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  1. Sounds like Ronstan, I wouldn't bother rebuilding them. I had same on my old boat and replaced, Harken sell them.
  2. Of course it is! You guys know your boat very well and know how to sail her fast in all conditions! you deserved your result in the RNI and hopefully over the coming years we can get to know Kick as good as you.
  3. Need an advantage over over you some how Ken...
  4. We wouldn’t be going heavier, at the most we would keep same weight but go deeper to achieve the increased righting moment but as you say meed to know the increased loads on rig and floors etc. have had a few price break downs sent through which has been very helpful and gives le a rough idea of cost to now work o
  5. Would sound about right, im thinking alot of cost in design and engineering?
  6. That is a possibility, but increasing our righting moment means we could use that extra sail area rather than it being drag? am curious of the costs 10 years ago Ken
  7. Not really that interested in handicaps, already heavily penalised for our taller rig. we need to find more speed in pressure upwind and reaching forward of the beam and am struggling against the 1050’s with updated keels plus they have a smaller rating.
  8. Was interested in peoples experiences and the true cost. im not in a financial position right now for a project like this right now but just interested to see what it would be before talking to designers etc.
  9. Evening! this lockdown has given me to much time to think and have the itch or curiosity of looking into cost of upgrading keel and also if anyone have plans they are willing to share for the 1050 latest gen keel. would be interested in pushing the boundaries a bit with the std 2.3 draught and the consequences around that with keel floors and chain plates. She currently looks very strong in those areas but am not an engineer.
  10. Kick Ass

    New Boat

    Sure will. Do you still have that Stack-pack for sale? Sorry sold that a while back. Have an A3 that may fit your boat that im thinking of selling, to short in the luff for us as we have a taller rig
  11. Kick Ass

    New Boat

    Good things come to people who wait! We will be out at Easter, come say hi if you see us.
  12. Kick Ass

    New Boat

    Saw her pop up on trademe and almost go under contract immediately. What is her story? Launched 2002, did she sit around for a few years as hull and decks?
  13. It is an Oem replacement of a Sanden 508. Will try post picture soon, it is fairly universal for mounting
  14. Stainless brine tanks which is insulated with 100mm of foam. Surely the brine absorbs alot of the energy instead of all the energy going into the box/food
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