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  1. Its a fair point, if in doubt put it in your check-in bag, back in the late 90's I travelled back from the US with a manager, he had purchased die cast six shooters for his grandson, these were half the size of the real thing and clearly toys. All the US people we were meeting with assured him they could go in his cabin bag and there would be no issues at security... WRONG ! As the bag went through the scanner he saw the operators expression freeze to immobility and the conveyor was stopped, he tried to speak but was politely told not to three times, all spoken tersely and ending in a mal
  2. The underwriters for The Marina Shop for bluewater insurance are PICC, the Peoples Insurance Company of China.
  3. 6- 8 hp would be plenty for both boats, your going to get sick of lugging a 15 hp OB real quick
  4. The scanner cant detect it there, its an old trick (I mean in the bag)
  5. The cargo hold and the passenger deck are at equal pressure, your cartridge will always be in a pressurized part of the plane, Indeed As a passenger you are surrounded by pressure vessels such as portable oxygen, Fire Extinguishers, Under seat life Vest cartridges and these days even the emergency drop down oxygen is stored in small high pressure bottles overhead each seat row (on the Dream Liner)
  6. Work your friends,relatives,workmates, fellow club members and other sailing contacts, certainly easier if you know the person.
  7. Getting the right person is the trick and it has 100% more chance of success if that persons partner is on board with the idea otherwise it quickly leads to resentment with predictable outcomes . All of the comments from others correct, finding like minded people is key but don't expect the partnership to be equal somebody will do more hands on maintenance than another but might use the boat more and so on but usually everyone brings something unique to the arrangement . Paying a fraction of the outgoings sure puts a smile on the dial and suddenly upgrades that would otherwise be too expensiv
  8. There's no question in my mind that its cheaper to buy the well equipped and maintained vessel although it can take a while to find one, but there are advantages to a do-up project. 1 At the end of it you will know the boat inside out and all its systems, benefits there if something goes wrong and you might have more confidence in its reliability. 2 You can customize the little things to your requirements. 3 If you are a creative person there is a satisfaction in the process, almost therapeutic at times (did I just say that !) 4 The cost is spread over time. 5. If i
  9. The Cyber Truck now incorporates a facility for the increasingly popular Reverse Ramp launch technique similar to above but in reverse. They have attempted to keep it under wraps but word on the street is the continuous slope from the cab to the tailgate is for this express purpose not to make it more ugly although some argue it serves a dual purpose . Yet again extremely ground breaking design from Tesla and part of the reason for its unpreceDented demand.
  10. No biggie, that's a best practice launch technique in the US, just check out the videos at Boat Ramp Fail
  11. You have a point there harrytom LegaSea presents a spurious argument against the idea of reporting recreational catch, it seems whats good for the Commercial Fisherman should not apply to the recreational one ..... hypocrisy ? Quote" To throw away a tried and true method of estimation in favour of something that may never produce what we are hoping for seems foolish and irresponsible. Millions have been invested in developing our current method and to walk away from that would be a terrible waste of valuable resources." A Tried and True method of estimation" seems like an oxymoron an
  12. Confirmed as Whiting 29
  13. Nothing new here, its been clear for sometime that the scow hull is the faster shape for foiling barges, the footage is dated showing ist gen foils in brown organic carbon and all the syndicates have square top mains with black sails which have proven faster than white. The double ended concept has been banned for AC 37 because the opposition could not tell which way the winning boat was going when viewed at a distance (Nice try Sir Ben) The leeward paddler concept exploited a rule technicality and has been replaced with cyclors driving multiple hidden paddles via a complex arrangement of gea
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