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  1. This is what we built for Kick Elliott 1050. Since this one there have also been 2 more made for Sniper and Enigma 1. We cruise with anchor in place while flying zeros and A sails.
  2. As soon as an NZ boat is sold offshore GST has to be paid by new owner when returning.
  3. But there is no duty payable for an NZ built boat.
  4. Good luck trying that. Tried that exact thing and boat all but got chained to the customs dock until GST was paid. I tried pulling the wool over their eyes but think I wasn't the first to try that as they knew what questions to ask.
  5. Tracker should be part of your entry fee.
  6. Would be great to have boat names posted with their design as there is alot of new boats!
  7. As per title, if anyone has one in the garage no getting used would be interested in buying. Just a small unit as it is for a staysail on the 1050.
  8. We rounded the king's 15minutes behind Omega, unfortunately don't do upwind like she does, they did superbly well!
  9. Thanks, I have plenty of lead but want it in shot. I have a plan to make some diy lead shot
  10. It's Top Secret.....
  11. Anyone know where I could source 100kg of lead shot? Will most likely have close to 100kg of lead to trade in if that is a thing?
  12. Kick an Elliott 1050 28 years old and only have a handful of small jobs on the list and that includes nice to haves. 2 years of hard work got us to this stage and we now use her most weekends and the family love it! She was a mess we we first bought her....
  13. Had the same gear on Kick and sounds identical problems that I had, did my head in so gave up on it and installed a NAC 3.
  14. I will contact Graham before making any moves to make sure I get this right. Im not after 120amp, would be more than happy with an 80amp if there was a direct bolt on replacement.
  15. Am running a mastervolt external reg. The direct replacement 120amp alt has a single belt, will give it ago. Not opposed to upgrading pulleys but won't do it if I don't have to. Biggest worry was going from 55amps to 120amps if there was any consequences.
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