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  1. What could possibly go wrong! Probably get a few more k's with cleaner fuel/injectors. And - I hope he wasn't constantly checking behind him for people overtaking....
  2. He's doing 230 deg while wind is 14 knots at 278. Not really a problem I would expect.
  3. Hey you realise this is Crew.org don't you, you'll get marked down if you do that more than once! 8>)
  4. Don't agree with a couple of these statements: - in my experience the WN modem exceeds the performance of a phone, in both reception and streaming capabilty. The modem sits on the chart table and provides excellent coverage most of the time. There are black spots in some places. - we have been cruising around on the boat using WN. It is sold to the Motor Caravan Association, who are mobile. I have never seen anything to suggest I am not able to travel with my WN modem and I would suggest it would be unlikely that they would be advertising and selling something that wasn't able to
  5. Been using Wireless Nation for 3 years now, we now have an anchoring system that involves checking that we have 3 green bars. Be fine for streaming AC I would hope.
  6. Or sleeve the bolts with a bit of SS tube, so the pressure on the umpy is constant.
  7. It would be nice to hear of a sustainable marina in Auckland where Rivieras could get in to but were never seen or heard from again....
  8. Dtwo

    Cold Front Today

    This. Not so much your comment but a stream of bollocks from others. Yawn. 'Yep, too much navel contemplating, and cuzzy consulting. Get it done, son. I'd think that one of the pollie parties would sieze on this as an election issue. Yes days on it would be good to think that the meetings and discussions have finished and that the fabrication to engineers drawings has commenced -it would have elsewhere in the world. Who do we ask that straight question to ?'
  9. Dtwo

    Cold Front Today

    Jeez why ask them when they could just get you guys to do the job. Personally I would prefer the job to be done properly rather than the quickest patch up fix with Cheapest Chinese Steel and Cut Corners.
  10. Dtwo

    Diesel storage

    I have used the blue plastic barrels in the past but can't remember where i got them from. As for pump, you really don't need an industrial solution. An old car fuel lift pump - the ones that would sit above the tank and push the fuel forward to the engine. Bit of pastic tube and away you go. Took me about 20 minutes to fill a drum.
  11. Dtwo

    Interior ply

    That would directly contradict the advice I got from Gunnersen's. I went with their recommendations.
  12. Dtwo

    Lithium v AGM

    idlerboat, as a 'super practical person' i am surprised that you would only see the weight factor as an advantage for lithium batts. so, here's a couple of things i have found to be fantastic about mine - - I'm able to stick 125 amps in until they are full - they don't need to be fully charged - they are sitting here at present at 58% while I'm on shore power - battery voltage is incredibly stable throughout the discharge cycle I'm not interested in changing your mind, but it does help to consider all the factors that affect the choice between different battery technology
  13. Dtwo

    Lithium v AGM

    The LiFePO4 "fire risk" is a non-event for boats IMHO. Certainly in a car environment, where you have many many cells and are caning them to push some bloated passengers up a steep hill, can have issues (as in any battery technology) if a cell fails and resistance increases. In a boat that is simply a non-starter - you only have a few cells and the load and charging amps are an order of magnitude less than the automotive stuff. Any decent BMS will be looking at cell temperatures, in my install we have sensors for 8 cells. And Idlerboat - you will never get 20 years from AGMs in a crui
  14. Dtwo

    Interior ply

    Marine ply actually is "marine" because it has 2 good looking exterior plys and is free from any voids. They use the same glue in the next grade down at least. As ply gets cheaper, you have less attractive finishes, more voids etc etc. You don't have to use "marine" ply for interior work unless you want to varnish it. Find a good ply supplier and ask advice about the different stuff they sell, for example Scooters here in Whangarei offer a good range and give excellent advice.
  15. I'm using mine to keep the anchor on the bottom...
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