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  1. Yes, a brilliant race, a bit of everything. It was great from the start under kite to North Head, except for the fact that we were being covered by all the big monos so we couldn't really hit our stride. We peeled to the screacher and headed off with Tigre nipping at our heels all the way to Leigh, sitting in the high teens all the way (max speed 20.2 knots). Then things went awry. From there to Whangarei heads the winds could be 100 degrees variation and anything from 0 to 18 knots. PlanB passed us both and we then match raced them for the next hour. At Whangarei heads the NNW came in a so
  2. think it cost me $75 when the same thing happened to me
  3. Good to hear things are working out not too badly
  4. I thought I would just give you a bit of an insight into the race from 'Sledges' perspective. The Crew consisted of me, Dean Williamson (owner of Hurts) and Grant Williams a fellow member of BOPTYS. The start was VERY light with us, Vodafone and Superbird to cruz taking off in the Multi Division. For the 1st time in my life after about 20min of sailing we were actually ahead of vodafone for a (very) short period of time. We seemed to drift down the harbour pretty efficiently, battling our mainsail most of the way (Top battens wouldn't pop through with no wind). We followed Vodafone up to Rangi
  5. The weather could be quite good i think
  6. By the way, I am looking for another crew member, any one with a bit of experience on a multi would be welcome
  7. An enlightening Article, let's hope it's true that the sports media are barking up the wrong tree
  8. I reckon Deans being screwed unfairly here. Maybe he needs to step aside, but he has been loyal to NZ (at a time that everyone else was out for themselves) and should be treated fairly Who from the TNZ heirarchy leaked this. I hope if Dean is scrapped, he takes TNZ with him.
  9. I'm seriously thinking of doing it, need to find a crew.
  10. I'll go with that, a Irish Dutch Auction. The maximum price is what it is now, the minimum what someone buys it for. You don't place a bid, you purchase it at the advertised price Tell me when you want it and it'll be yours
  11. johnMi


    maybe I should just pack up PE and we do it in her, set up some rowing machines on each ama... nothing to loose
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