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  1. 13 hours ago, Sabre said:

    I use metvuw first for big picture then Windy for shorter term planning. Also monitor nowcasting when sailing.

    I've found Coastguard forcasts are so general and vague they are practically worthless.

    I'm very similar, metvuw then PredictWind

  2. 22 hours ago, ScarecrowR31 said:

    I used a 2 pot product from the guy who makes dry suits in Wellsford. Its stuck on like the proverbial with no lifting on the front lip 2 years later. Maybe give him a call?

    Dolphin drysuits

  3. On 2/05/2020 at 6:03 PM, Island Time said:

    Several posts have been removed from this thread as they are not appropriate for a public forum. BP and KM have both had warnings, and that has tipped KM over the 3 warning point limit. He's out for 30 days again.

    PLEASE - stay within the site rules, be nice, or don't post. Personal attacks wont be tolerated.

    That's excellent, KM needs some time working on the farm. ;-) 

  4. 26 minutes ago, marinheiro said:

    I was talking to Barry Jones today (we are marina neighbours) about edging on plywood (I have a plywood locker door that has sucked up some moisture as it does not have edging on the end grain) , he said that treated timbers can still go soft over time if they are in a damp/wet environment. He said heart kauri was an exception and as we know even it can be susceptible to dry rot if fresh water gets in its end grain.

    Des produced very good designs but he did not supervise the construction of boats built by others. There are plenty of Twilights  (and other wooden boats from that era) around with soft decks and other problems and Waimanu's loss shows how there can be hidden problems.

    Agree, Designers rarely supervise Construction. Look at all those Given powercats, built by Silver Tiger! Great design, built by gib stopping labourers! One of NZ boatbuilding's great horror stories. 

  5. I guess it depends on a lot of variables, and your appetite for junk. We only use 2 surveyors, 1 who's pretty tough, and the 2nd is even more discerning.

    We have to buy boats for various projects, some very demanding, some pretty straightforward. But I'd rather have someone with a critical eye than a Surveyor with low standards. Even being tough on things we still get a nasty surprise now & then. And when you're caught out in 50 knots one day with a hard day upwind getting the sh*t kicked out of you, do you really want to be wondering about your boat?

    They rarely fall apart, but ………………………….

  6. 10 hours ago, ScottiE said:


    And so I put it to you that our current plan in all likelihood will be one of the most costly options we could have taken and it will only take us longer to get there.  Unless of course we isolate ourselves from the rest until someone develops a vaccine, which for a coronavirusehas happened, never in modern history (see SARS and MERS). 


    This is particularly relevant. Are we going to exist in our own bubble of 4.? million, with incredibly difficult travel both in & out of NZ, and do almost no business with the rest of the world?

    While I don't pretend to have the answers to how we should do this, the future looks pretty bleak for our economy? 

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