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  1. Here you go BP John Benton had a belter day out wide of Oakura today, fishing solo he wasn’t surprised about the yellowfin, but he wasn’t expecting Mahi Mahi. We are only in November folks! What other tropical visitors are going to arrive this season?
  2. 1st stripey caught doubtless bay last weekend so who knows??
  3. So if we are getting warmer currents early.Is there a stronger chance Jan/Feb of cyclonic conditions??
  4. Jason (rudolfshack) has moved up in the world https://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=2328299
  5. Buying any production yacht from the 80s era it will more than likely have the 80s motor,need new sails etc hence why you can pick them up for silly prices. Most have only 10hps and 10 is too small for d28.Sat along side Moari rock holding our in a sw blow and tide going out,not fun. 40 yrs on and the osmosis problem should of been discovered by now. Buy a vessel for 20k more than likely need to spend 10k + so probably look at vessels with work thats been done for 35k.
  6. Its confusing to say the least.seals generally cold water and turtles warm water. Could it be different current layers??
  7. not a leopard seal but of late encountered a few black seals,3 outside of Kawau island and last Saturday in the Firth.thought it was a log till it rolled over for a suntan,just floating with the tide.Came close enough to see its dark black eyes.
  8. harrytom

    Boat Names

    Always wondered what happened to "unsinkable 1"
  9. Bridge marine and slip is all closed.Do not know who operates slip but theres still some activity.
  10. Try whitestar as they are cleveco manufacturers based in Avondale 09-620 7109 for some unkown reason website wont load
  11. harrytom


    Kiwigrip great stuff.seals as well.If your rollingskils aren't the best.practice on about ply and will soon get how much pressure to apply.Do not try to do a big area at once.
  12. zilch was at pybc"Haslip boys" sold and brought y88 "Babe"
  13. In modern naval terms, a boat is a vessel small enough to be carried aboard a ship.
  14. Have a real challenge and buy a mullet boat. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/centreboard/listing/2841681553?bof=bsmHbrFR spilt 4 ways what could go wrong?? Showed the wife and not well received.
  15. The CC has through tradition been held at Labour weekend.(some use it as a safe way to get BOI for xmas cruise)Now is there any reason why it couldnt be shifted to easter?? Race up Thursday(still have a day of at labour weekend)Have to midday saturday to finish??Leisurely cruise back Sunday/Monday? just thinking outside the square and may attract more family members to participate.
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