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  1. Bad Kitty

    Is a SSB Radio

    Kessler syndrome - Wikipedia Would be a bad day for Iridium, but also GPS!
  2. Bad Kitty

    Is a SSB Radio

    Main benefit of SSB is free weather & email via sailmail. (paid subscription though) Cheaper than sat phone. And if you scream mayday there may be a boat handy that's listening, although I'd put my 10 cents on an EPIRB for that.
  3. Lot's of these issues should start with a debate on population numbers for NZ. But they won't.
  4. Yep, not much info in some of these posts that relates to privately owned yachts, I’ve tried really hard, with a pretty open mind on budget, and can’t make electric drives seem viable for Bad Kitty.
  5. Picked up a spinnaker bag between Motuihe & Browns Island Saturday PM. Let me know if you want to pick it up, Castor Bay
  6. Crystal ball gazing; There will be talk from Dalton of UK, Dubai, Easter Island, etc. etc. Tanties from NZ public, NZ marine industry, NZ Govt. NZ Govt will up the cash input, Cup back in Auckland. Probably take 3 months for that to play out.
  7. Hope & kindness Fogg, don't forget the kindness.
  8. A lot of well known boats have been on the bottom. Nothing wrong with a good pickling! But I agree it's a big project. Someone may well learn that a boats hull is the easy & cheap bit.
  9. It doesn't need to be fair, but you need to sand all the shiny bits, including in any little craters, or it won't stick.
  10. Who have we lost now SJB? It's a tough time alright.
  11. Tonga boats are tired & not really well maintained. Whitsunday boats were much better, and it's really nice cruising there. No bare boat charters in Fiji, has to have a Fiji skipper. I think there's bare boat in New Cal, but the waters a fair bit cooler than Fiji or Tonga!
  12. Yep we're running that mod. It's helps, but doesn't overcome the inherently sh*t design.
  13. I still remember your dipstick shooting out of the engine bay at Barrier!
  14. No I've actually been doing the calcs on the 30/SD25 myself. The SD20's & 25's have a great reputation. Dog clutch, no frickin cone clutches! It's definitely an option.
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