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Tracker problems


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I have been pondering today how it is that Camper have fallen 140nm behind the leaders in the Volvo Ocean Race as this is a lot of ground to loose in 24 hours. While Campers boat might not be as fast as some of the others at certain wind angles or in the strength of the wind, this foes not explain why they have a rediculus deficit to the leaders. What about tactics? Camper had a shocker in the Malacca straights and have they had another one in the south China sea? NO is the simple answer as the wind strength or angle has not varied enough to cause a deficit of over 140nm. If its not the boat or the crew then what could cause this? Technology?


Here proves my point on why the distance that Camper and Abu Dhabi are trailing should not be trusted. The dashboard says that Telefonica are 824nm from finishing and this is correct and image 1 shows the distance to finish to be correct.




Where with Camper it says they are some 963nm from the finish, but are around 880nm to the finish. Dont give up hope if your a Camper or Abu Dhabi fan as they are closer than the tracker says and are still within striking distance with this weather front coming down.



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It gets even worse for camper......yeah right. The distance on the tracker is reading over 900nm to the finish for camper when they are only 840nm from the finish.




Whats even worse about this distance is that it says that Camper have gone backwards 30nm since the last update and you can check it out with your own eyes below. Heres hoping that they can get this fixed before the media start reporting this incorrect number.



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We have a reply from two different volvo sources.


One on facebook


thanks for this. We understand what you are saying and agree that the distance from Camper ETNZ and Telefonica is not 200nm, this is a calculation straight from our CMS and Technology are looking into it at the moment. Please give us a little while and we will get back to you.


and the other from twitter


thanks! Everyone should keep in mind that @CAMPERETNZ's tracking device has been a bit sticky: with a nice link to this thread :D


It will hopefully be fixed shortly

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