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  1. Try demolitian yards,some have flooring rimu etc
  2. I suggested back in 2013 a land all catch.Scott Macindoe(legasea) was totally against the idea due to opening up of a market for small fish.My arguement was better to land than dump/waste the catch and too bad what price they got for it.The commercial sector needs to fish smarter,after all they have all the gear to determin size/species. Now Minister Parker wants all landed but with this latest submission to exclude public from making submissions guess hes been brought by the industry. National started it all with Nathan Guy mpi minister and when one has the Sanford owner for president are you
  3. Bloody short notice,saw it Tueday and it appears we will not be able to make submissions on stock/wastage etc. Basically giving the fishing industry a free pass to do what and how they like. The commercial sector claims its about camera installation.Really not hard.The mpi/fisheries need to grow some balls,no camera no fishing. Pretty much takes away our rights to question MPI/fisheries. In the end its the public who will suffer reduced bag limits increase in sizes and those twits that say 3 snapper is enough on social media etc is what fisheries will see and say "look the reccs are
  4. Try little passage at Musick Pt,Tamiki river, no one gives a stuff. Would be nice to see the police vessels cruising around for a change.wait not going to happen dont see them on the beat onshore.
  5. compulsary would be better. I did a boat masters back in 1986,can remember most things but lights would get me.Dredge/constrained by draught.
  6. And there lies the problem,how often have you seen the HM vessel out n about r even a police vessel? I know coastguard dont want to be the rule enforcers but with amount of vessels they have perhaps its get near time to part of a govt funded agency and do the job of enforcement.
  7. Still waiting on the anti registration crowd here to explain how you track a vessel down thats not registered.May have a name(trailer fizz) how do track it ,last seen heading?? Doesnt need to be a huge cost ,only cost would change of ownership details,we do change of details for cars,life time vhf call signs if we want to keep same call sign need to infornm coastgurad(current handlers of it)when transfering to different vessel.
  8. ever tried ring HM after hrs??
  9. Only if you race,how many yachts with numbers and current owner hasnt bothered to change or update details?? I never did. Not compulsory.
  10. My has a name on it too. Go look up (if you can) to see who the owner is. Yes yachts have a sail if registered with YNZ for race prposes only,not compulsary. Yes jetskis are registered in AK and waikato only But once again a white 16ft vessel called happy days.try finding the owner,not registered anywhere,several with same name. Those against compulsary registration normally have something hide. Make it part getting insurance sounds good and produce day skipper cert.
  11. boat registration needs to happen. It was a white 16 ft boat,yeah that narrows it down.. Not hard to do for trailer boats its your trailer registration.
  12. What would be wrong with a basic day skippers course,learn the basic rules at least. You drive a learner driver to the motorway and say your turn
  13. So in effect what you saying ,the windward side is the poled side?if no main up. So if poled out to stb you are on port tack
  14. correct. But if running just under Genny(no main up) would they then become right of way vessel?? I presume yes
  15. Frightening really,broker friday night and away Saturday with no idea,be like a new restricted driver driving the latest ferrari. Need some sort of regulation,but would that safety or taking away my rights?
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