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  1. Just donated to this, everyone that's interested in boating in Auckland could try & give something, even $5? And maybe show that we care? Or we'll have no facilities at all to support our habit. (Addiction?)
  2. Our one is like that, 20 ltr cylinder that will run off the genset or shore power using the element, and with the Eberspacher pumping hot glycol thru cylinder like an engine heat exchanger. Eberspächer Airtronic and Hydronic for boats (eberspaecher-marine.com)
  3. Have you looked at Eberspacher diesel ones? They also do a tank version or one that uses a normal type water cylinder.
  4. Much better than the Forman stuff, which takes a lot of work to clean up when it craps out. Ask me how I know!
  5. These guys for Vybar. Engine Room Soundproofing | Technical Equipment Supplies
  6. Plus one for Boat Fix, great team there,
  7. The owners put Pier 21 on the market & sold it. Not sure how that becomes "a soft target that the developers have already picked off."
  8. Norwester PM me if you want to chat & I'll get some pics to you. It was only a couple of hundy in materials, but labor is up there. Maybe 50% more expensive than bronze?
  9. We've made some carbon ones for Bad Kitty, can't post a photo for some technophobe reason? I'll try & send a photo to IT & see if he can post it.
  10. So anyone got any good info on the Sail GP in ChCh, March next year? Best place to watch, will there be practice days before the 2 race days, that sort of stuff? We're planning a trip, keen to be in the right place at the right time. Thanks,
  11. Bad Kitty

    Pier 21

    Only negative is Robertson's is a full service yard, so I don't think you can do any work yourself? Is that the case AS?
  12. What's the hull core? If it's timber or balsa then it could get bad quickly. I'd definitely get a survey & work out how far this might go. Once you dig onto it these issues can take on a life of their own. :-(
  13. I've got an Iridium Extreme for sale, surplus from a film job, little use, great condition. Has all it's extras, earphone, 240v & 12v charger, external aerial. Message me if you want a chat, still got 3 left I think
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