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  1. So anyone got any good info on the Sail GP in ChCh, March next year? Best place to watch, will there be practice days before the 2 race days, that sort of stuff? We're planning a trip, keen to be in the right place at the right time. Thanks,
  2. Bad Kitty

    Pier 21

    Only negative is Robertson's is a full service yard, so I don't think you can do any work yourself? Is that the case AS?
  3. What's the hull core? If it's timber or balsa then it could get bad quickly. I'd definitely get a survey & work out how far this might go. Once you dig onto it these issues can take on a life of their own. :-(
  4. I've got an Iridium Extreme for sale, surplus from a film job, little use, great condition. Has all it's extras, earphone, 240v & 12v charger, external aerial. Message me if you want a chat, still got 3 left I think
  5. Hiya all, anyone know about the salt springs shown on the chart at Rangi? is there anything visible, or ? thanks
  6. Always dangerous breaking out the Veuve days before the race I think?
  7. We put some soft foam in the gap between the saildrive & the hull. But it doesn't replace anything, just stops growth in that dead space. And it's soft enough to not put any load on the hull or leg. So it's just streamlining.
  8. Agree, Nyalic isn't the long term solution it's cracked up to be.
  9. Great read, keep up the good work!
  10. I'd look for the best yacht you can find in the flavor/size/class you're after, and see what you can buy it for. One that's had a refit, or is currently racing & well maintained. If you can't afford that, then buying a "fixer upper" will break you. Saving a bit of labour because you're handy doesn't help much really if any of the big ticket items are a problem. Engine, rig, sails, fridge, electrics.......... It goes on & on, and labour is not the big number in any of those areas.
  11. Drain the tank, check for water?
  12. Bad Kitty


    Please no jokes about how much space required, BooBoo is a sensitive guy.
  13. We love the B&G stuff we put on Bad Kitty, we use Furuno & Raymarine on some of the work boats & I like the B&G/Simrad over both of those.
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