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  1. harrytom

    prada 3

    Will American Magic be ready?? https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/sport/435122/it-s-a-big-ask-odds-stacked-against-american-magic-expert
  2. harrytom

    prada 3

    Yesterday the race made a new rule.That a competitor could delay race by 15 minutes for gear adjustments. UK took that advantage to make boom adjustment for the wind? Today reported that the new rule is no longer in play.Would the Italians now have right to redress,if UK hadnt of made adjustments would they of come 2nd??
  3. harrytom

    prada 3

    Do these guys have different rules to normal rules?? UK being on port last leg yet italy seem to alter course to leeward? I always thought you must hold course. Well done team UK. Close racing I have seen might start to get more interest in these yachts now.
  4. why not make up a s/s pedestal and mount winches ?plenty of older vessels have them.
  5. 2 jetskiers were the saviour of the day.gave me 2 snapper while I was busy catching hammerhead thresher
  6. if you can hit that rock you should of hit sooner, doubt whether they hit it but rather a submerged object. Just before xmas heading from kawakawa bay to wilson bay farms,just on dawn doing 45knots,we managed to stop before hitting a semi submerged fridge,towed it to wilson bay and now lies above hwst mark.Notified c/g and rang Thames council to say it was on the beach.
  7. harrytom

    prada cup 2

    https://www.skysports.com/more-sports/sailing/news/29876/12193441/36th-americas-cup-revised-prada-cup-schedule-after-new-york-yacht-club-american-magics-capsize After the two live races, there will be 'ghost races' which also need to take place in order to comply with the competition's regulations. The ghost races will be 'against' New York Yacht Club American Magic to allow the regatta director to award the point to the relevant other competitor. They will consist of a pre-start sequence and an official start by INEOS TEAM UK and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli respectively, be
  8. harrytom

    prada cup 2

    Cross the start line,do they have to actually do the course?if so and capsize and do not finish then what? turned in to fast real quick.
  9. https://leesgroup.com very helpful
  10. Fabricate a new one out of steel and do away with the S/s 2 dissimilar metals,trouble,made on for a yanmar out of galv water pipe 50mm still going 6 yrs on.
  11. Thanks,wasnt sure on law as passed wof with padlock.Reason for padlock so no bugger pinches or at least slows them down at ramp.So use shackle to ramp then padlock.
  12. KM whats your thoughts on tensile shackles on trailer safety chain or padlock sufficient?
  13. beg/borrow/steal one for coastal classic??
  14. https://www.woolmark.com/performance/luna-rossa-prada
  15. Yes after the trip to town it dawned on me.The days of close racing even though the 12 m were slow was all us old fellas knew/brought up on. Somehow its turned to development/technology class and more suited to the young generation who missed the glory days of yachting as I knew it. Gone of the days of AC vessels surrounded in secrecy even when there was nothing to hide.Its all out in the open,well most of it is.
  16. Our Water supplier "watercare" in Papakura got sold off a number of yrs ago to a French company"Viola" with the pretense of cheaper rates.Yesh right.Our 3 monthly water bill is arox $270 which has a factor of 80% waste charge built in. they believe %80 of incoming ends being out going and if you want a metre on outgoing expect to pay $3.5k.My arguement is/was our laundry water and shower water are syphoned to tank to water garden.But spend $3.5k for a metre yeah/nah.Suck it up.
  17. phone photo doesnt do it justice,proberly 50m or closer.
  18. Only good thing about them was the trip to town .Up and close usa/UK were lifted out of the water.Little wharf next to USA prime spot.
  19. well off to town as junior wants to see usa lift out of water at shed,get a good view from wharf along side shed
  20. as much as it pains me to admit but that was a race,prada v usa
  21. Its reported Dalton salary was 2 mill in 2014 so whats he on today Is it value for public funding??
  22. Yep and who hasnt been doing their job?? COF checker?transport owners?or the cviu dept? and the worst part is these drivers will know that their vehicles will have defects and still drive. A week ago.1.00am blown headlight in yard,rang boss who said turn fog lights on and you will be ok.HaHa rang after hrs mechanic and got it fixed.Who gets the fine??Me for not being compliant or knowingly leaving the yard with a defect.The boss would deny conversation. This is the problem with transport everyones afraid to speak up and CVIU will only clamp down once there has been a accident bit li
  23. If council Had listen 40 yrs ago When mayor Robbie was in we may not be so much poo Council probably had the funds to fix but went with Len Browns train set,Who will benefit from it?? Take Downtown and surrounding areas,housed bussiness,maybe 200k people 9 to 5? now turn all those properties in to apartments and house 27/7 500k what do you think will happen to the infrastructure? its not rocket science,more people = more water/sewage/transportation of some sort.
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