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  1. Fish

    Kayak Fatality

    A diver died at Cornwallis last weekend as well. Yes, all completely different, unrelated events. It just doesn't draw me to that piece of water.
  2. Fish

    Kayak Fatality

    5 dead in 8 days on the Manakua. Something about that piece of water.
  3. Fish

    Kayak Fatality

    More details in this story. Well respect and very experienced paddling coach. Sounds like his waka ama broke an outrigger. Sad outcome. Kayaker who died in Hillsborough was popular paddling coach | Stuff.co.nz
  4. Fish

    Kayak Fatality

    Child rescued by kayaker as Aucklanders flock to beaches amid relaxed Covid rules Child rescued by kayaker as Aucklanders flock to beaches amid relaxed Covid rules | Stuff.co.nz
  5. Fish

    Kayak Fatality

    That is sad. HT, I'm fairly sure the helicopter crews have been operating anyway. Essential workers have been operating, and flight crews etc have small working bubbles. I was watching 2 surf-skiers through my telescope on Sunday. One fell out, the other had to stand by while he got sorted. As a bit blowey and a cross chop, they were a fair way out from Stanmore Bay, heading to Manly I think. Anyway, I made a point of watching until they were sorted again. Didn't think it the best weather to be surf-skiing in (then, I'm not a surf ski-er, so I wouldn't know).
  6. Fish

    Kayak Fatality

    Condolences to the family. I would have thought it was a bit blowey from the SW on Sunday for kayaking, would give a nasty chop. Interestingly, this is a whole story about a fatality on the water, and not one mention of the need to wear a lifejacket. Hillsborough kayaker dies, body recovered by police | Stuff.co.nz
  7. Any chance of seeing a copy? To be forewarned is to be forearmed and all.
  8. Erm, don't suppose you have any actual details? Or did you hear this from a friend of your brother in law's neighbour?
  9. They are actually just careening their hulls, but actually cleaning your hull is a prohibited activity now, so they told everyone they ran aground so don't get in trouble for it...
  10. Fish

    What if...?

    Its funny you mention catastrophizing Pysche. It is something I am personally conscious of, and try to stop myself when I'm going down that path. But then, today we have 24 new cases, 3 unlinked, 1 a prisoner. Yesterday there was 6 infectious in the community, Friday was 7 infectious in the community. The prisoner did not come forward for testing, he was tested on remand. This is very similar to people turning up at Middlemore for unrelated health issues and being found to be positive. That, and the numbers of 'infectious in the community' is clearly sub-optimal. Whilst I try no
  11. Fish

    What if...?

    I think you have missed my point a little IT, yes the Police must enforce the rules, but the rules are not the rules. This is in the context that the govt, being cabinet, and the DG of Health, are making up and changing the rules on a regular (weekly) basis. If there were wide spread arrests then this would apply political pressure to cabinet to change or amend the rules - on the basis that they aren't working by virtue of the numbers of arrests. To be clear, I'm not thinking of crack-pot conspiracy theorists protesting in Aotea square. I'm thinking of otherwise law abiding people wanting
  12. Fish

    What if...?

    You may be right, but that would be a dramatic shift in Govt narrative. Widespread arrests would be a shift to a totalitarian regime. The current narrative is this happy compliant team of 5 million, working together for the greater good, with a couple of ratbags sneaking out of Auck and getting dobbed in. There would be a lot of pissed off people if we can't take a summer holiday. For example, I've always thought people being beaten up (figuratively) for going to and staying at privately owned holiday homes is harsh - provided they stay in their bubbles etc. Clearly, this is different to
  13. Fish

    What if...?

    I think it is clear there is growing lockdown fatigue. More to the point, up coming issues are Christmas and the summer holidays. Any attempt to cancel Christmas is going to be met with markedly sharper reduction in lockdown compliance. There are a wide number of factors contributing to this: 1) boating, on your own boat in your own bubble, is intrinsically safe. The supposed issues come about if you get into trouble and then may require search and rescue. Then, the issue is that SAR staff have to breach their bubble, most of whom are essential workers anyway... It is only then an is
  14. Yeah, like this is only a 7 day lockdown?
  15. Fucken shambles. There is fan worm endimic, and we have rules gallore on that. The white truncated haemaroid thing, there is about a dozen marine invasive species. Now they're going to close half of barrier? Anyone remember than M. Bovis palava. Not to mention the other bug thats going around...
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