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  1. Why are you replacing it? 26kg vs 39kg is a big difference for lifting on and off the back, imo.
  2. We shall see. Foiling had certainly made it into windsurfers and wings for the hoi polloi. Why not larger?
  3. I'm sure I remember someone telling me about a boat that came off a mooring there in an E/NE blow and ended up what seemed like halfway up the cliff when the tide went out.
  4. Yuck. I'd always imagined those moorings were really only tenable in the summer. By which of course I mean real summers, not the last one!
  5. 80s for sure but exact year? Dunno. See if you can get hold of a copy of this: https://www.abebooks.com/9781869560461/Classic-New-Zealand-Yachts-Four-1869560469/plp At a guess I'd say the SR26 is in there but can't remember for sure. Auckland library has it.
  6. Yup, proposed at least. https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/checkpoint/audio/2018897978/whangaparaoa-locals-oppose-getting-rid-of-often-cancelled-ferry
  7. I'm shocked. Just shocked. Who could possibly have imagined this fate?
  8. You mean the north channel bits, or more besides?
  9. I can't imagine this thread is going to end well.
  10. Not good news, obviously. But looking at the map of the CAN area I reckon they've tried to keep the recreational impact down.
  11. Much ado about nothing I suspect. The important people (NZDF) will have known all about it, but that doesn't include the CG Kawau crew.
  12. Can't imagine there's any hiding from this one.
  13. I don't hold much store by the herald's journalism for the most part, but I can't imagine they've got the direct quote wrong.
  14. I like the winery at man o war. The bay itself is rather indifferent as an anchorage though.
  15. Woody bay pizzeria is amazingly good. Hope they cope ok with the rubbish summer. We couldn’t quite believe it was there, but what a treat. Best pizza in Auckland?
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