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  1. Who watched ocean bounty Sunday tv3? Last 15 minutes some commercial summed it up perfectly. It's a shared fishery we need to work together.
  2. Fully agree BP. What about "sea change" spent a couple of yrs nutting out the problems and had some solutions but seemed to be shelved. What needs to happen ,imo,is the Minister of ocean/fisheries just grow a pair and say of 1st october 2022 this is what where you can do for the next 3/ 5 yrs. We have been going around in circles for 20+yrs that I know of. Seriously look at bag limits 7 snapper + 2 kingfish 11 other species + shellfish limits,50 cockles 50 mussels etc at 5.00kg for mussels at supermarkets still cheap and better quality than from any reef. 50 bait fish,sprat/mullet/p
  3. Did you watch the first reading where stakeholders got to speak?? Commercial guy on there about land all catch and what is he suppose to do with bycatch that has no market or very limited market, spiny dog fish and no quota but will be charged deemed value.What for the pleasure of having to land all catch and pay for a species to be turned in to fertilizer. Do you think that fair?? mean while Sam Woolford? dribbled on about nothing quoting facts that werent. When asked would recreational land all catch and not high grade,he didnt answer and went on about commercial fisheries,now if c
  4. As far as reserves go.Legasea calls them a bandaid.What has Legaseadone since its conception of 2012?? They were and still are against mussel farming,yes but the holding stock and rebuilding fast. So in effect reserves,I have no problem with reserves as too what we are currently doing has not worked. There is only 5 or 6 active inshore trawlers in the gulf working the same lines(not breaking new ground)We the reccreational take more than commercial. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/state-of-the-gulf-recreational-fishers-catching-twice-as-much-snapper-as-commercial-niwa/FV4YPUKUJ3IVVBERR
  5. Well well IT you were conned listening to Legasea on Thursday night.When on Wednesday .Minister for Oceans and Fisheries said the bill will not procced. https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO2209/S00202/change-to-fisheries-amendment-bill-a-win-for-the-environment.htm The Government’s decision to drop controversial changes to fisheries legislation is welcome news to fishing and environmental groups concerned about threats to fish sustainability. Oceans and Fisheries Minister David Parker has announced he will progress the part of the Fisheries Amendment Bill that enables monitoring c
  6. From watching half the doco.I formed an opinion that they felt a need to protect the skipper rather than through him under the bus. I do not believe the 10knt discussion.I am picking the skipper was battling with enchanter and wasn't looking around at sea conditions.Just wait for MNZ findings
  7. Could be true https://www.smh.com.au/national/winged-keel-not-lexcens-design-dutch-architect-claims-20091013-gvnr.html
  8. Had A 2 not suffered steering and mainsail pin drop out might of been over quicker,Liked the NYC panick.Trying to pressure the Dutch in to say they invented the keel. I read with interest how Daltonb wants crawl and hold a series here before the Spanish event "Go F yourself"Dalton. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/exclusive-grant-dalton-wants-lead-in-americas-cup-event-in-auckland-seeks-council-meeting/WFATJGWBIHZTWPK6RYF2I7AVWA/
  9. Watched on "Netfilx" The Australia 1983 campagin.Was it really the keel or did they manage to just get under Dens skin??
  10. By all accounts the Documentary/Interviews is going ahead the Wednesday 28th 8.40pm TV3
  11. harrytom

    She's Back...

    Between Orere Pt and Wilson bay(thames) 1/2 way across last thursday came across what we thought was a log. No ,turned out to be a young black seal sunning itself on its back,meanwhile pod of dolphins in serious feed mode. Water warming as few young hammers spotted too. Temp 15.6c
  12. Had you put a tent of "Island time" with fans,would that of helped with the due problem??
  13. Still plenty coming in as its stored just down the rd.Huntly bound and Glenbrook
  14. Being a charter vessel,would they have self inflating jackets?IF that was the case,being underneath with an inflated jacket then.
  15. So we could all agree then that the contractor maybe at fault as to the way the mooring was laid?? In the article it claims it was a anchor type block that hadnt dug in due to the fluke facing upwards or on its side? Seems was asked to change moorings on more than one occasion. Guess moorings will be thing of the past,no more new moorings,only piles or marinas. Speaking of piles several have been replaced in the panmure river and some were well past their use by date,worms have a great time nooring them.Had a vessel been lost due to a pile failure would the council step in?
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