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*WARNING* "toxic" fish!


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OK.. it won't kill you but you might wish you were dead after eating it!! The embarrassment of having UNCONTROLLABLE bowel movement!!.. after movement..after mo..."

The culprit??? "ESCOLAR". Its a mackerel type fish and is banned in Italy and Japan and is BEING SOLD HERE IN NZ! How do I know??... ahum... weeeeell, Otahuhu Supervalue had it in the freezer and we will leave the story there!!!!! :oops: :oops: DO NOT eat this fish! (unless you are stuck at home and can reach a toilet in 3.2 seconds!... then intend to remain there for several DAYS!!!). :x :x :x :x




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Also from Wikipedia:


"Two known ways to reduce the likelihood of escolar-induced keriorrhea are to limit portions to six ounces or less[6] and to consume portions close to the tail, which typically have a lower wax ester content. Reports conflict on whether deep skinning, freezing or grilling will reduce the likelihood of keriorrhea."


I can think of a third way... don't the bloody thing!

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