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Masking tape

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This masking off paint lines is driving me insane!

On these models I sand to baby's bum smooth, spray two coats on varnish, sand with 400grit,then mask and spray some parts with black paint. I bought some eye wateringly expensive detailing tape as advised in posts above but am still getting a degree of undercutting. And what do you do about corners where one line of tape overlaps another? There is always a paint dribble there. The attached pic shows the aircraft canopy in black AFTER an hour of delicate clean up of the paint line with a scalpel, and it's still not all that good. There's got to be an easier way.

And I realize that this query has nothing to do with boating except that if I can keep selling these things then we can afford to keep canal boating starting April.

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Paint it free hand or stop being so fussy Chris

They look amazing

You are right, I should just hand paint but this problem has taken on a life of it's own and there has to be a solution to paint undercutting, and, I now know what it is. And what's more you can mask off with el-cheapo masking tape and get clean crisp lines.

To recap,what I want to do is spray the model with 2 coats of varnish to seal the timber, sand, mask off and paint small areas in black paint and then finish off with another 4 coats of varnish over the whole thing. The problem is the paint undercutting the masking tape requiring lots of clean up prior to applying the clear finish coats.

The solution if anybody else faces similar issues on projects and for which I would dearly love to take the credit for but I can't, it belongs to an arty lady who advised me..

Spray the clear coats, sand and mask as usual. Then spray the area you intend to paint with one more light coat of clear and let it flash off. If it undercuts the tape, never mind because it's the same coating that's under the tape. This light coat of clear seals the edge of the masking tape preventing any further undercutting when you spray on the black. Peel off the tape when done with the black and there you have it - a nice clean line. This is great for me as the time saved pushes my hourly rate from $3 to $3.40. The same thing works of course for getting a sharp line between different paint colors. Hope you find this a cunning trick to add to your repertoire of cunning boat maintenance tricks.

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I stole some of my sons Tamiya modelling tape to paint the waterline on a half model, brilliant stuff worked like a charm  https://hobbystation.co.nz/tamiya-masking-tape-refill-6mm/   . There are versions for curved surfaces .


Try also posting your question on a scale modellers forum like https://www.scale-models.co.uk/


I think paint application with an airbrush is best, good luck

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