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  1. On the 1050 they aren't full size as per how it looks on the outside as the glass is supported with a divider (don't know the technical term) from the inside.
  2. If you want longevity you need to spray. Alot of your UV protection comes from the gloss level and rolling and tipping doesn't achieve the gloss level resulting in a shorter life.
  3. Kick is in, 35 footers don't appear to be very strong in numbers as to previous events.
  4. Norsands up in whangerei are very reasonably priced.
  5. Kick Ass


    We had same issue leading upto RNI and it was the gps aerial was faulty. If you plug in with laptop and download software you will be able to see if it was picking up satellites. Ours was picking up satellites but very weak signal so no proper fix on them, swapped aerial out after talking with navico and it worked straight away.
  6. We did one in alloy and is ok but I think the norm is acetal? Need to find someone with a lathe.
  7. Yes have been told that, I don't plan heading that way in the near future
  8. Yes am waiting on a quote but I thought I'd ask here as you never know what people have lying around they may want to part with.
  9. Hah, yep I have looked there and it is to short. Bigger is better right?
  10. I am after a carbon tube 80mm I'd with approx 3mm wall 5.2m long. Thought I'd try my luck here first.firs Thanks
  11. I think we skipped F pier, the enthusiasm of 2 young kids walking a marina wasn't extremely high so unfortunately I had to miss a few piers.
  12. Checked out Sulfur point and then the weather packed in
  13. Down in Tauranga for the weekend and going to go check out the marinas tomorrow. Are the piers locked?
  14. Kick Ass

    Kick E1050?

    Thanks, probably is one of my favourite parts of the boat. No Further with keel mods, have spoken to a few designers and done alot of research but no action yet.
  15. Kick Ass

    Kick E1050?

    Kick an Elliott 1050? Top photo arriving back in NZ in 2018 after leaving for Aus in 2002. She left NZ as a very well maintained boat and returned in a very poor state. The list of what I haven't done would be alot shorter than what has been done to get her back upto the condition she originally was before leaving NZ. Bottom photo is of her being re launched earlier this week after her most recent top side repaint to match her deck repaint carried out 18 months ago. Background: Launched 1994 by Ian Harvey owner of Eagle Yachts who built majority of the 1050's. Ian
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