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  1. Swap your duck for fish, disassembled 8 rods n reels,1st proper clean in 3 months ,thought boat cabin was clean but nope surprising what 1 finds when 1 starts digging.
  2. Winder how long club yards like devonport/panmure or up the Clevedon river are looked at?
  3. never run a 2s dry of fuel as oil residue is required to stop rusting etc,best to let fuel evaporate naturally. Got that from o/b mechanic as was having start issues. 2s dont like biofuel older 2s need to run on 95 or better. Incidently bio fuel is coming to a end in NZ due to cost of shipping Z closed its bio fuel plant in Wiri about 2 yrs ago. Gull will be stopping 698 bio as will use caltex 95 or better I believe.
  4. Got spark??Give the plug a clean and a squirt if engine start before polling pump a part.2s only 2 things can go wrong no spark or fuel
  5. No as you defending the skipper all the way through. And I will say skipper was neglect on all accounts,remember dead men tell no lies. At first skipper hung to dry by no first aid cert but seems more to the case now. I will wait for the court verdict before any more discussion. Transmission over.
  6. Why do you constanly say 4 died when it was 5? Now who hasnt read the report?
  7. Rather interesting stat from "Beca" 2012,it now 2024 The rate of increase of boats in Auckland varies with boat type. Following a significant growth period in the 1980s and early 1990s, growth in cruising vessels (yachts and launches that might occupy a marina berth or mooring) is estimated to be 0.45% per year. There is localised demand for moorings, but generally there is a trend to move boats to marinas which, although more costly than moorings, offer greater security and ease of access and maintenance. The total number of moorings in the region between 2006 and 2011 has not changed si
  8. K4309 or body else wants to be charged a SNR fee as part of their insurance like home owners charged a fire n earthquake levy?? I would be happy enough to pay and those don't get charged.Just like CG do for non members.Not sure how money is recovered from non members though.
  9. As much as a pain it is.Being up a river,clevedon/tamiki. Use to take sails off if we knew wernt using the yacht for a month or so.We got a lot of black from the panmure bridge, tyre rubber??
  10. Have used Windy/Predict and not 100% acurate but more than metserv But as most know,the closer you get to land steeper the seas. He misjudged it.
  11. certainly not looking good for lance https://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/news/enchanter-trial-expert-witnesses-give-evidence-on-rogue-waves-and-weather/NVIAH5YFY5EQLIEL2LD62KFLTM/ Goodhew’s primary source of weather information was the PredictWind app, for which he held a paid subscription. At 12.37 pm, just before departure, MetService issued a gale warning, predicting swells reaching up to two metres and the possibility of thunderstorms from Kaipara. From Cape Brett, they reported 40-knot northeast winds, rough seas and poor visibility. Despite the Me
  12. Did the same in Man o war bay,there is a live cable running out too pakatoa and also a dissued cable further north in the bay,towards church bay,we picked up the dissued one and secured a rope round front of plough and it slide off,Boat next door got it the night before,Oh well at least we wouldnt of dragged
  13. He/she claims they dont know the designer?I posted in question suggesting it was built more like in the mid 70s and is a Jack Crop design as viewed it back in the 90s,He/she Deleted question.
  14. Still for sale ,6yrs on was down to 44k now wants 100k https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/4680438676?archive=1
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