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Faulty Fuel Pump Shutoff Solenoid- Volvo D1-20 Diesel.

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I have a Volvo D1-20 Diesel with 30 hrs on the clock, It was new in the crate from 2010 and I purchased it from the owner of an unfinished project so I don't think the warranty is valid. This weekend it was cranking fine but would not start .  I found there was fuel going the HP pump OK but none coming out, when I press the stop button there is no audible click from the stop solenoid mounted on the back of the HP pump. I'm assuming the solenoid is locked in the stop position thus shutting off any fuel flow.  I will get down to the boat in the next day or so and see if there is 12V to the solenoid with ignition on, I think this is the first thing. The wiring from the solenoid goes to the MDI black box so who knows whats going on in that unit but there doesn't seem to be any fuse in the wring diagram. The agents say the stop solenoid is independent of the MDI. These MDI units are known to fault but apparently when that happens the engine just wont crank at all and basically the whole shebang is dead, ie instruments and everything.

Any help would be appreciated, particularly from those who have a D1 series motor, for info the engine core is a Shibaura (Japanese) 

Chrs !


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