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  1. You need to do a bunch of races to get a baseline. Five I believe. Racetrack then gives you a handicap rating based on where you fit in the fleets you've raced in. Low number, you are a slow boat, high number, you are a super pimped canting keeler. It is a performance handicap. So if you go out and have a blinder, your % performance will be more than 100%, as KM said. If you go out and have a shocker, it will be less than 100%. I think it also gives you a "sailed to" number for each race. Works best with a lot of races for a better data set. Really good for tracking how you are going. Pur
  2. Is it Prince Hal? Looks like a super tanker on the burst.
  3. Hay KM, since you are paying the SOLAS administration fee, you couldn't have a word with them about the flares for me, could you? PS, do you really airfreight anchors? That list of charges certainly is innovative... If they were open and honest, they'd just have a rodgering fee and do away with all the BS.
  4. If you want top shelf info, there is Tidetech. Paid service, similar to predictwind. Download grib files etc. I've never used it, but have been on the verge of using it a few times. https://www.tidetechmarinedata.com/metocean-data
  5. Every poo asset in the country is buried underground. Any poo assets near the coast are usually buried below sea level, and very often in the seabed. Something to do with gravity, apparently. Its been making poo go downhill for 2,000 years or so, now. I can understand wastewater can be an emotive issue, but I'm surprised this is a reason to block the marina. Adds another string to my current arguement. The status quo is to just pump out into the environment. Is it not better to collect that and treat it? I was under the impression the local iwi were supportive of the RC. So I'm not s
  6. No problem with opinions, that is what a forum is for. My question was with regard to differentiation opinion from opinion posed as fact (i.e. the need to dredge). But on the playground bit, isn't that a bit of hyperbole? Kennedy Point already is a ferry terminal... Swing moorings can bugger up a bunch of good playgrounds. A marina is a far more efficient use of space for parking boats than swing moorings. I'm not trying to be difficult, I believe new infrastructure, done well, can reduce impacts on the environment. This marina is an example of that.
  7. Why? Is that a fact or some sort of personal opinion? How much silt is stirred up when driving piles? Not a lot I would have thought. This is a very different proposition, and substantially smaller impact on the environment than building a sea wall. Sandspit needed dredging. This is possibly one of the lowest impact marinas you could get... I think it is a dangerous situation when poorly informed people start advocating either way for infrastructure projects. Its a marina so it must be bad does not equate to reality.
  8. Simply not realistic to put large commercial / construction projects on hold for 3 years. And what is that likely to achieve? Linking the blatant mismanagement of fisheries to blocking already consented marinas? Further, this marina is not constructing any breakwaters, not shifting any spoil etc. It is an entirely floating marina. So I'm not sure where you are going to get all of this sediment and heavy metal from that is going to smoother everything? This same emotive response comes from a lot of people about land development as well. There is a formal planning process, everyone pay
  9. This bit really makes it sound like they are pissing into the wind... I'm not entirely sure why the Herald needed to quote the market capitalisation of Mainfreight. Its not the guys net worth or anything. Looks more like classic Herald sensationalism.
  10. I'm not sure that opposing a marina because the people that may use it are wealthy is the most compelling argument? People with nice boats derive as much pleasure from being out on the water as people with modest boats. I am a little confused as to why there is all of this media attention and opposition to the marina now. Hasn't it already got Resource Consent? I would have thought the opportunity to oppose it in anything other than an attention seeking / grandstanding / virtue signaling kid of way had passed some time ago.
  11. Was that an anchor dragging situation? Doesn't look like a screw up coming in kind of thing.
  12. So I've looked at what I actually have, noting that this has been certified to Cat 3 in the past. 3rd Reef reduces the luff length BY 37% (so 63% remaining, 13% short of the new rule) That reduces the area by 55% (45% remaining). Noting that I have never actually used the 3rd reef in anger... we regularly move through 1st and 2nd reefs. If I complied with the old rule, of having 35% left, I would only have 18.4% of my sail area left... for Cat 3...
  13. Well, apparently that is what Cat 3 was supposed to be.... I always thought it supposed to have 65% left (reduction of 35%). Now we only have to have half left (50%). Personally, I'm thinking if there is such widespread confusion, there is possibly an issue with the documentation...
  14. So Jon, you would know a fair bit about safety and boat racing. When you say 35%, do you mean reduce the luff length by 35%? Angus was telling me today that that rule means reduce the luff length to 35%. Of all the people, including sail makers, I've ever spoken to, I'd never come across that understanding. This is in the context of pin heads and Cat 3, but the same question applies to cat 1 & 2. Angus's example was for Cat 1, and I can kind of understand the need to go to 35% for Cat 1, but it is not going to leave very much area up at all.
  15. I do have a couple of rolls of sticky back onboard, and that is all I would ever use. I've got the needle and palm (like a full sail repair kit) in the shed. It was beyond me why we ever had it on the boat, until I saw the requirement in the Regs. Depth sounders, who thinks these are an essential safety device? With modern chart plotters and knowning exactly where you are at all times, how does a sounder add to safety now? Ask for a friend, who in the past has bitched ang moaned about having to cut a hole in a classic that only draws 1.3m, just so they can comply with the regs.
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