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  1. Carpenter 29, Fri night depart Cocklebay for Blackpool Waiheke, 45 min under motor or sail, any wind condition/direction except a gale. Blob out all weekend watching netflix, walking the dog, and visiting the irish pub, reverse process and de-blob Sun arvo. When we are feeling lazy we just sit on the mooring all weekend and pretend.
  2. That's a good point sometimes our opinions are irrelevant when the customer has a different perspective. Once a customer perception is entrenched it can take a generation to shift so we need to adapt early or it will blindside the industry.
  3. In what way are Forest and bird a Govt organisation ? they rely totally on private donations .
  4. I read somewhere that your typical hydrocarbon fuel is in a range of 35 to 45 times more energy dense than the best battery, pretty hard to close that gap. Also a battery does not get lighter as it discharges which is a bummer for electric aircraft. TallyHo at the Sampson boat company is installing a hybrid BETA diesel.
  5. Mmmm... looking at a few NZ outlets the 1103c is about $4900 , presumably a fair chunk of that is the Lithium battery, the 2hp Yamaha is $999. I get the bit about the cost saved in fuel etc but at nearly 5 x the cost its a big ask. I'm guessing prices will come down in time as they will for electric cars. With the brushless motor in the hub and a much reduced parts count overall the skin would look to be much cheaper to manufacture at scale.
  6. Aged 74 yrs, likes Covfefe, has orange skin , extremely intelligent.
  7. Great information there, many thanks, I'm just waiting for a reasonably priced 2hp electric outboard.
  8. Ditto removing a 160kg twin cylinder volvo on a Carpenter 29, piece of cake.
  9. Well they wont be eathing Tarakihi anytime soon https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/438931/tarakihi-shrinks-to-15-percent-of-original-population-despite-measures
  10. Kenny Read was brilliant , I think you can use a VPN service to get around the geo blocked You Tube feed, its quite cheap. We had the same problem in NZ with the racing in Bermuda which could only be viewed on Sky, but we eventually were able to watch it on Cricfree.
  11. Agreed , commentators after Bermuda said get rid of the "Old Man TV " coverage model aka Sky Sports. Ken, Nathan and Shirley were outstanding, the only issue was I could never get enough bandwidth to watch it on my ph without buffering even with the bit rate dialled down.
  12. Ditto for our Perkins, great service too.
  13. I wonder how much the mussel farms contribute to the Schnapper biomass as a convenient non mobile feeding station full of yummy Molluscs
  14. Frank

    Dinghy choice

    The beachmaster wheels come in two versions, one of which is removable
  15. Does anyone know where I might source a complete burner assembly for an alcohol fuelled SS marine stove ? Its a primus burner I think but the manufacturer was Seven Seas Marine, alternatively if someone has some spares or an old one they don't want let me know ? P. S I'm aware of the outlet in CHC but they have limited parts. Chrs
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