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Westhaven Happenings

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"We have a big focus on communication and transparency, and that is why we organise the meetings, publish an annual report, and communicate on our website and emal newsletters - and through Crew.org.nz too. "


Have had a look through the latest annual report but did not see any financial reporting.

 Without real financial performance being reported upon, the report is more of an annual magazine.



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I understand more than 60% of berths at Westhaven are occupied by renters, and looking around the greater Auckland área, the only marina charging a higher monthly rental appears to be Orakei.

So unsure about the claim "priced at about the average level", at least in the case of rentals.

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Further to the above comments and in particular the paragraph below:


Something we are quite concerned about is the upcoming changes to health and safety legislation. We flagged this at the meeting too, because there will be some increased compliance burden for all marinas as a result of this law change. 


The new legislation should not result in major additional compliance costs provided that a reasonable level of compliance was already in place. The laws have been reinforced, there is nothing that new.

I consider that ACC/Westhaven are using this as a smoke screen. If they do have additional compliance costs it will be because they have opened up so much of Westhaven to the general, non-boating, public by providing increased access. The result is potential congestion and competition for space.

Perhaps the general public, the wedding photographers and tourist bus drivers should be charged so that they pay their share of the costs, not the poor boat owner as usual.


Costs have increased for the operator but are they justifiable? For example, I cannot remember any security issues when there was only one security guard on a bicycle for the whole marina. Now there a four or five driving around checking that leads have tags!



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