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  1. Fish

    Coastal 2020

    I think the PR team was let go when HSBC ceased sponsorship. Certainly I understand there was a big change in budgets recently, which is manifesting itself in the lower tone of social media and website comms. I personally don't mind it returning to a yacht race event as opposed to a media event or party event preceded by a yacht race. I know this year was an outlier for weather, but I saw 37 boats finish out of 170 something entries? It is a shame to have a cut off so early. A light wind race brings out a number of classic yacht racing attributes. Patients, perseverance, the ability
  2. Its not hard to get the results if you give a sh*t. Takes less than 3 mins. Just phone your GP. Me and the missus got tested Friday night. My result was back by text 8:30 this morning, so 36 hrs flat. My missus didn't get her text, and was getting in a flap, cause it was her fathers 80th today, and man that was target rich for high risk individuals. So I had a phone around, Auckland Regional Public Health said phone your GP, so I phoned my GP (on a Sunday morning) and got the result from the reception person. Literally took 3 mins. In terms of criticism, the tracer app is a heap of s
  3. Good to hear you haven't been to any super spreader events or anything while waiting for your results...
  4. Well, I'm negative, so it wasn't me. I'm still slightly bemused that they told me to get tested, when I was at Burnsco the day before the positive case. But it sounds like "it" is out and about again, and they are being abundantly cautious on community monitoring. As the testing guy said, it was my civic duty to have a cotton bud jammed up my nose. Now I have no excuse but to go to the father in laws 80th this afternoon, and its such good sailing weather, grrr
  5. Fish

    Coastal 2020

    When is the cut off time?
  6. A confirmed positive covid case visited Burnsco Gulf Harbour twice last Sunday 18th Oct, at 10:30 am and 3 pm. Public service announcement here due the high chance crew readers frequent marine supply stores. I visited Burnsco the day before and Healthline advised both me and my missus to get swabbed, which we have done. Any I was making jokes today about not going to the pub, just incase... If you were at Burnsco, or have the slightest sniffly, call Healthline 0800 611 116
  7. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/428430/grieving-british-family-seeking-options-for-yacht-sale-in-nz Doesn't sound like this family have been told they can just sail here. But sounds like the local industry is trying to organize shipping for a bunch of boats (without owners) so they can be sold in NZ. Would be a reasonable outcome for a bunch of people if that can happen. Not to mention the taxes paid straight to the govt.
  8. Its not the border, its the availability of flights, and lining up the requirement to book MIQ in some cases. Literally the ability to get to the border. But yes, I would have thought this family should have been given compassionate grounds. Easy for a faceless bureaucrat to say no, then a smiling PM to say yes in a public way 3 days out from an election. Optics look better ay?
  9. I've no problem with them coming here. From the photos it looks like an Oyster 50 something, which is likely worth in the region of what they are talking about. The NZ market is hot for good sized family holiday / cruising boats. I have little doubt they will sell it here quickly. Might struggle to get a marina berth though... For the wider cruiser fraternity, I think the issues are around the visitor visa and ability to leave later. I would have thought, as MH suggests, a pragmatic solution is a repatriation bond just as FP already use. I do hope that after the election, some things loos
  10. You are correct Fogg, but then how come they can't return to the UK from FP? There are flights from there to Europe, possibly direct I think. I think the point is that these other essential visa holders all have a third party guaranteeing they will be repatriated. The cruisers will use visitors visas, which don't have that third party guarantee. Given their current argument for needing to leave FP (visa expired) and needing to come to NZ (no where else to go), there is a high likelihood that at least a proportion of these cruisers either wont want to or wont be able to leave NZ again...
  11. Meanwhile, 450 Russian sailors are coming in to work on NZ boats... Admittedly, I have a vague idea why NZer's wouldn't want to work in deep sea fishing for 6 months at a time, even though there is a large number of NZ'ers loosing their jobs. But it shows the borders can be opened fairly easily, if you've made the appropriate donations to the appropriate secretive political foundation one would assume (reference to NZ First being in the pocket of the fishing industry). From a practical point of view, the fishing companies are paying for the isolation, but I thought the whole issue wa
  12. Govt letting in a narrow group of international students... https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/428159/government-to-let-250-international-students-into-new-zealand
  13. Slightly related, Tahiti PM catches it. The latest official figure showed French Polyensia had 2754 cases of which 633 were active. In July, the borders were reopened and mandatory quarantine requirements were abolished in order to boost tourism and revive the economy. https://www.rnz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/428117/french-polynesia-president-tests-covid-19-positive
  14. Did you say it was the Herald? I'd expect nothing more, nothing less.
  15. If you've got the design sorted, I think it is straight forward cutting the panels yourself. Pencil lines marked with a curvy piece of wood, jigsaw then block plane down to the lines. The trick is getting the design right so you can get the 3D shape of the boat onto 2D (flat) panels and it all fits together. But if you do the design in a CAD platform, it is also straight forward to then get them cut out. Should make tricky details easier like getting the stem just right. I really don't think it can be that hard designing a small boat, its just generally easier to buy plans because someone
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