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  1. Why not petition the council along the lines of sports fields are upgraded etc for free ramps are our sports field. Once again wake up and realise we are a minority sport and viewed as elite. Good on you for trying but I will not be financially supporting already paying to use AK ramps etc
  2. Where was AYBA at the start?? suddenly realised to loose members and $$. give a little page is still pending as to whether it meets requirements.
  3. Why werent they there at the start?? Oh sh*t this might effect us or we might loose members.Yeah right
  4. Seems strange sort of a requirement to me.Yes when entering a marina or slipping,but how many local vessels on moorings with nil insurance?? I found out the hard way several yrs ago,vessel that took us out,nil insurance and comment from owner,go "F" yourself. Had to make claim on mine,dont know if they ever chased him up.
  5. 1. Complete the Advance Notice of Arrival (ANA) for all craft travelling to NZ as required under the Customs and Excise Act 2018 The small craft/yachts Advance Notice of Arrival (ANA) form (DOC 284 KB) needs to be completed by the owner/master of the vessel and sent to us at least 48 hours before arrival in New Zealand territorial waters – 12 nautical miles. The ANA is a mandatory legal document required and the owner/master is liable to prosecution for not submitting the ANA in the required timeframe and for not providing the ANA in the specified form and manner. Other doc
  6. We were intersted in a house over looking tauranga harbour late last yr,GV 1.8m,We thought y the time we organise finance etc it would sell well above,If was in the AK viaduct it would be easy 4/5m. After a bit searching found a oncil website that showed errosion rates for area,they gave it a orange status of 80 yrs before it would be unstable and condeemed. Sold for 1.3m. Maybe time for agents to disclose this sort of stuff. As ex shore boy,Dad always said only time (1970s)before the houses along the narrow neck/st leonards region fell.so far holding up. Bit of a surprise about shore r
  7. Strange thing,dug in some chillies today in papakura,50mm down dry as heck. Thats a major concern there Physce
  8. Yet we missed out here Papakura(Rosehill) was out most of Friday chasing Carp. Bit damp but nothing major What I do not understand is how Metserv didnt issue a rain warning earlier. The info was there. Predict wind on Wednesday showed for Friday 70mm ph at Te kouma with NE 25 Hence why we cancelled out Wednesday night for Friday.
  9. Yes thats problem down Gisborne way.Think they are going to look at how forestry can clean up after felling..All that silt is going to smoother beds(seafood) Did a early morning trip (5.00am) Ponui to Collville bay hit a tree trunk ,luckly only doing 3 knts,towing kahawai lure,reported with co ordinates as we sure werent able to tow it.
  10. https://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/wellington/131090968/interislander-ferry-on-the-move-after-power-restored-passenger-says
  11. I would not by a hook 2 even for depth use only, Can set shallow water or deep and yeah showing 10m in 40m, save your money or spend $100 more on a garmin striker https://www.burnsco.co.nz/12v-electrical/electronics/fishfinders-chartplotters/garmin-striker-4-plus-gps Excellent little unit,gps,tracking etc so many choices out there
  12. Thank you . 2 coats hoping will efficient
  13. Impressive for such small sail area still getting 5.9knt
  14. Almost at the painting stage, what type of roller did you use? some foam rollers give that orange peel look, should i tip off??
  15. No down hwy 39 just after the Hamilton turn off on left, if you pass shallas retreat to far,Think he has a fire engine out the front now.,double ender about 27ft beam 9Ft?? carvel construction,open boat.
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