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  1. Well that's gonna be a problem given that it's difficult to know if it's there until after you have anchored? And if it's as bad as reported it's shortly going to be in every bay in the Hauraki Gulf, the Bay of Islands, & Gt Barrier?
  2. Buy a better anchor is the first thought that comes to mind? Sorry not trying to be a d*ick, but there are such better anchors around now that I'd never use a plough again.
  3. I'd go for a long shaft, high thrust. The high thrust has lower reduction gearbox & a bigger diameter prop, which the yacht will love. Pack up the transom & use it on the inflatable, it'll be a bit long but so what? I think yamaha did a 9.9hp maybe? The short shaft will be pretty useless on the yacht as soon as there's any sea running.
  4. Also the 70 mtrs of chain is good for the islands, even if your anchor is awesome & doesn't need that much chain, as it keeps your rope warp away from any stray coral & bommies if you are swing around up there.
  5. We had a Rocna, great anchor, changed to a Sarca Excel because they don't have a roll bar & that works better for our boat. At least as good as the Rocna, maybe better? There's a few high holding power designs around now, IMHO they make the old designs like plough's etc. totally redundant. You'd never go back. I'd track down Grant at Chains, Ropes & Anchors, and have a chat. You'll get exactly what you need without any snake oil.
  6. Me too, think that's the second donation, but hell, it's a great cause!
  7. And always remember, boats are just like strippers, they only work while you're throwing $100 notes at them. If you only use 1 piece of advice that's been offered up so far, listen to Aardvarkash10 & get it surveyed. Good luck Pal, you're gonna need it.
  8. So who knows about additives for diesel, for bug etc. as a preventative. No issues currently, but there was a small amount of some crap in the tanks when we replaced engines recently. Does anyone run any additives, or is it snake oil?
  9. Bad Kitty


    The other thing to consider is that the battery cost is not the biggest part. Well for us it wasn't anyway. I think the 2 x 200 a/hr li ion batteries were about 9K, total bill with bigger alternators to make use of the faster charging capacity, fuses, contactors, alternator drive kits bla bla bla was more like 20K maybe? I'd still do it again in a heartbeat, but make sure you've got your numbers right?
  10. Bad Kitty


    Changes boating life. Power is an issue on a lot of boats, and it takes a whole lot of that angst away. For cats, weight is an issue always, less weight, more usable power, faster charging. As for what flavour, I've read about enough issues that I probably wouldn't use anything other than the name brands that are fully integrated systems, unless you're a way better electrical guru than me. We've got Juice/Enertec in the yacht, the camper van is Mastervolt because that's who the builder uses, and that's probably as adventurous as I'd get. When these things go bad it's never a small in
  11. Bad Kitty


    I guess that's one way to look at it (the 40 each day bit) In reality it was a fantastic weekend, the racing was bloody amazing, and the race start at 3pm it made for a really relaxed fun time. Brunch in ChCh in the morning, wander down to the shuttle at about 1, cruise over to Lyttleton & pick up a glass of bubbles to prep for race 1! Racing over about 4.30, chat to a few yachties over a drink & back on the shuttle. Couldn't be easier. Watching 9 boats piling into the start was pretty interesting, & then the finish line was about 100 metres from the grandstand, and the boats
  12. Bad Kitty


    AC, what AC?
  13. Bad Kitty


    Just got back from SailGP in ChCh, damn that was awesome racing! Well organised, course was so close to the grandstand, and watching a few of those 50's smoking into the finish is impressive! Best yacht racing I've ever seen.
  14. Ahh damn, sorry to hear that. Great guy. Travel well Friend.
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