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  1. We sailed out of Okiwi/Whangapoa Thursday, don't think I'd sit this out in Arid Cove.
  2. Hiya, anyone got clues as to where the Pipi bed is? Looks like we might be in Whangaruru for a few days.
  3. Yeah but you carry lead around too!
  4. And currently a dive team working in Fiordland, living on a large boat, new dive team heli's in each week for a changeover and back to manually killing Undaria.
  5. We've never eradicated a marine pest once it's been introduced. That doesn't stop the crayon eaters in Wgtn spending eye watering amounts of money trying, like the tens of millions spend trying to kill off Undaria in the Chatam's where it was on the hull of a boat that sank. Still there, plus all around the place now.
  6. Matt P (IT) may have some of the rest of what came off Bad Kitty, a bottle of Diplomatico would probably get it out of his garage? He was selling it off, but if there's anything still there I imagine he'd like the space back?
  7. Take a mould off your's & knock a couple out?
  8. Hi BP, if BooBoo can use the whole thing I'll send it there? If not it's yours, a cover with a spare head unit!
  9. Yep, progressed to a few days out on the water! Give me a day or two, but we're on track,
  10. Update. might be able to get 60% off if I sell them all, 7 available less the 3 spoken for. So if you keen they may get to $800, If you've committed at $1000 & we get them all done you'll get the new low price. As said, I don't want to make anything, this is a bonus for all the good crew groupies! Don't pussy foot around, Veladare churns thru that in Pinot in a good weekend!
  11. Yes I think this model can usb to a laptop for weather gribs etc. Island Time is the geek that will sort mine out. We've used SSB, Iridium, Iridium Go, and now we'll use this. I didn't particularly like the Go, found the connection to devices more finicky than a straight Iridium phone, but then some people love them. I have an Iridium Go that'll be for sale when I get round to it if anyone is keen?
  12. I've got a Raymarine ST8002 auto pilot controller that's been sitting in my office since we fitted B & G gear a few years ago. Good condition, it was in the saloon so not weather beaten. Free to a good home if you're running Raymarine gear from that era. Pick up Castor Bay
  13. Sorry I meant to include a link, here's the phone; Iridium Extreme® Satellite Phone - Ready for harsh Australian conditions. (pivotel.com.au) And here's the plans, these all have a sim card from Pivotel, which they may be able to reconnect. You'd need to check with them. We use Pivotel (used to be called Wright Sat Comms) and they are great to deal with. Iridium Call Rates, Plans, Special Calls, Value added services (pivotel.com.au)
  14. We have a few Iridium Extreme sat phones now surplus from a big job. About 18 months old, very light use, good condition. Still got the boxes, manuals, accessories. These are $1995 retail, I can probably get them for $1000 each. If you're interested let me know & I'll try & sort a deal out with the Production Company. Please don't bother making stupid offers, I think this is a good deal for Crew members, & I'm not making any money on it. About 6 available at last count. Pic is of my one, they are all the same. Thanks,
  15. Absolutely Dr Watson, we've done extensive market research on rum, and that's been the favorite for about 15 years now.
  16. Sailing, racing, pretty much never. Sightseeing, fishing, diving all the time. It's a great place to park up if you're sailing!
  17. Not the first time you've heard that BP!
  18. Plus one for the Sarca Excel, but as suggested see what fits the bow fairlead also. We changed from a Rocna to the Excel, as the roll bar was less than ideal. But forget the plough, no matter what chain you have! But any of the 3 you've shortlisted are great.
  19. All current health measures are just to slow the inevitable spread, & try to stop the overloading and collapse of the health system. If you have any surgery or similar booked in Dec I'd be making other plans!
  20. Herbert has no interest in marine, just property & money. Tosser!
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