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  1. And conditional on having a crew that will take 25-30 on the nose all day & night!
  2. Bad Kitty


    Here's a part of that report; "Separately, quarterly reporting data published by MPI last week showed six endangered Hector’s dolphins died in trawl nets in the first three months of this year."
  3. It's BooBoo we're talking about, I imagine the stereo power draw is roughly 27,000 times the starlink draw?
  4. CE is not any sort of class survey, it is more an ISO type thing that means you have systems in place. So, if the 1st Arcona sh*tbox has a weak rudder stock, all the following builds will meet the same low standard.
  5. So Arcona obviously don't believe in watertight bulkheads? Jeez that'd be hard to watch. Hope they're all ok.
  6. Bad Kitty


    Well we killed 10 of them in commercial nets in the last 6 months, any discussion around who's eating Hoki? I have dived my whole life, and am passionate about conservation & the world's oceans. But eventually we should acknowledge the impact we are having on the planet. We need to strike a balance. And imho the race there proceeding is in that balance. There seems to be an assumption that the race meant a dead dolphin, which is far from the reality. It's a marine mammal reserve, complete with a commercial port, power boats, marina and a boat ramp. Oh yeah, and a sewage overflow?
  7. Bad Kitty


    That's one of the things that blew me away last year, first time we saw it live. Close, action packed, 10 boats with a stack of the best sailors in the world all in a closer quarters knife fight. We were in San Fran for the LV, and while it was fun, it was like most yachting, be great to participate in, just ok to watch. Sail GP on the other hand, watching 10 boats all charging for the first mark, holey moley! And the detail you can't see live, just look at the big screen, with replays of all the close stuff & incidents. Well worth a weekend.
  8. Bad Kitty


    It's an awesome event, best yacht racing on the planet IMHO. TV, not even close to the real thing sorry. If fact, you can watch most things that happen now on dik tok, twitbook, youtube or somewhere, I still think getting out and experiencing the real thing is worthwhile? ChCh & the organisers put on a great weekend, even with Saturday being an imaginary dolphin watch trip!
  9. Maybe I'm taking that too personally, but I don't actually see myself as complaining about everything, just pointing out that scrubbing the seabed will have it's own consequences? There's a difference between whining about everything and applying some thought & analysis to what the media serve up every day. Sorry if that's offensive to you.
  10. If, and it's a big if, there was a biological solution then just maybe, you can control it. The big vacuum cleaner thing, while it may be a stop gap to slow things down, is going to have it's own issues. First, the Caulerpa fragments that are ending up in the water column will be pretty interesting. Second, what environmental damage is scrubbing the seabed doing? I'm not saying don't try this, but having watched first-hand the spend on trying to eradicate Undaria, and the lack of success, I'm more than a little skeptical about how all this will play out. Asian seaweed
  11. Unfortunately you could throw a billion at it & it won't "be gone"
  12. OK, so that is a true hybrid system. To motor continuously you are running a main engine, whole also charging batteries. So isn't that just a more expensive, heavier ICE drivetrain, with a whole lot more embedded carbon in it's manufacture, & battery disposal implications at some time, for the ability to motor quietly for a short distance? I'm still not seeing the real world planet saving impact?
  13. You can't run the generator to charge the batteries & motor continuously. If you're happy drifting around waiting for batteries to charge while a tropical depression is headed your way then all good, me, I'm not.
  14. I tried really hard to make it work for me, but ended up going 2 x 40hp diesel again, and don't regret it for a minute. The all-electric solution is, imho, not mature enough or well proven enough. There are numerous boats that have gone that way, and then ripped it all out & refitted ICE drivetrains. Ultimately, every now & then you may need to motor for 48 hours, and nothing all electric will do it. Not in small craft size.
  15. Ballystick if you want to take a look at our set up you're welcome. I'm broken currently after shoulder surgery, so boat is sitting in the marina doing nothing!
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