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  1. Literally just did this today on my Inflatable. Had a temporary patch I put on before xmas and wanted to replace with something permanent even tho the temporary was working. This video helped me: I found to remove the old glue I needed to use acetone and abrasion I used one of those green pot scrubbers. The replacement patch I put on was a two-pot glue one. Burnsco have the ready too mix two pot kit for about $80. It's one time use.
  2. CarpeDiem

    Pump head?

    You need to know the pump max pressure. Flow rate decreases due to the resistance of gravity and friction. To maintain flow rate, as resistance increases, the system pressure needs to increase... But what are you wanting to know? Knowing the max head height of a pump is kinda moot and only academic, cause at max head height the flow rate will be zero and the system is kind of useless. And if you were to reduce head height by a few mm, then the flow might be 1ml/hour - again a useless system.
  3. You could unscrew that valve and take it on a journey looking for a rubber hose that jams in it tightly... Then it will be a matter of finding the appropriate coupling to join it to your existing red pump hose...
  4. It just has a round rubber insert that goes into the valve. Overtime they hardened and became ineffective as Fish says. The valve should have a cap attached. That thread isn't for the pump. You could probably find a suitable rubber tube with an OD of 1" which would do the same. Adapter for a hose https://shop.inflatableboatparts.com/product/achilles-rubber-mold-air-valve-adapter-gray/ Valve: https://shop.inflatableboatparts.com/product/achilles-and-dynous-replacement-valve-achilles-part-c342gy/
  5. It has to get the GPS Almanac. It's good for about two weeks. The GPS constellation transmits bits of the Almanac every 15 minutes of so. This Almanac tells the reciever where the Satellites are. When I say GPS I specifically mean the USAs satellite constellation. Not other nations constellations that a more current receiver can use. Advances in receiver processing power has made the Almanac unnecessary in latest devices.
  6. I would definitely use Bed-It for that kind of track. https://shop.marinehowto.com/products/bed-it-tape Also I would countersink all the deck holes so that the Bed-It can seal around the bolts. Have you seen this instruction article? https://marinehowto.com/bed-it-tape/
  7. What software version? You may need to upgrade... Try setting a New Location using automatic it's in the Satellite menu iirc. You will need to wait a while cause it will need to receive a new almanac. This could take 60 minutes.
  8. I have one of these. Which is attached to one of these. No idea what either are called. The cooling thingo is 4yrs old. Fridge is getting converted to electric... I hate throwing stuff out and equally hate storing anything I am unlikely to ever use... Name your price...
  9. The one burnsco currently sell that look just like that are breakers. Fault is probably somewhere else.
  10. Aren't those are circuit breakers. Push it in.
  11. Have them both come through a single block. Which would mean having one run from port to starboard (or vice versa) then tie them together so the bow and stern are the same height. And attach that tie point to your winch. Probably needs a picture... You'll need to redirect the line to the winch so it doesn't get an overrun.... But that's the general gist...
  12. The boat has not budged in more than four days now, but a spokesman for Auckland's harbourmaster said as the vessel was not moving and was not leaking oil, it was not causing any issues. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/luxury-motor-yacht-remains-beached-in-auckland-harbour/DQGVOVJRKBPR6TG5ZNWQVDHMFM/
  13. If a cruiser or a merchant ship spends 14days at sea Covid symptom free and has the appropriate evidence to support that claim then no further isolation is required. But a warship is just so different on so many levels... They have been in state of lockdown since June. They exceeded the 14 day requirement which is set for merchant ships and small craft. They can actually prove it and will be believed. A sovereign ship is legally sovereign territory - these folks have legally been in New Zealand since they boarded, the Covid orders wouldn't even apply to them. And many many mo
  14. A picture is in order.... So long as the exhaust riser is above the exhaust system at all heel/pitch angles the raw water cannot get back into the exhaust outlet. Some boats have a valve on the exhaust. Closing that could cause the water to come back up the exhaust riser.
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