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B&T 2-handed series with Weiti and GH

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There is normally a good size fleet for this series.

Given the current forecast, being light to complete drifter, a smaller boat could do well on handicap. The bigger boats wont be able to get close to hull speed to sail to their handicap.

We're hoping to do it on Charlatan (Birdsal 37) but may have other commitments. I'd expect a few smaller boats to be racing.

What does the Piedy rate?

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Sounds like there should be in the order of 20 boats entered. There is 10 so far from Weiti, and there is normally about equal numbers from Gulf Harbour.


And Scuttlebutt says one entrant has even been sneaking out for some two handed practice... will have to see if the dracula lady will sail to her handicap.


Piebuss, your last handicap was around 0.65, but that was back in the 2016 winter series. There are a few boats in the mid to high 0.6's but we'll have to wait and see exactly who has entered and what handicaps are assigned. 

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Spoke to GHYC on Monday and they had only 6 entries so far, everyone seems to leave it to the last minute!!!


As of this morning WBC has the following entries....

Jim Bean - Pied Piper

Mix T Motions - Edlin 8

Flasher - Marauder

Cordite - modified Marauder

Doctors Order - Young 88

Blazin White - White 32

First Priority - Beneteau 35 First

The Countess - Elan s3


Fish, are you racing as we don't have any entry from you?


Go the small boats your guys rock!!!!

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