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OpenCPN 4.0.0 - How to chose single chart

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I've got all the LINZ charts in one directory.


I want OpenCPN to display only ONE chart.


Is there a simple way to do it?


The alternative and slow solution was to delete the directory listing for the LINZ charts in the Options, Charts area of OpenCPN. And then to put a temporary directory listing with the one chart I wanted and then to close down and reopen.


Also is there a way to automatically avoid OVERZOOM. When I move between charts, depending on the zoom level and the scale of the next chart, I get awful problems. It seems to happen with and without quilting.


Pavel has been very helpful to me in emails, but I don't want to tie up too much of his time with what might be newbie questions.

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Hi Kevin, the user manual is here http://opencpn.org/stable_docs/help_en_US.html

But to answer your questions, yes, you can select a single chart - go into setup, charts, and create a chart group that contains only the chart you want. Then select that group only as available. To go back to all of them, just select the other group/s as required. More info about chart groups in the manual link given above.


OpenCPN allows quite a bit of over-zooming by default, but it is also possible to change this by editing a line in the opecpn.ini (config) file. Find this line:

and change it to

This will still allow over-zooming up to a factor of about 2.5 for larger scale raster charts and about a factor 4 for similar vector charts. A stricter recommendation based on how charts are compiled, and their de facto accuracy, would limit this to a factor 2.

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Thanks Matt

You're awesome!


Now I just want to be able to automatically go to the chart I select, instead of where OpenCPN thinks my "boat" is, currently the other end of NZ!


As the manual notes "As you switch Groups the logic tries to select a chart and scale that closely matches the situation present before the switch. As you may understand, sometimes the fit is not reasonable, so the resulting view may be surprising."


Surprising is not the word!


It took me ages to find the tiny dot of the chart on a stylised line drawing of the whole of NZ and then zoom to a useful look.

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Ok, if your boat is not live on the gps, right click where you want it to be and select "move boat here". Then when you want to move the chart back to where the boat is, just click the red boat icon on the top menu.... just zoom in with the + key to the level you want.

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