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Jib cars on an 8.5 multi

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Just wondering if there is a best practice setup for the jib car on an 8.5 multi.  If anyone is keen to post a picture or diagram of the setup on their multi, I'd really appreciate it.


Minor adjustments seem to make a massive difference in the headsail shape and the resulting performance of our boat, but to change it I need to spend several minutes undoing knots and then retying them - which is far from ideal.


Can't seem to find a photo of mine on my phone but will have a look.




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The number one is tied to a bridle near the back of the engine pod beam that we can adjust from side to side and up and down. 


The number two has a block on the main beam  we  don't bother adjust during a race, 


Thanks for that.  I think your number 1 might be larger than mine but I could use a similar setup just a bit further forward.

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