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  1. My youtube sailing diet is pretty much based around channels where the people sail and are poorly funded - their challenges and the way they resolve them are usually insightful and educational. There are plenty of channels showing people in 50 foot sailing catamarans in exotic places looking for photo/video fodder who mostly motor around and can't be bothered going to windward in their floating block of flats. I cover Sam Holmes, Adventures of an old sea dog, Free range sailing (when they used to sail), and some Norwegian bloke whose name I can't pronounce. I've learned bits and piec
  2. It's taking a fair bit of willpower to stop myself finding this yacht and sticking a speech bubble to the yacht on the left shouting the word, "STARBOARD!!".
  3. NZTiger

    New Genoa

    If you're in Half Moon Bay definitely have a chat with Brent at BG Sails. For me he's done a great job in specifying sail requirements that matter to me without shoving the latest and greatest tech down my throat (my requirements are for robust performance including simplicity and longevity as opposed to peak performance at all costs). He has years of experience and loves a good chat!! Through outsourcing the construction overseas he provides competitive prices while being available locally to resolve any issues and back up the product. Fairly long lead times at present (I have a new m
  4. Great video. My best day owning a multi was overtaking a TP52 and realising that your entire yacht is cheaper than their smallest headsail.
  5. At the online race clinic last night, they covered some draft plans for a virtual Cat3 inspection and possible temporary extension for recently expired certs. It will certainly help to avoid the mad rush that will occur when we come out of lockdown.
  6. I had organised my boat to come out of the water on the 8th of September to do some final Cat 3 tasks, but this is not going to happen given what has just been announced. As I understand it, at level 3 I can row out to it as it's moored within 200m of the shore, but I can't move it from its mooring until Level 2. Purchasing stuff (particularly electrical bits & pieces) is proving very challenging under level 4.
  7. Thanks for the advice team. I'll try the wetting down approach and see how we go. I'm reluctant to put anything on them that's going to have adverse environmental consequences for the sake of convenience. Sounds like moving them up and down rapidly while underway seems to be out of the question in a GBE once you achieve trotting pace. Cheers, Justin
  8. Thanks Martin. I haven't used anything so far and haven't really needed to. However, It does give me grief when the boat is going fast and we need to slow it down to raise the windward board - so I thought i'd see what others are doing.
  9. Mainly for the catamaran crowd but i'm sure the issue crops up on trailer-sailers and boats with similar solutions for extending and retracting appendages. After a few casual conversations I'm getting some mixed advice on ways to ensure daggerboards slide in their cases well. There seems to be a few camps: - Don't use anything - Silicone - Grease or the like - Some exotic concoction that i've never heard of I'd be keen to hear what other sailors use and how you go about applying it correctly. I'm wanting to keep it environmentally friendly.
  10. NZTiger

    Ross 830

    Why yes - I have one. How can I help you?
  11. NZTiger


    Only until we figure out how to foil within the 8.5m multi rule.
  12. I'm doing some work on my Ross 830 for eventual sale which might fit your requirements. If you're in Auckland, you're welcome to check it out.
  13. NZTiger

    Coastal 2020

    Would there be any merit in starting the smaller boats and slower divisions on the Thursday night before? I understand that that would essentially result in two races as the differing start times would experience completely different conditions, but so be it.
  14. Two winches. One was turning well and the other was corroded badly. We used an impact driver to unscrew it allowing drum removal (with dual crowbars). We gave all the pieces a solvent bath and scrub down. We sand blasted the internal mechanism (not sure what it's called) to remove corroded material and then wiped down and applied lubricant. Both appear to now work well, but I haven't installed them back on the boat as yet. Cost me a bottle of single malt which is more than a fair price, I reckon.
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