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  1. Bad Kitty


    Might be worth checking that out before you add a heating system!
  2. Bad Kitty


    Each little heater has a computer type fan behind it. Switched with high & low blower speed. No thermostat, no concierge either. We don't have ours plumbed into the engines, just simple turn it on if you're cold sort of stuff. Yanmars have to take care of themselves. Westpark Marine Engineering looks after the boat now, they are familiar with them. It's pretty simple stuff though, and Dometic who are the agent may recommend an installer?
  3. Bad Kitty


    Yep, Eberspacher, wouldn't boat without it. It heat's the hot water cylinder, and pumps thru 3 heater matrix's, 2 single ones in the aft cabins, and a double size one in the saloon. Warms the whole boat in about 20 minutes. In summer you just shut off the heaters & leave it heating the hot water. If you got really creative you can bend up some stainless tube, run it thru that on the way to the heater or hot water cylinder, and have a heated towel rail! The fuel line is about 3mm, uses very little diesel. Like .3ltrs an hour or something. And to heat the water is about
  4. Repco sells stuff for polishing plastic convertible back windows, it's awesome.
  5. Forgetting whether you agree with it or not, one huge difference between 1 super yacht coming in & spending 3 million dollars, and 300 small yachts coming in & spending $10,000 each to reach the same 3 mill spend, is it takes very little cost, manpower or resource to safely get a superyacht in & quarantined safely. And like the film industry, the superyacht picks up the bill. Same as getting 250 overseas film crew in, Directors, Producers, Actors etc. who enable projects that employ thousands of Kiwis, & kickstart 1.5 billion in film projects. Vs 250 fruit pickers
  6. "Closed is closed is closed, with one rule for all." Haha, what colour is the ocean on your planet?
  7. Might be worth talking to an engineer about that. The water running thru the saildrive is part of the cooling design for the drive. Lack of could be a part of the problem
  8. Think I've got a diesel xfer pump sitting around Al, I'm in Auckland if that helps?
  9. SD40's have an oil expansion issue. A good fix is a brass fitting tapped onto the top fill plug, with a hose to a bottle. Oil if pushed out just flows in & back out of the bottle. Yanmar, love the engines, hate the saildrives. But the 20 is the best of them, very few issues with them, unlike the clutch/cone problems with their bigger brothers.
  10. Yep Cavalli's a favourite spot for Bad Kitty, just love it there,
  11. 70mtrs of 10mm any interest Eric?
  12. Damn Peter Smith! Bast*#d! Sailing the NW Passage while I can't sail to frickin Kawau!
  13. BEP do digital meters that scroll thru engine, house, aux & give volts & amps, ours is in the panel, but they may do a stand alone one?
  14. Another vote from me for Powerflow. Good gear.
  15. No I think the people that do this are too stupid to make good decisions. But throw them in the slammer for a month, at least it sends a message, and may discourage the occasional slightly smarter muppet from the wrong decision. If a few farmers had been penalised appropriately it may have encouraged better compliance. And before anyone starts with the whole bleeding heart garbage just save it. Jail may not cure criminals, but it certainly stops criminals visiting harm on decent citizens while the ar#*holes are locked up. And until our Government, whatever flavor, starts prioritizing educ
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