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  1. harrytom

    What if...?

    Hmm now wheres coastguard based??Auckland. Who is allowed out n about on the water.All those in waikato south,should of seen the steady stream of trailer boats heading up the Thames coast RD yesterday morning. Yes I was working ,bugger,
  2. harrytom

    What if...?

    Be lucky to be boating by then,article in Yesterdays Herald,likely to be level 3 for summer.
  3. Love my seafood but scallops/paua Hmm take them or leave not fussed. Yes will be having a conversation on Sunday morning with Legasea via phone,we seem to be getting in to arguments via f/b. Agree more of us reccs ,we need a reduction if we are serious on sustainability. Used a dredge a couple of time with a old fella and said the secret is the prongs to be of right angle to lift scallop and tow at a speed so not as to be anchored.He claimed shop brought wrong angle,people tow to fast and they bounce
  4. Funny how they closed the area so quick,Rahui then total ban via MPI/Fisheries. Yet Waiheke has a Rahui no scallop/paua/crayfish(unenforceable voluntary)and MPI/Fisheries are still deciding.
  5. https://www.mpi.govt.nz/biosecurity/major-pest-and-disease-threats/caulerpa-brachypus-a-non-native-seaweed No anchoring Tryphena to Blind bay now
  6. harrytom


    When Dad went to live onboard in 1986,I gave him my cat ,it was about 12 months old. Settled in well,poo in anchor well seemed to of come naturally, Dad would take cat ashore and it run up and down beach, do its thing, no lead and would always return. Fell off the yacht numerous times and straight to his bunk. Think over the 10 or so yrs the cat developed issue(salt water madness)When moved ashore we took cat in and yep it was like horse off footrot flats.Didnt take crap from local cats/dogs lasted till 18yrs old. The biggest complaint came from his friend who rafted up for the night.By
  7. From memory pidies that did PYBC 2 handed race had to have jack lines in place instead of life lines but that was cat 4.
  8. bottom is clean.one just of wind from opposite direction and its over.
  9. If it is a drive in centre, be prepared for a sore arm for 2 days. I think its because you cant drop arm down to fully relax. Had it last Sunday and still felt it Tuesday night but bonus no flu symptoms
  10. harrytom


    Birds/Eels even whales ooh sharks and there migratory tracks are incredible .Yet I can get lost walking home from the club. Albatross,fly twice around the world and come home to breed from where they were hatched. and man thinks hes smart getting to the moon and back
  11. Yes you are right Marinheiro,just paid invoice and has a charge of NZ gst on it. Should arrive by Friday??No other charges.Who knows once it arrives in country though. Saved $800 by going to Aussie for it.
  12. We need to be logging our catch rates via some sort of app like comms do now,there is an app out from Fish4all,but advocacy groups firmly believe we do not need to file returns as the waste ffom cooms in unknown. What is unknown is what reccs actually take,yes niwa do occasional ramp surveys,mpi/fisheries check and measure occasionally but still we are a unknown quantity. Customary rights is not just for Maori anyone can apply,but what I would like too see is,no undertaking of size limit or taking of banned species (toheroa) or taking from closed areas.
  13. https://www.mpi.govt.nz/news/media-releases/east-coromandel-scallop-fishery-to-close-for-2-years
  14. Using an a stima box,hope you have put vent holes in it. Number1 done a similar thing but hidden under roof eve, sealed and sweated ,pie damaged from condensation. Nice work advark
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