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  1. Agree with BooBoo, and make sure you get a reputable surveyor and not a recommendation from the broker or seller.
  2. Unfortunately a bad weekend for Kick with arrangements already otherwise we would be there to start prep for next RNI.
  3. Bummer, I should have been more prepared today. Need some of the 2 part expanding foam.
  4. Need supplies in the morning but not sure if they will be open?
  5. Bunnings have small sheets of marine bonded ply.
  6. Kick Ass

    Zig Zag

    Yes she was
  7. Kick Ass

    Zig Zag

    I think it is the old unitec, Elliott design
  8. Must be a 1050 thing, I did full re wire in Kick but abandoned replacing anchor winch wires as I had no clue of how to get them out!
  9. Thanks Wheels, already have. Cradle just modifying it so it can go on the wheeler at Weiti for haulouts.
  10. Hey, does anyone has some 200-300mm steel I Beam kicking around they want to get rid of. After 3 pieces at 1.5m and 1 piece at 3m.
  11. Could be interested if your wanting to part with it? Modify into a 1050 hauling cradle.
  12. Hi Josh We have vivid currently and is just over a year old and is absolutely stuffed! Waiting for our haul out in March when we re paint topsides. We are going to change to Warpaint. I have heard war paint is tested in the River so should perform the best. I also had a boat on the grid next to me which has Warpaint which was 12 months old and hasn't been cleaned and the guy just used a light brush and cleaned it in 30min and I was on the water blaster for almost 2 hours.
  13. A trip to Tauranga to pickup wouldn't be an issue if the price was right.
  14. Would be keen on this if I could get my hands on some gear to handle 1300-1400 kg of lead
  15. Well that is a big hand brake then, $7500 to re cast lead..... Last Bulb we did must have been about $1.50 per kg when supplying lead.
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