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  1. khayyam

    Midnight 21

    The neighbour's car certainly dates the photo!
  2. 16 hours overnight in an air bubble in a capsized boat, in seas too rough for a rescue. Ooooof https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/aug/03/sailor-survives-for-16-hours-in-capsized-boat-off-spain
  3. 30 minutes at full power is very different from 30 minutes of normal operation. Our 195kw ev could theoretically drain the 60 kWh battery in less than 20 minutes flat out, but in practice it will do 400km.
  4. Side note. Looking at timberwolf. Is the forestay ok? That's just a halyard sagging down? Hard to tell with the resolution.
  5. That's the one. Seeing as how it's on the cover of stuff now I'm pretty sure the hm will be aware. I couldn't see it on my way back over the bridge just now, but that could be the higher tide, or again just not looking too hard while driving!
  6. One of the boats at shoal bay seems to have sunk on its mooring. Didn't get a great look as I was driving, but looked like a ketch or schooner, red headsail partially unfurled. Just in case anyone here knows the owner...
  7. Well, if the BEV can meet the nominated range, which seems to be the issue here. Agree in general though.
  8. My best guess is that this pricing is for a premium product to the super-yacht set, given that the RV version is $135/mo with a one-time hardware cost of $599!
  9. I just saw elsewhere that official starlink marine is $5000/month!? No wonder people are dedicated to getting other versions working.
  10. How are zoom calls with that latency? I guess 100ms maybe isn't too bad.
  11. Is that rotting hulk still in izzy bay? Doesn't seem to have made the list.
  12. Filled with epoxy, drill, re-tap, seems all good. Just need some wind to stress test it now!
  13. Thanks all. I'm thinking epoxy is the best option here.
  14. I'm trying to fill a screw hole in a fibreglass dinghy hull which has pulled out. I want to fill it and then retap. I'm trying to use polyester resin for that, but it's too thick to run into the hole properly without drilling it out further. So... can I think the resin? Should I drill out the hole? Use something else entirely? I don't have access to the back so the threads need to bite, can't bolt through.
  15. Wow. That doesn't leave many places that they'll take! We used to have Bailey's on a swing moorning. Been a few years though, can't say for sure that they still do.
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