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  1. I always use the hole saw trick TCT versions are inexpensive these days , glass, metal or whatever they go thought it all. Just pot the new one in over size hole with epoxy slurry, don't need the gland nut.
  2. Tow it outside of the environment and sink it , remove pollutants first
  3. Thanks for the kind offer Addem , I just got the loan of one from a 40 ft monohull very similar to our boat.
  4. Headed to Fiji next year with the Island Cruising NZ Rally, does anyone know of a reasonably priced pre-loved drouge or one that I can beg borrow or rent ? Yacht is 11.2 Metres and 12.5 Ton , hope this is not an unreasonable query, chrs
  5. When a painter sprayed my C29 it was touch and go on the dew point so we put fan heaters in the boat and I slept on board , we got away with it except for a wee patch near the anchor locker. On another note a number of fellow club members have had durability issues with 2 Part Poly applied over an epoxy base, myself too. It seemed to fade and chalk up after three seasons or so and the lunch room consensus was that the UV was encouraging some sort of chemical interaction with the epoxy. I'm sure the Altex manf instructions say its OK though and with the number of coats you have put on it
  6. Anybody have knowledge on this rescue ? I heard they had steering issues but it looks to be nice vessel, I suppose it will drift or be sunk outside the environment. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/world/474235/ocean-rescue-underway-for-two-sailors-on-damaged-yacht-in-the-tasman-sea
  7. I've had a Carpenter 29 for several years, it is a good Middle of The Road racer cruiser, the Young 88 and Ross 930 are faster.
  8. I'm at the tail end of a campervan project with two panels on the roof, the folks at Half Moon Bay Electrical strongly recommended putting them in series. Feedback they received from customers who had made a change from Parallel to series was that it made a big difference. It was something to do with getting more bang for your buck when the sun was low at either end of the day (don't shoot the messenger, this is just what they advised
  9. Fist Bump ? are they both saying YES !
  10. Would definitely be interested in any updates, here is me mildly anxious about taking a 12 ton 38 ft BrickS**t house Hood 38 to Fiji next year and he goes to Pitcairn in a 17 foot Plywood boat, the guy is an absolute inspiration !
  11. That's good to hear, no product is perfect but I reckon PVC with modern moisture wicking undergarments would keep you pretty snug and dry in all weather. My first store branded breathable jacket was an absolute joke in moderate to heavy rain even when new, now I have a Gill inshore but I suspect it wont be much better, we will see.
  12. Contact the author Brian Peet he has plenty of stock or did up until recently , PM me if you want his number. I have a copy , its superb.
  13. If you cant afford the step up from 20K to 30k or 40K then I would look hard at the affordability of the proposal because you will quickly burn through the difference in price band on Opex
  14. Frank

    Spare Anchor

    Never heard of that one before but it seems like it could work well.
  15. Frank

    New Genoa

    Brent is good, I have been a customer since I purchased my first keel boat, very helpful and customer focussed. The only other loft I used was Windward Sails, I don't think they are still going but Damn those sails were fast.
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