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For sale Corsair F24 mk 2

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I have decided to move Putiki Express on.


From the 20th of February I will start a dutch Auction on her.


The amount and duration between price alterations will be variable, but roughly about $100 a day


To help those who are financially strapped or need to sell their boat first, I am willing to leave 50% of the finance in the boat for 1 yr, after that it will be at 15% till paid off. Security for the finance will be sought.


Once a buyer buys, there will be NO negotiation, apart from the security needed for any subsequent finance


There will be NO further comunication with other potential buyers.


The boat is in a trailor park in Tauranga. Ready to view or sail. If a sail is sought a $200 non refundable fee is charged. This $200 will then be used as the deposit if Putiki is later purchased.


Someone could be in for a nice cheap boat because I want it gone and unless I loose my nerve it will be sold.


Please let me know if this ad alerted you to Putiki if you buy her so I can Compensate IT if so

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Guest Ketchup

That's not a Dutch auction if you have a reserve "maximum"



So you will can the auction when it reaches your "bottom line" price.


Let's cut to the chase... what's your bottom line?

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Guest Ketchup

Its a Dutch auction IT... when do i place a bid.


Sorry John, I did mean to sond rude i was just having a larf:-)


You know... Dutch auction with a maximum minimum price .... more like a irish Dutch auction.

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I'll go with that, a Irish Dutch Auction.

The maximum price is what it is now, the minimum what someone buys it for.

You don't place a bid, you purchase it at the advertised price

Tell me when you want it and it'll be yours

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