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  1. 10 hours ago, BOIGuy said:

    Your empathy is overwhelming me, no Christian values here, or any other worthy ones either by the sound of it.

    I think I would rather be a non-citizen than align my values with a country full of people with that sort of attitude.

    What sort of nation of people do you want? more like you or more with kiwi values?

    Wonder what your view would be if you had found yourself stuck in Europe with no flights available a few mounts ago? Help me Jacinda?

    Anyone else got something to add?


    Did you watch Prime News on a kiwi builder returning home with his family from the usa??He has only returned because the virus has esculated in the US,If he was that concerned should returned home back in February not now.There have been flights but most had opted to stay where they were but now virus has stepped up a gear they want to return.

    My concern is we have had 2 months of various levels to get to nil community virus cases.Jacinda and Co did send the warning out to come home now back in late February/March but many chose to ignore the plea.

    Ruthless as it sounds tough.Look at our close it Neighbour gone from Victoria being the only active state to over night New cases across all states being reported and that risk is I am not prepared to take by letting people in.

  2. isolation 14 days compulsory ,refuse test keep isolated until test undertaken. Better still keep borders shut. Those returning have had since February to return but no they waited to see what was happening where they were.due to the virus not clearing up they want to run home.bet most returning are not born NZers but rather immigrants that have citizenship

  3. 3 hours ago, Black Panther said:

    Do the banks use depositors money to fund mortgages?  I thought not to any significant extent but maybe we have someone from the banking industry can answer? 

    Just remember BP at any time the bank can refuse to give you your funds.Oh we have over lent etcThe bank never goes broke just the investor looses investment.

  4. 38 minutes ago, Terry B said:

    If you don't use charities like 'Save the Children' then how do you get money to families in those countries?

    As mean as it sounds but I do not support those charities.Ever since the late 90s when aid was sent to such countries as Ethiopia where upon it was discovered warehouse full of rice/grain etc were not being handed out to those in need.Instead weapons were brought.Sounds mean I know. but those countries are looking for aid.This is where I believe the UN needs to enter and distribute food etc.

    I would have no issue to be taxed an extra $5/10 pw as long as the money aid was being properly supervised and gets to where it is needed.

    Not having a bunch of collectors roaming the street and making a living and handing over what is left after expenses.

  5. Great thing about NZ defence forces is the ability to respond in natural crisis around the pacific.Cyclones tsunamis etc

    Sad part is those we help often get the cheque book out and buy from those who have not invested aid.

    When it comes to helping our pacific nations we need an agreement of Yes we supply relief but in return you need to buy from NZ.

    Interesting Kevin,no surprises there with Charity.Like most big organisations.Out front "Wow look at what they are doing for the community"behind the scenes how much more profit can squeeze out of those we are helping. Bit like save the children funds.Yep $10 a month to save a child but how much has that organisation taken off the top??


  6. On 26/06/2020 at 8:09 AM, DrWatson said:

    My port n stb lights are mounted on the pushpit frames. Likely only works on boats where the widest beam is fully aft...

    Ca see them here, little white jobbie 


    I presume you have tri colour mast light?? if what i am looking at on the pushpit is the port/star nav lights would be near impossible to see from ahead,does the glow at night impede cockpit vision.

  7. Found guilty on 2 of Olivia's hairs found on his vessel?? Now if the police at the time tested every person/vessel who was there and had made contact with Ben/Olivia how many would possibly hair some of there hair on clothing??

    My cat has never been in the truck yet I have cat hair purely from brushing against the cat, transmission by association?



  8. 1 hour ago, armchairadmiral said:

    Watson is lacking a Pat Booth type advocate.  Likewise Tamihere had an advocate and so did Bain. There's some kind of formula for compo as paid to the last travesty of the so called justice system.... Teina Pora was paid out by it. And he got interest on that  amount  after another court case

    David Bain did not get compensation as such he got what they called a ex gratia payment,suppose it amounts to the same thing? But Bain was not found not guilty.

  9. They mention the 2 from England attending a dying relative ,but very little said about the 2 that escaped and went to Hamilton and attended a funeral.



    Two teenagers ran away from authorities after being allowed special dispensation from Covid-19 related quarantine to attend a funeral in Hamilton.

    They have since been located and one is in managed isolation while the other is in an agreed community arrangement, director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield confirmed this afternoon.He did not know how many days their whereabouts were unknown

  10. National is owned by the big fishing companies.The average kiwi wouldnt know what happens in the industry unless its a major accident and gets in the news.The average kiwi moans about the price but buys anyway..Fish are a out of sight out mind food,not farmed natural resource and there is only a limited amount of people who care/understand the destruction of our fisheries. So little public money available to those groups who advocate on our behalf.

    As in previous threads what political party is going to upset the industry that donates to them??


  11. 29 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

    I also have developed a low opinion of the NZ marine industry.  ( The legal profession seems to have gone downhill also🙂)

    Just been quoted a cdi pack for a outboard $950 Not happening When I can get one from USA for $225 landed

    NZ marine industry are not doing themselves any favours.Time will come when the niche sector dries up and they will need to rely on joe average.

  12. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/hawkes-bay-today/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503462&objectid=12291341

    Karl does live streaming of what is landed + whats in his cage.His trawl net thing is a first can see what he is catching and can release whats not requiered. Does live stream so customers can see his catch.He is not tied to the big boys.Has his own market.


  13. MPI minister NASH said cameras must be installed by JUNE this year.Once again industry rules the nest and not happening.Time for NASH to grow balls and say "no cameras no going to sea"




  14. What he did or try to do is it any worse than Collin Quincy rowing the tasman or kayaking oz to nz??

    1983 sailed a hartly 16 from devonport down to coromandel up to kawau across to barier back to kawau then home. no outboard just me and the cat.trick was no rush over a three week period just waited till reaching and running.no issues at all.The old man was not impressed.

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