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  1. I'd really appreciate your input. I'm using a Simrad NSS9 Evo3 plotter and Simrad RS20 VHF. AIS data comes from a Vesper XB6000. I have checked all firmware versions and it all seems to be up to date. Hopefully my last post explains the issue.
  2. Nothing that dramatically difficult to create. I have mentioned this before and sporadically beat my head against a brick wall trying to achieve. On my Simrad plotter, I can select an AIS target and go to the data page which shows Closest Point of Approach, MMSI etc. On that screen is a "Call" button, which when selected, should pass the target's MMSI number to the DSC-equipped Simrad VHF, and initiate the DSC call. The "Call" button is not enabled. The Simrad manual says a call should be able to be initiated to a suitably equipped DSC radio. That is male bovine excrement. This
  3. Good to hear someone is happy with Navico "support". My issue - DSC calls from my plotter - got a "I'll talk to the manual writer". Basically after spending lots of cash, I discovered that the features described in the manual don't actually work.....
  4. Well imagine if your kids are swimming around the back of the boat and the jetski comes around the front. So yes, it's obviously dangerous. It is also illegal and ignorant. The 5 knot law applies 200m from shore and 50m from other vessels. Clearly this guy doesn't know, doesn't care, or both. And to calm down those who would suggest murder would be a disproportionate response, I'll spell it out: the topic post was tongue-in-cheek. Take a breath. Breaking legs - too much?
  5. Asking for a friend 798593244_20210109_1841301.mp4
  6. Very true. The sign says non-potable though? Any experience with Mangonui Steve?
  7. Cheers but that Whangaroa water is not drinkable? I'd have to drink Heineken all day....
  8. Cruising guide says yes but......?
  9. I think you need a pier, not a peer. Or a pee-er... Stupid language really.
  10. Shows a basic misunderstanding of "carbon credits"
  11. Another option: http://www.chatfieldmarine.com/shop/Driveline/Shaft+Seals/Blue+Water+Shaft+Seal+-+Standard+Model.html
  12. Could the change be due to the braid caught on the shaft? Could there be some more braid packed in the aft end of the stern tube? That sh*t would probably just melt into a hard pack and fuse to something...
  13. The shape of the track means that you will struggle to get a proper seal around all the holes unless you either completely fill the groove underneath with sealant, or have some sort of additional strip between the track and the deck. Most fittings, when tightened down, clamp the sealant and effectively squeeze the sealant around the fastenings. Your track is not able to do that so you will need to think outside the box.
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