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  1. nanda k

    beach cats

    I have a shallow rudder Windrush they are fun to sail and easy to rig single handed,a furling jib would be great.
  2. nanda k

    Rust stains

    Any tips on removing rust stains on sails please
  3. A bit rough looking but still going strong ,I should probably upgrade to something less polluting but starts 3rd pull every time ,with very little maintenance ,....
  4. new marina is looking great
  5. nanda k


    downloaded, thank you
  6. the first video is a discussion on how to go cruising on a hunter 19 ,the conclusion is to leave the kids in the shed for the week ,there is just not enough room,great vid ,worth watching
  7. that looks like a hunter 19 on the first video ,I bought one of those last year to get out on the water in lyttelton, been out in all sort of crazy weather and always felt safe on it , is there many of them around NZ?
  8. exactly the same thing when my son was selling his car in australia, with gumtree, word for word also.
  9. nanda k

    Liveaboard Advice

  10. Thank you very much guys .I really appreciate how you share your experience in this forum so readily,thanks
  11. I don't know ,the previous owner only had it for a year ,the paint was good so he didn't have to touch it up, not sure if I'll be able to truck down the other owners. Is there a way to tell ?
  12. I have a starling in need of some paint maintenance, would anyone recommend a good paint to get .thanks
  13. Is there any for sale ,I haven't seen any advertised lately?
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