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  1. Strange thing,dug in some chillies today in papakura,50mm down dry as heck. Thats a major concern there Physce
  2. Yet we missed out here Papakura(Rosehill) was out most of Friday chasing Carp. Bit damp but nothing major What I do not understand is how Metserv didnt issue a rain warning earlier. The info was there. Predict wind on Wednesday showed for Friday 70mm ph at Te kouma with NE 25 Hence why we cancelled out Wednesday night for Friday.
  3. Yes thats problem down Gisborne way.Think they are going to look at how forestry can clean up after felling..All that silt is going to smoother beds(seafood) Did a early morning trip (5.00am) Ponui to Collville bay hit a tree trunk ,luckly only doing 3 knts,towing kahawai lure,reported with co ordinates as we sure werent able to tow it.
  4. https://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/wellington/131090968/interislander-ferry-on-the-move-after-power-restored-passenger-says
  5. I would not by a hook 2 even for depth use only, Can set shallow water or deep and yeah showing 10m in 40m, save your money or spend $100 more on a garmin striker https://www.burnsco.co.nz/12v-electrical/electronics/fishfinders-chartplotters/garmin-striker-4-plus-gps Excellent little unit,gps,tracking etc so many choices out there
  6. Thank you . 2 coats hoping will efficient
  7. Impressive for such small sail area still getting 5.9knt
  8. Almost at the painting stage, what type of roller did you use? some foam rollers give that orange peel look, should i tip off??
  9. No down hwy 39 just after the Hamilton turn off on left, if you pass shallas retreat to far,Think he has a fire engine out the front now.,double ender about 27ft beam 9Ft?? carvel construction,open boat.
  10. Did or has anyone encountered the "IWI' fisheries patrols over the xmas break?? I didnt but did have a visit real fisheries,good buggers too.
  11. Many worthy yachts lying around back yards in NZ. Problem is $$ and which ones do you save? Some owners dont want to dpart or wanting top $$ "Yeah going to start soon." Found a lovely hull ,former Kaipara steam pinnance,visited owner and "Yeah mate going to take up to the shed soon" 3yrs on still lying on front paddock. I even located a steam engine for her. Perhaps Rudolfshack should take a trip up there??
  12. You planning to come before next Monday??
  13. Why ss ?? Steel last just as long.Easy to fabricate . My original lasted 30 yrs and only reason of failure was due to rusting under instillation.Didnt go from inside out.
  14. Have any of you actually bothered to read "notice f race"?? It a cat 5 race . Safety Inspections Every entry has the responsibility to ensure it is fully compliant with safety category 5 requirements. Any yacht found to be in contravention of YNZ Safety Regulations Part II Category 5 shall be subject to protest from the Race Committee or Yachting New Zealand. MEASUREMENTS / HANDICAPS Each yacht shall provide a current valid rating certificate with her entry as follows: 6.1 Monohull racing handicaps will be based on the Passage PHRF TCF handicap racing system and is designated automatic
  15. harrytom

    Birdsall Plans

    YNZ has it as Beau,
  16. There was something on TVNZ1 news the other night. I believe the cruiseship industry has been laid up for months and dry docks are full ,so they cannot get in for clean off. Good on bio NZ for making a stand though bit late for some invasive pests.
  17. With all this bio security. Why arent MPI meeting ships at the 200 mile zone,fit seals on sea cocks etc so cannot discharge,be good traing for the navy rather sitting at the base.
  18. harrytom


    Wondered where the mullets boats went too. Looks very flash https://www.sporty.co.nz/pcc/newsarticle/121484?newsfeedId=1535106
  19. harrytom


    Just home from dinner in Ponsonby and a walk around Westhaven,very few cars and marina looks full compared to previous yrs. Sign of the times??people have to work rather than the standard 3 week cruise of yester year.
  20. HaHa Yes I laugh,logged a trip report a few times and forgot to close off. C/G never made contact with me via cellphone,they have my details etc. I guess its not tlll you go missing a family member contacts them then action starts.
  21. It is exactly the same as when the mooring debacle went on,moving from Okahu bay to Hobson. A few complained but no one said repair the break water .There lies the problem breakwater goes the mussels went and insurance companies saying rates going up if moor there. If the breakwater was repaired and eaterlies waves would of been reduced and possably yachts saved,but no,All sit their hands till it happens. By now you must realise the of boat ownership is viewed as a privilege and boaties must pay not the rate payer.
  22. No matter which you look at it. It was going to close. As I mentioned earlier just going through the montions."see we did consult with the public" But everyone sat on hands till final minute.Tough you get what you desrerve closure.
  23. obviously you didnt click the link. try concept 3 and theres a map,no hardstand no nothing. What we are proposing Growing demand from a range of users is putting pressure on The Landing. We are refreshing the 2013 Landing concept plan (Pathways to the Sea) to make it more accessible and welcoming to a wider range of users. We aim to cater for those seeking water-based recreation on the harbour, as well as those who prefer to enjoy Tāmaki Drive waterfront from the land. Concept 1: 2013 concept plan with minor changes Concept 2: Rationalisation Concept 3
  24. https://akhaveyoursay.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/the-landing We are refreshing the 2013 Landing concept plan (Pathways to the Sea) to make it more accessible and welcoming to a wider range of users.
  25. run north with the easterlies,why slog to windward?
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