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  1. That's actually clever and funny maybe we are in the matrix and the real AM involves well funded teams who bring brilliant minds and technological prowess to winning the paralegal sh*t storm, mud slinging and posturing that is the actual AM. ! Quote from the Matrix Herald "At the moment the America’s Cup looks like a regatta for sailors and designers of immense talent and drive , distracting us from the real deal of winning the billionaires pissing contest . Why do we have to put up with this sailing crap between cycles, its over so fast .
  2. Life TV has a short video narrative of the sinking of Waimanu, discussed elsewhere on this site its quite a good watch https://lifetv.co/life-story/phil-2 The boat was punching into a steep sea and falling off the back of the waves, as Phil described it "like falling on to concrete" I crewed on one trip where we had 40 knots SW about 200 nm off the coast of NZ, the boat was slamming so we reduced sail and slowed down , it was a large steel vessel, seemed to work. be interested to hear from other members as to what they have done in similar circumstances eg As above , slow t
  3. I just tried to purchase my usual Hempel's AF however MT Smart Marine no longer stock it and the Manukau branch advised it was no longer available. I'm using Altex No 5 as a fall back for now but I would like to thin it for a better finish and roll out. This is against the manufacturer's recommendations but id be interested on feedback as a boat builder told me he thinned it with kerosene with good results and no performance degradation.
  4. What would happen if Mid cruise there are passengers showing covid symptoms ? testing is not fool proof and how do you deal with a floating super spreader ?
  5. Phew ! its not the one that kills Suspicious looking Afghan civilians. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/13/us/politics/pentagon-drone-strike-kabul.html
  6. Very much the latter I think .
  7. The Hoss ? mate he's a legend ! in his own mind
  8. Erm, judging by the scantlings in the cabin photo she might be a tad more than 15 tons
  9. I have seen a smaller tri being repainted locally, it took forever and absorbed a ridiculous amount of man hours and that was with all fittings off and the owner doing the prep. In observing and chatting to the painter I was humbled by his depth of experience and knowledge, he was highly skilled. In stating so emphatically that you don't want to do the prep (and neither would I ) you seem to be acknowledging the scale of the job in terms of time, planning, materials and skill . So bundling all that up 45K seems remarkable value for money, just be careful you don't go too cheap its an invest
  10. Frank


    Sorry, yes memory a bit vague, I read it about 50 yrs back
  11. Frank


    If I recall correctly Adrian Hayter author of Shelia in the Wind arrived in NZ via Greymouth, crossing the Grey river Bar in a small folkboat.
  12. Stranded crew cant sail home to see their family and plead for the Gummint to do more
  13. Headlice: Dramatic Rescue as Freak Weather Bomb Sinks Millionaires Superyacht
  14. The AC is evolving as always, its a professional sport now for better or for worse but personally it was great to see the recent defence unfold before my eyes while sitting on the clifftop at Howick beach and sipping a beer It still seems surreal. I'm of two minds about holding the next defence offshore but Dalton is smart and if they play this right I think we could see 1. More boats. 2. A greater global profile for ETNZ, who they are and what they represent, particularly as it applies to home grown technology. 3. Positive spin offs for local business, think Southern Spa
  15. The TP52's are fantastic boats but for me they would seem a backward step compared to the AC 75, I dont think its realistic to put the cat (foils) back in the bag now the punters have had a taste.
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