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  1. Herbert has no interest in marine, just property & money. Tosser!
  2. Not making any excuses here, but apart from the chip by the stainless fitting, it looks like there's voids under all the damage? Or is that just an optical illusion?
  3. Bad Kitty


    Sorry for your loss RossD, and I won't pretend to know what you're feeling, but I'll echo KmC's thoughts, and I'll go so far as to say get counselling even if you're convinced you don't need it. I can put you in touch with an amazing guy, pm me if you like?
  4. Eberspacher do one of those, called a Hydroplate. 5ltrs tank, but as ex E said, continuous flow. But then heating with engine would be a problem, so maybe no good for you. We're putting one in our 4WD campervan build.
  5. The thing is super reliable, uses almost no diesel, the fuel line looks like the inside of a ball point pen, about 2mm diameter. It heats the water cylinder in about 10 minutes, and can heat the whole boat in winter in about the same. Wouldn't build a boat without it.
  6. We have an Eberspacher hydronic, which heats a glycol/water mix (just like antifreeze in your car, but a bit thicker, maybe 50/50 mix?) This gets pumped around the boat, we have it going thru the hot water cylinder, and thru 3 heaters. 1 in each cabin, and a double size in the saloon. The heaters just run a little fan like a PC fan. If you get organised you can even bend up some stainless tube into a towel rail, and have a heated towel rail. The heaters look like this
  7. Possibly losing the 2.8 tonne wine cellar would achieve more? Very few yachts carry the equivalent of a Glengarry wine shop around with them?
  8. I understand 1 drifted/dragged aground, and the rescue attempt wasn't as successful as it could have been!
  9. Bad Kitty


    Level 4 boredom. Next it'll be your lemon muffins or something. It's ok, we're all being kind & not mocking things that would usually attract a fair level of scorn,
  10. Level 4 projects. Carbon prop struts for Bad Kitty.
  11. Bad Kitty


    Orientals. Same as a Siamese but without the colored points. 2 brothers. Troublemakers!
  12. Bad Kitty


    Litter tray in the shower. They're fine. Lot cleaner than those Piedy guys.
  13. Bad Kitty


    Good feedback BP, sounds pretty appealing!
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