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  1. Could be interested if your wanting to part with it? Modify into a 1050 hauling cradle.
  2. Hi Josh We have vivid currently and is just over a year old and is absolutely stuffed! Waiting for our haul out in March when we re paint topsides. We are going to change to Warpaint. I have heard war paint is tested in the River so should perform the best. I also had a boat on the grid next to me which has Warpaint which was 12 months old and hasn't been cleaned and the guy just used a light brush and cleaned it in 30min and I was on the water blaster for almost 2 hours.
  3. A trip to Tauranga to pickup wouldn't be an issue if the price was right.
  4. Would be keen on this if I could get my hands on some gear to handle 1300-1400 kg of lead
  5. Well that is a big hand brake then, $7500 to re cast lead..... Last Bulb we did must have been about $1.50 per kg when supplying lead.
  6. Yes, have emailed them but no reply. May call them Monday. Were they priced ok? Greg Elliott said they are now eye watering expensive to what they used to charge.
  7. Kawerau only do TP52 bulbs or bigger...
  8. Where is the go to place for casting a bulb at a reasonable price now Mike Rees castings has sold up?
  9. Also up the Weiti River there is a haul out yard that has a crane which would also be able to haul you. https://www.hibiscusmarineandstorage.co.nz/ Have no experience with the contractors up there.
  10. Am pretty sure Gulf Harbour can lift you. Believe my parents cat is 27feet wide and they can haul there. Also Hibiscus marine coatings are a great company to work with who are based at Gulf Harbour.
  11. Paint is to protect the Carbon from the UV. Ours is clear coated but still need to store out of sunlight or use a cover as suggested as the UV does break down the clear coat so paint is better/less high maintenance.
  12. Sounds like Ronstan, I wouldn't bother rebuilding them. I had same on my old boat and replaced, Harken sell them.
  13. Of course it is! You guys know your boat very well and know how to sail her fast in all conditions! you deserved your result in the RNI and hopefully over the coming years we can get to know Kick as good as you.
  14. Need an advantage over over you some how Ken...
  15. We wouldn’t be going heavier, at the most we would keep same weight but go deeper to achieve the increased righting moment but as you say meed to know the increased loads on rig and floors etc. have had a few price break downs sent through which has been very helpful and gives le a rough idea of cost to now work o
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