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  1. 3 suggestions, get a survey, get a survey, and lastly, get a survey. No matter how good it looks, no matter how many receipts he's got, etc. etc.
  2. Imagine that, sharks in the ocean! Why don't they fcuk off back home, wherever that is?
  3. Don't think so, but I've got a pretty short attention span, so that's me. I'm happy that what we've got works, & that wouldn't for us. Happy Xmas
  4. OK NZ's 2nd race not so slick! Problems early on with the boat maybe?
  5. I'm more worried about engines full of salt water every time we sail over 15 knots to be honest. Which is a lot. In 15 years & 30,000miles we've had exactly zero power failures to the ignition circuit. Which doesn't mean it won't happen, but you can only have so many redundancies & fail safes built in?
  6. But I'm definitely not a marine engineer, I'm more on the accelerated wear testing side of the picture.
  7. I don't think an exhaust riser will stop it. Why will an exhaust riser stop water pressure filling the exhaust manifold & flowing into the engine? It's coming in the raw water side, not the exhaust side.
  8. Anti siphon loop won't stop it. We have electric shut offs between the saildrive & the raw water pump that close & stop raw water flow when the key is off. It's not siphoning, its pressure pushing the water past the impeller, and filling the engine. Slow cruising cats won't do it, but it seems that somewhere above 12-15 knots sailing there's just too much water pressure and you end up hydraulicing engines. We did it several times before we fitted the shut offs, luckily Yanmars seem to love salt water. Not very pleasant though in a seaway removing injectors, cranking things over,
  9. Well that was slick, NZ looked pretty good. Those speeds are crazy!
  10. MarineTraffic: Global Ship Tracking Intelligence | AIS Marine Traffic
  11. No, they won't wash your boat either Tom. Richard again!
  12. Head out of the Harbour & turn left. Fair winds & all that stuff. Oh, there will be 2 weeks in quarantine when you arrive there, like everywhere else in the world at present, so maybe take a book?
  13. Anyone up on how to watch the practice races? And before any trolls tell me I'm too lazy to search myself, that's all well established thanks.
  14. Yep, great isn't it? Means that we are in a totally different situation to most of the world. And shortly you will be enjoying that freedom behind the very same borders you're currently bitching about. Happy Xmas!
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