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  1. Had the same gear on Kick and sounds identical problems that I had, did my head in so gave up on it and installed a NAC 3.
  2. I will contact Graham before making any moves to make sure I get this right. Im not after 120amp, would be more than happy with an 80amp if there was a direct bolt on replacement.
  3. Am running a mastervolt external reg. The direct replacement 120amp alt has a single belt, will give it ago. Not opposed to upgrading pulleys but won't do it if I don't have to. Biggest worry was going from 55amps to 120amps if there was any consequences.
  4. That's is good to know, have been told in the past can boil the batteries if trying out to many amps in.
  5. We currently have a noisy bearing in the Alternator, fortunately we have a spare to borrow for the Xmas cruise to get us through. As we run 12V fridge and freezer I thought this would be a good excuse to go with a bigger alternator. Currently we have the standard 55amp alt with approx 250ah of house battery (will have to double check this next time I'm at the boat). At an initial search for a straight bolt on upgrade it jumps to 120amp. Is that to big for my application? Should I be trying to find something around 80amp?
  6. We are keen, and given we will be Cat2 for three Kings would be a waste to not get another cat 2 race under our belt while everything is up to date!
  7. Also still on the original elbow 27 years old and going strong.
  8. 3gm30 just has the mixing elbow to wet box then loops and out exhaust. Boat is 1994 and is all original and never had an issue.
  9. Have heat exchanger end caps off of my 3gm30f as one was leaking and now after the new O-rings and gaskets to get it back together. Have found full gasket kits overseas but doesn't look like the come with the parts for the heat exchanger.
  10. Second for Max at Stay Tuned Rigging, he was the one who did Kicks recently and very good price. Kick had same mast step setup and painters lost it so a got a new 1 made up, had it laser cut then welded up.
  11. On the 1050 they aren't full size as per how it looks on the outside as the glass is supported with a divider (don't know the technical term) from the inside.
  12. If you want longevity you need to spray. Alot of your UV protection comes from the gloss level and rolling and tipping doesn't achieve the gloss level resulting in a shorter life.
  13. Kick is in, 35 footers don't appear to be very strong in numbers as to previous events.
  14. Norsands up in whangerei are very reasonably priced.
  15. Kick Ass


    We had same issue leading upto RNI and it was the gps aerial was faulty. If you plug in with laptop and download software you will be able to see if it was picking up satellites. Ours was picking up satellites but very weak signal so no proper fix on them, swapped aerial out after talking with navico and it worked straight away.
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