and many companies make moolah doing this, but when something goes wrong with the foreign entity structure or the individual
  10. Which is really how it should be... Why should ISAF yacht racing safety rules ever have applied to pleasure vessels leaving NZ?
  11. They already have the legislation. So the question becomes, will they try and enforce it...?
  12. I have heard this - but only as a rumor... And I heard the "delegation license" expired July 1st. Is this actually confirmed?
  13. The battery in this photo is from the 65-ft sloop Blue Peter. As the engine was turned on to leave, there was a loud bang and the battery exploded. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.
  14. I doubt any lfp could support that even a handful of times. The li-ions would be getting depleted very fast! SoC numbers literally become a random number generator after a few half cycles. Not even laboratory grade couloumb counters can get accurate SoC over many cycles without fully charging. I have to laugh when manufacturers claim they can maintain a SoC between 40%-80%... I encountered a so called system just recently which was under performing. We disconnected all the loads and fully charged the cells, surprise surprise, each cell some how magically absorbed
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