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  1. Dtwo

    Is a SSB Radio

    Benefit of SSB are nets where you can listen in and find out where everyone is. Entertainment at sea....
  2. On a road trip in the South Island last year I was horrified to see the number of new dairy businesses on river flats. Well drained river flats, next to rivers. With cows pissing large quantities of nitrogen rich urine onto well drained river flats, next to rivers. What is surprising is that people are surprised there's a problem. I say dairy businesses as I think "farming" has been replaced by agribusiness. Large farming corporates, profit motivated, staffed by migrant workers, growing milk (and effluent) on an industrial scale. It isn't a family-oriented lifestyle these days, for
  3. We have phoned the Harbourmaster and asked him. Last time we were able to pick up a huge mooring for a few days and they seemed to forget to charge us!
  4. Actually I was reliving my years on superyachts. But if you say it's the regs, so be it!
  5. I would suspect it stems from the natural arse-f*ckery of superyacht owners who would want to install one to show other superyacht owners that their superyacht was big enough to have red lights to warn off low-flying aircraft.
  6. SyOhana - a couple of questions for you: "Most lithium batteries on the market are technically illegal to use on boats in NZ and might invalidate the EWoF if the inspector is paying attention." - I have Lithium batteries and I am horrified to hear this, can you explain why? And why would an EWoF inspector be looking at my batteries? "NZ made lithium batteries" - I was not aware of any battery manufacturers here in NZ? I'd like to support if possible. I know there are people who assemble batteries into packs, is that what you mean?
  7. My current favourite
  8. I've always wondered what right-wing humour looks like.
  9. Trying to source some to replace my failing headlining. I got the old lot about 2 years ago from Reid and Twiname. Went in Thursday and they no longer stock the same stuff, but have some thinner, which would be fine but it's a little too dark. Any idea of who/what/where?
  10. Dtwo

    FM AM radios

    I use the VHF aerial at the top of the mast with a Vesper splitter. This deals with AIS/VHF/AMFM. Works like a charm. I did install the recommended aerial from Pacific Aerials.
  11. Beta do a V-drive https://betamarine.co.uk/resources/GA_Drawings/Seagoing/B30-ZF15MIV/#page=1
  12. Dtwo

    Dinghy choice

    I would recommend going and having a chat with Neil at Seafarer. He's good to deal with and there are usually a few different dinghies lying around to have a look at. I have found the C-Tug dinghy wheels to be a great (local) product https://www.railblaza.com/uses/c-tug-dinghy-wheels/
  13. Bronze through hull? I just ground mine from the outside. You can then use the hole again if you need.
  14. https://www.reviveourgulf.org.nz/
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