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  1. Another thought as to why no anchoring ban at the mercs.Would be the pull of the mercury bay game fishing club.And which island does Faye own or has he sold it?
  2. Give it another 5/10 yrs and I bet there will be at Kaikoura island. or port Fitzroy
  3. Now why doesnt MPI/Council or Iwi drop 2 hundred moorings in affected areas and charge a over night fee? $10 per night max 2 nights,then your friends could raft up.Hmm new years party in the making.
  4. best $500 i ever spent http://www.chatfieldmarine.com/shop/Driveline/Shaft+Seals/Blue+Water+Shaft+Seal+-+Standard+Model.html if you are sticking with hemp,need 3 pieces with joins turned from each other,,grease is your friend, I fitted a pressure grease tube to gland in a salthouse 26ft,never leaked
  5. simple answer NO there is a risk to battery supplying high amps in a short burst,just asked the boy,his field.
  6. How many other ships are in port without being checked?? Came on the news on friday that Pilot Bay Tauranga ,fan worm has been found
  7. Thats trailered power boat(Ami) but my mate on a mooring for 35k pays $350 non racing through AMI,yet to recieve renewal notice so may double too.
  8. Have no noticed marine insurance doubled since cyclone Gabriel Was $104 on 16k now $220
  9. harrytom


    No not at all.Why would council want to proved space/stop shipping for a weekend and a few $$ in local coffers compared to what the AC brings in over a few months??
  10. harrytom


    Almost guarantee the Sail GP would of happened in Auckland if DALTON didnt give Auckland the big finger and bugger off to Spain
  11. When my friend launched his yacht ,1gm, the gland never dripped and thats a problem,needs to drip for lubrication.Not a stream but dripping every few seconds.1hr motor may get get 250ml?Shouldnt drip when stopped.. Maybe fit a dripless going forward if room?
  12. Love how they call them project vessels.Other words I brought it cheap with no idea on how fix so flick it off again. I know if one vessel that's going sink again soon in Panmure.Harbourmaster offered to remove/dispose of for $500.Nah I will fix it.Family members no it's just going to burden upon father's death . I suggested they just take the offer stuff your father.
  13. Close the Mercs too. Bugger it, just close the gulf and ban tidal currents/easterly winds. If they did something 5 yrs ago might of helped rather than sit on ones hands.
  14. Where are we up to with weed invasions?? seems to of gone very quiet,obviously hasnt gone away by its self or has bio security realised its no great risk?
  15. AK to Napier via Taupo,great drive. Napier via sh2 east cape,good trip if the roads are open.Tolaga bay one of my favirote places.
  16. Ocean beach Motuhihe would of been my pick,walk ashore and look back at AK
  17. No they havent prevent bugger all. Told you it was going ahead. https://www.newsroom.co.nz/hauraki-gulf-kingfish-farm-clears-final-regulatory-hurdle
  18. Did he give any indication how long before they think tanks will burst?? Picking oil will preserve inside of tanks.
  19. Thats whats it for outboard flushing,there is an attachment that fits the hose and you pour it in. I personnally just use water. I do the taste test after 5 minutes and no issues
  20. Re watched the programme last night. They could smell oil in the air then spotted a small slick,using sonar and dropping a camera down. The camera on retrevil had thick black oil on part of the cable so maybe not to far from rupturing?
  21. Tv3 last Sunday had a good programme on it . Ocean Bounty. Where they located the ship as witnessed oil on surface.Sent a camera down https://www.threenow.co.nz/shows/ocean-bounty/season-5-ep-13/S1247-430/M78402-189 Might have to log in/sign up
  22. Im just impressed how quick they finished the project.Pity other infrastructures take months
  23. Bring back the sh^t cart. Never blocked or broke
  24. Funy you say that. That was our thought last weekend last weekend down the bottom end.
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