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  1. Only good thing about them was the trip to town .Up and close usa/UK were lifted out of the water.Little wharf next to USA prime spot.
  2. well off to town as junior wants to see usa lift out of water at shed,get a good view from wharf along side shed
  3. as much as it pains me to admit but that was a race,prada v usa
  4. Its reported Dalton salary was 2 mill in 2014 so whats he on today Is it value for public funding??
  5. Yep and who hasnt been doing their job?? COF checker?transport owners?or the cviu dept? and the worst part is these drivers will know that their vehicles will have defects and still drive. A week ago.1.00am blown headlight in yard,rang boss who said turn fog lights on and you will be ok.HaHa rang after hrs mechanic and got it fixed.Who gets the fine??Me for not being compliant or knowingly leaving the yard with a defect.The boss would deny conversation. This is the problem with transport everyones afraid to speak up and CVIU will only clamp down once there has been a accident bit li
  6. If council Had listen 40 yrs ago When mayor Robbie was in we may not be so much poo Council probably had the funds to fix but went with Len Browns train set,Who will benefit from it?? Take Downtown and surrounding areas,housed bussiness,maybe 200k people 9 to 5? now turn all those properties in to apartments and house 27/7 500k what do you think will happen to the infrastructure? its not rocket science,more people = more water/sewage/transportation of some sort.
  7. HERE WE GO AGAIN https://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/news/safety-checks-restart-in-northland-on-container-trucks-going-to-auckland/FSJQYUT6IHIDE5DCCNTWLYENRY/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1RJwjH5OAli55FA4adwG9adT_QIZehigM7PVTvf__xNO4ez6FIbQVJ858#Echobox=1610648881 Some truckies were caught bypassing the police checkpoint by driving along rural roads and their truck and trailer units were found to have the most safety issues. One driver didn't even get to pick up a load after the containers were offloaded from Constantinos P because he
  8. and so it starts up.Prada no backstays and advertiser sticker weights/placements deemed illegal so re installed one backstay on Friday and any part of the sticker cut of to placed else where on sail. Ineos passed measurement but have a hole mainsail for sail outhaul adjustment,needs to be changed by today. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/americas-cup-2021-luna-rossa-reportedly-protesting-ineos-team-uk-over-technicality-after-prada-cup-opening-day/UGULNP6PX6OQXCTG6MWNIBYNP Yachting website Live Sail Die is reporting that Luna Rossa are protesting the Brits "for having their outhaul p
  9. Congratulations to the poms..poms seem to get on foils quicker..have no option to watch layed up at home.
  10. First race I have watched.great see big yachts foil but not over exciting.Have said he who leads wins providing nothing goes wrong.
  11. When drifting say south,cast in that direction and wind as boat drifts to where you cast,1/2oz is a good starting point up to 3/4oz shouldnt need to go any heavier. I very rarely drift as most of the time current against the wind,prefer a stable platform so normally anchor and cast ahead and wind back
  12. or could try korubas,ball thing with a shirt and hooks,jigs up and down.Idle for rod holder.
  13. So because you have sh*t loads of $$$ we should let them in,what about those world cruisers who are fulltime onboard??Oh thats right dont have squllens to waste. One rule for all. And yes to no inbound flights have since February last yr to get home, those returning is a matter of convenience,sh*t its not clearing up lets run to NZ as we have dual passports
  14. Had huge success while anchored,just keep s/b about 150mm off the bottom and boat movement keeps it moving,just gone to Zman for zilch,gone back to gulp pink/green 4inch seems to work ok,not a lot but a feed.Gulp has a sauce in packet and zman seems dry and need to add a sauce for it to work.
  15. Dont forget the pipe line that runs from Marangi bay to 1 km straight to sea,overflow they call it but it is the only area that has a constant brown tinge so may not be a overflow but fulltime discharge. from 2000 https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/locals-back-fast-track-sewage-pipe/324UQRWMNTXEVEA2CPRJ7LK4E4
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