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  1. All to high tec for me. But they drive me nuts, I need to spend more nights on board it seems. Actually just now they will silenced by they hull growth I should think.
  2. My comment was towards the Female not Male being the purchaser/owner and respect because of this, not so much about money. Except for being once bitten twice shy.
  3. Ash makes me feel better having company with my error. Do so know what your saying re the male to male issues. Years back I put up many thousands on a motor bike, I paid right there and then, still the manager did not considered I was the person to be spoken to. Bad mistake, never been near that bike shop again. Yep, almost every time a winner with my boat it goes without saying, even when the male as you say has no idea or interest in the boat. Makes me mad as well and not inclined to want to continue any association. Guys, take note who owns the boat and pays the bills. This is a g
  4. Ash have just read through the whole 14 pages of this post. Talk about dim, although we have chatted via txt, I thought you a gay guy. Given your name could be M or F and you boat clean, wrongly presumed you as male. When you said something about your partner, he, I thought, oh Ash is gay. Just shows how one can get things so wrong. Your doing great things. If only Id done like wise at your age. At a girl.
  5. Old Girl

    Junior Sailing

    Have told the grandsons they need to learn to sail and be my crew. That it needs to be sooner rather than later. For now they think this is the best, will this last? fingers crossed that it does. Lessons this summer. I went to BB primary as well, just a tad before the swimming pool was built At that time you could just about count the number boats on Tamaki on your fingers.
  6. Old Girl

    Junior Sailing

    Very much agree. Do children of cruisers become adult cruisers or racers? Seems to me they become cruisers? But then I expect races have children that want to race. Do we have Auck sailing schools that follow the clips lines of teaching?
  7. Sunday must have been the day for returns AA. I had first row and time onboard by myself in almost a year. Also an injury. I didn't get out, but it was so good just to be able to get on board. I know just how you feel AA, just simply wonderful, even if not a complete return to former, some is a ton better than none.
  8. Dunedin City. Interesting day today, Monday, no work, everything rather white, white and more white and rather cold. Inside closed off front porch only 5deg this morning. Hate to think what it is outside. Not keen to find out. Thank goodness for heat pumps until the power goes down. Lots of power down around area. All toasty warm here, and mostly sheltered from the strong winds. Got to love it.
  9. Wheels what a wonderful project, good for you. Problem is we need millions of such projects world wide, will the world have time?
  10. Thanks from me as well, very interesting. Its always be a dream/goal of mine.
  11. Elsewhere... Seems like if its not locked and is wanted by someone its ok for that someone to remove. Well to that someone, it is not ok to take. To take what is not yours is THEFT. News this morning about high numbers of people not paying for train travel in Auckland, who are these people? What is happening here? Off topic, sorry, just bugged by so much dishonesty. So pleased its not everywhere.
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