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  1. Emmies have Logan memorial on I think.18th??
  2. If you havent already got a dripless shaft seal,now would be a good time to fit one.
  3. I often wonder "BOIGUY" why the custodians of the land (Tangata whenua/maori)havent stepped up and waved the big taiaha . Or is it becuase theres no $$ in it ,very few farming??Seem to have a voice on Fishing,claims but very silent on the big issues.Inland waterways and housing. Whitebait and several other fresh water species in major decline including eels. One thing I do not understand(awaiting minister response)Why whitebait can be taken and sold by joe public but no other species can be sold by joe public no licence required.
  4. And AK water comes from Waikato at tuakau.that says a lot about quality
  5. What are doing to the motor??rebuilding it.Thought you had just blown the exhaust??
  6. Why stop fishing when one can limit their catch?? Do you eat fish,if so why do you buy it??then you are supporting a dirty industry. Yes fish and remove rubbish where possible but do not eat Salmon as they are a toxic fish brought up in marine pollutant enviroment.
  7. Just a few corrections being made. NZ is not clean n green it is absolute pig sty. Now that's unfair on pigs as they are actually very clean animals.
  8. Forest and Bird has nothing to with being run by Government.Totally independant but has some major financial backers hence why they taking MPI/fisheries to court over the over fishing of Terahiki.Only ones with $$ Earlier on you touched on Maori having the biggest fisherary share,nope only 30% and I believe they basically got what was left or species of little value.Hence why they contract their quota out.
  9. Do you know what is going to happen to the sewage that will pumped from holding tanks?? The answer is there will be non leak tanks buried on the bottom.No idea what happens when tanks full. Do not think that is very enviromentally friendly. Is the marina going to put in its own fresh water supply system?? As they closed the public toilets over summer due to in sufficient water. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/124664510/court-to-campout-fouryear-fight-to-stop-waiheke-marina-culminates-in-occupation One of the sticking points for whānau whānui of Waiheke’s Piritahi Marae, w
  10. So you have no issue with a marina in our playground,No problem. We can al have opinions too.
  11. And that is somthing that concerns me.Give cruising another 10/15 yrs and will be told where and where you cant anchor.Which bay you can use which bay you cant. Hope I am wrong but with the boating explosion its only a matter of time before you will need a boat WOF and some form of licence to operate a vessel.
  12. Nz lost the clean green image 20 yrs ago.
  13. There will be dredging of some sort and piles driven in,maybe a floating marina but what do think is going to hold it place,piles,walkway held with piles.I do not see a problem with it going ahead or not but I can see Maori objecting to it now the Government may back the Rahui. Cannot help but feel there will be a treaty clam/pay out somewhere during or before construction. Where will marina development end??Bon accord harbour,why not??Port Fitzroy?? Clevdon river?? Coromandel harbour has been ruled out so lets put one in at Te Kouma? It will end up no anchoring and an inspector arri
  14. In this current climate if a Rahui around Waiheke Island .I feel it would be best to put on hold for next 3yrs.Once they start digging/piling etc silt and maybe heavy metals will smother beds that they are trying save.
  15. Not sure but only ones who stock/make the impeller $75
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