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  1. "Fish" and there lies the problem, sponsorship. Did the pybc 2 handed race a few yrs ago.Friday night start to Ponui.No time limit.Saturday 9.00am start to kawau.cut off time 6.00pm sponsors BBQ Sunday Back to Panmure.Cut off time 4.00pm You have paid your entry fee You should have the right to finish,maybe take your own finish time??Seems to me we cater for the fastest not the average.Sure race control cannot control the weather gods. Cannot shorten a race once there are finishes though. Could the race control look at the weather and say we will shorten at cape Brett??No the intention of
  2. Funny how you mention Christmas.The Towhanga or sometn\hing next to wifes work is clearing out there old stock(food bank) and getting new stock in for preparation of a lockdown in December/January
  3. Despite the GOVT telling every shop owner they must display a QR code thing so people can scan or a sign in book.Well today I was in ST Lukes mall .I would say 50% shops no code or sign in book. Out south in my area there is very few codes and defiantly no book.So have the govt or shop keepers given up or has the threat been over hyped?? Surely with the electrician visiting overseas ships it would be a no brainer to of had compulsory testing or placed him or others in managed isolation as a precaution.
  4. Who has a policy with Club marine.cannot confirm but from another site as of the 1st December 202 They are pulling out of NZ and no policy will be renewed,. https://www.fishing.net.nz/forum/club-marine-pulling-out-of-nz-insurance-market_topic134435.html Just talked to club Marine and they confirmed that effective on Dec 1st 2020 they will be pulling out of the NZ market. All policies expiring after that will not be renewed. Letters supposed to be sent out from tomorrow.
  5. Will go on the Sunday now that I have googled where it is.
  6. skill required to control it thats for sure.
  7. Still have some plaques here the belong on "Sundance" be happy to hand to owner. "Emma" unfortunately got stolen and run aground at Whangamumu and wrecked. Coastguard turned up took the person back to Whangarei fed/bed and next morning car was stolen. At the time didnt know vessel was stolen. Living in Devonport as a lad, walking home from primary school always stopped and looked at "Buccaneer" being built.
  8. Well known concrete boat at pybc did the race to fiji,2 handed section,lew anne,lidgard design but lidgard refused to acknowledge it. Lew Anne Sail number 1209 Boat type Keelboat Designer J Lidgard Registration Registered Owner
  9. owned 2 Spencer's. One was a 1/2 tonner "Emma" 30ft round bilge but had chine stern section, very good in the light. But sold due to new family and accepted a "sabre "sundance" as part trade. Over grown stiletto. Nice to sail in 15/20 knots Dont think John designed a bad vessel just some were better than others. Rumour has it.The height of the cabin in stilettos was just high enough to consume a 750ml bottle.
  10. took my policy out in May no issues with AMI
  11. What defines a super yacht?? 100ft owned by a billionaire or joe average who is more likely to spend more as there are more joe averages around. The border is shut end of story except for a rugby team And Yes I have issues with that as well.
  12. Is there any real interest in the cup?? If I happen to home,yeah might watch it but as for I must see nah.The glory days of it are over for me.
  13. age (40) seems to be a problem with most companies,had no issue with AMI.
  14. Personally I do not see the problem arriving here if you can prove at sea over 14 days.But the law is the law admittity not a good one
  15. I know nothing about offshore hence why I asked.knowing our laws why did they not try staying put it Aussie? Or do people see NZ as a soft
  16. Please explain why it would not be correct. Maybe not home port but certainly persons onboard have a country of origin,so why not return there.
  17. They did have somewhere else to go like all cruisers. Back to their home port. They knew our rules and regulations.Got turned down for visas yet still arrived. https://www.customs.govt.nz/covid-19/maritime-border/private-yachts-and-sailing-craft Arrivals on superyachts and pleasure craft are not exempt from the current border closure. Departures will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. New Zealand waters are all water within 12 nautical miles of our coastline. NZ's border is currently closed to almost all travellers to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Effecti
  18. i had one of those round cheapish ones,as long as you see the sky tower it worked,had to motor out towards tiri one night as coronation st got interesting,🤣Didnt work at kawau but worked panmure river.
  19. The Bridge is fixed,how engineers interpreted how it should of been built.
  20. When the Clip-on's under went their repair. Happened to meet the Swedish engineer at Robertson park mangere.(steam trains)He reckon the repairs would only last another 10/15 yrs,that was 2009 and the main span was made from inferior metal.his recommendation was not to think about a new crossing but rather to start.
  21. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/video.cfm?c_id=1&gal_cid=1&gallery_id=224223
  22. Trucks/buses can you use clip ons, They were banned while rust repair work was carried out, Mid-June 2009: trucks were allowed back onto lane 2 of the clip-on as strengthening work progresses
  23. The lucky part of the truck being blown over is it happened in the centre spans,just think had it been on a clip on?over it goes in to the harbour.Those rails wont stop it.
  24. Wont take much to close the clip ons,trucks belting over on the rusty old clip ons,maybe force heavy vehicles to take the long way round??
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