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  1. ... why on earth do RAYC want the yard closed!? Really just so they can get some storage??
  2. I'm not surprised that individual local boards would rather have a waterfront park than a hardstand in their bailiwick. But as pointed out by others above, the city needs to have the facilities somewhere, particularly if the various new biosecurity regs are to be met.
  3. I heard there's a piedy that got a 100k birthday. Can't decide how I feel about that if true.
  4. I imagine the issue is more disproving fake sales, rather than proving legitimate ones.
  5. Not the worst article I've ever read in stuff, but rather misses the point that ownership costs (marina, haul out, etc.) have been rising so fast as to render more and more small and old boats "economically unviable".
  6. Bit funny that. Anyone know why?
  7. I don't know what 'integration issues' is a euphemism for here, but I doubt they ran out of charge. If you do have that sort of problem, you know it's coming in advance, and don't have passengers onboard away from the wharf when it happens. So I'd say it's something else.
  8. There are toilets ashore there, so I guess it's possible they're doing the right thing. Wouldn't take a lot of observing to know.
  9. Much less coal this year. https://app.em6.co.nz/?planningregion=uni Last year wasn't good, it's true.
  10. The actual generation mix depends quite strongly on how much rain has fallen and thus how much water is behind the dams. Right now electricity is extremely cheap, because it's been wet and there's heaps behind the hydro dams. Last year it was dry and prices were very high as they conserved the water.
  11. Or just let it break up on the rocks in matiatia. Apparently that's allowed now...
  12. The whole saga is not a winner for the yachting community. It will only make the council even more bureaucratic and/or restrictive on allowing moorings.
  13. We were nearby on the water at the time. Not something I'm going to forget seeing in a hurry.
  14. khayyam

    Midnight 21

    The neighbour's car certainly dates the photo!
  15. 16 hours overnight in an air bubble in a capsized boat, in seas too rough for a rescue. Ooooof https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/aug/03/sailor-survives-for-16-hours-in-capsized-boat-off-spain
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