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  1. There is a sistership to Titus Canby at Shelly Park, called Isapingo, the owner is looking to get a bigger boat.
  2. I haven't been to a boat show for years as they are just a massive yawn with Powerboats predominating and maybe a few production yachts. I only missed this Wooden boat show as I was sailing but I hope there is another !
  3. If the Bronze rods are Aluminium Bronze then they should be as good as new , probably true for Phosphor Bronze as well, also I have heard of Hard Drawn Copper being used occasionally . For SS bolts I would want to see the condition at the hull/keel junction to ensure there is no crevice corrosion or pitting. The installation sounds like its substantially over engineered which was often the case for boats of that era, a good thing of course
  4. Its not a perfect system but I'm told by my American friends the alternatives are far worse, ie you have a very litigious society and insurance gets way more expensive.
  5. This whole thing about Space/time being warped by gravity completely does my head in, I accept it but I simply cant visualise or grasp it. Quote from the interweb " Time measures speed, while gravity does all the work. When a clock is in a stronger field of gravity, the atoms in the clock feel the pressure of more mass. The force of gravity slows down the frequency of atoms, a clock slows down, and the time on a clock has time dilation.
  6. Talk to Kerry at the Marina shop (Insurance broker) kerry@themarinashop.com
  7. LOL, I had exactly that block/System on the Carpenter and had the same failure after 20+ years of solid service. I repaired it by drilling out the pins, making a new strap and bolting it back together, looked a bit agricultural but gave me another five years. Now it has been replaced with near new system from a Young 88, All that said I recommend you get new blocks, forget about welding unless you can put an external doubler on it.
  8. Yes it certainly got my attention, I worked for Air NZ engineering for many years and I recall that a crash axe was always strapped to the cockpit bulkhead as mandatory emergency equipment. I have sometimes pondered carrying one in the lazarette, probably a standard sharp wood axe would do and could be used to smash the perspex of any internally secured hatch. I recall the author of the article commented on how tough the GRP was but adrenaline kept him going and probably provided freakish strength. Matt of IT is right its a good idea to have a think about the emergency procedures for a fire.
  9. I recall in the 80,s reading of a fire in a GRP yacht where the children of the owner were sleeping in the quarter berth. Attempting to rescue them from outside the companion way he was defeated by dense smoke. Entering via the fwd hatch he could not traverse the saloon due to the vinyl lining on the roof burning and raining molten balls of fire, (this being the cause of the dense smoke). With the children now screaming he exited and smashed through the deck above the Q berth with a crash axe and then extracted them from above. Both survived but had to be hospitalised due to smoke damage to t
  10. That's what we did, we installed the copper gas line to keep the cost down, the Gas fitter did the final hookup and test etc.
  11. For those pondering a LiFEpo retrofit the battery, 3 KW Inverter, DC to DC charger, Solar Controller, and associated components are under the fwd end of the RH bunk in the photo. The space it occupies is modest and would easily be accommodated In a small yacht. The DC to DC charger is on the Bunk Front but has yet to Kick in (18 months ) as solar has been sufficient (440W of Solar on the roof)
  12. Here is a Photo of the Inverter/Battery Compartment in the land Yacht, the cable run from the Battery to the Inverter would be approx 1M , the cable outer Dia is 16mm and I'm guessing the thickness of the insulation is 1.5 mm ? giving a core dia of 13mm ? If so the cross section is 132 mm Sq. For the curious I have included a photo of the El- Cheapo Breville Induction plate we use, it was $80 at Noel Leemings from Memory. Our meals on the H20 Yacht and the land Yacht tend to be simple so we only ever need one burner/plate as neither of us are particularly fond of cooking.
  13. On your typical radar arch on say a 40 ft offshore cruising yacht you would have near enough real estate for 400W , even if a bit shy,wing panels could be added. Lithium batteries have substantially lower internal resistance so charge quite a bit quicker than AGM
  14. Off the top of my head I cant say as that work was done by Half Moon Bay Electrical , they also did the AC side and organized the Inspector for the compliance sign off.. I will check it out later and report back
  15. Foot Note A while back we calibrated the system monitor and needed to take the battery down to about 10% . From memory we had to boil 36 jugs of water (1L) together with a heat gun on low power and all the lights one etc it took well over an hour as I recall and the solar was disconnected. Day to day we have never sucked it below 75% but that might change when we are in the SI in Autumn.
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