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  1. Gas struts on the access hatch..............Posh
  2. I don't see why you couldn't use a DC to DC charger to recharge the house battery from the lithium
  3. Nobody wants invasive pests but wouldn't it be cool if just for once there was a silver lining like say " Voracious Schnapper fattening up on yellow clams" or "Crayfish Population Booming on Caulerpa beds" sigh !
  4. It was back in the 90's and I cant remember if it was a Henleys or Chatfield unit but it was attached with the usual hose and clamps. It think it had a grease cup but not the water feed. I found it leaked annoyingly from day one despite adding the water feed tube shortly thereafter and the leakage rate deteriorated with use. There is a Finnish sailor on You Tube who installed a similar arrangement during a refit on the US east coast prior to a passage to Alaska. His looked to be beautifully engineered (Blue Water Seal ?) but also leaked and If I recall he changed it out for a PSS type in
  5. Interesting debate, I'm trying to relate it to how the rules work in aviation where generally the regulator (CAANZ) not the rule maker (Parliament) controls what is acceptable or not in terms of a standard. The standards can be designated by the Director of the CAA as "acceptable" as a means of complying with the rule. Rule changes require an act of parliament and so specific mention of a standard can be a curse for the regulator and industry alike unless it specifically omits the revision status then any changes to the standard once published are automatically the new means of compliance. I
  6. My experience exactly and the replacement lip seal unit leaked even worse , finally solved with a sail drive
  7. Just PM'd you his contact email, he is happy to assist
  8. I think you just need to get a DC to DC charger
  9. On the yacht we still use FLA to power all systems but when due for replacement I will consider going to LiFpo after gaining confidence and knowledge with the van installation.
  10. If you want to ask a few questions I can put you in touch with a friend who owns one and has been offshore in it several times
  11. Reading this thread was the first time I'd heard of lithium-titanium-oxide (LTO) batteries. The interweb says they charge much faster than other lithium ion types however the energy density is low and the cost is high, I'm curious then as to why they would be considered an option ?
  12. Seen that movie before CD, no plan survives contact with the enemy
  13. My local marine electrician wryly commented that most batteries don't die from natural causes but rather they are murdered by the owners
  14. Below is a summary comparison of the different battery types, LiFePo seems to score heavily in all categories. Our LiFePo has 330 Ah and we run an 800W microwave , 1200 W kettle and 1000 W induction top plus the usual sundry items like fans, lights etc. We have 440 W of Solar and a DC to DC charger, as far as I can tell the Solar has been sufficient so far but it might be different in the SI in Autumn. The array is wired in series as I was told the Higher Voltage provides better charging when the sun is low. We experimented one day by using all the appliances like there was no tomorrow and ke
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