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Octopus hydraulics

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The ram should be able to be serviced. Is it leaking, creeping or not moving at all? A bearing supplier can get seals for you and they are fairly easy to do if you have a little mechanical ability.

The Octopus pump could need a seal kit.

But firstly before getting carried away, check the oil is clean. If the slightest discolouration is spied, the flush it all out and replace with new.

Then very carefully remove the check screw on each side. Before you undo the lock nut, count the thread exposed or mark it or something so you know how much tension to put back on.

Be careful as there is a spring and ball bearing and if you are not looking, they can make a break for freedom over your shoulder never to be found again. Or if you do find them, it is usually after you have replaced the parts or bought a new pump. It is common for the tinesist bit of grit to get under a ball bearing and then it will not seal and the thing will either creep or not pump at all because the oil is bypassing. Also ensure the spring is in good order, the ball is not pitted from water and the seal is not either broken or damaged or gone hard as rock.

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