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  1. There's a public rack at the moment at The Landing at Okahu Bay but it's not very secure and the plan is to get rid of them I think. My well locked up dinghy was pinched from there. BTW there are no moorings now in Okahu Bay, I meant to say Hobson Bay where we've all been moved to. There are also a few lock up sheds for hire. I currently put my dinghy on top of the car and row out.
  2. Okahu Bay is fine. But make sure your boat has big cleats so it doesn't get parted from the mooring in storms. Most which end up on the wall have the cleats ripped out of the foredeck. When I moved my Easterly 30 there I got the cleat bulked up and I also tie off around the anchor winch and the sheet winches. I even wrap up the buoy rope securely too, so it's still attached to the mooring, although with enough slack to avoid chaffing.
  3. BP. Did you do it yourself? If not, can you recommend anyone? Offline is fine.
  4. 1. If the authorities were serious about avoiding marine pollution, which is what antifouling is, they'd make it simple for anyone who wants to to wash down their boats every few weeks. When Alan Gibbs was alive and sailing his Reactor and winning most of his races he never used antifoul. Instead. he regularly washed down on a tidal pole. 2. CC has always been tricky to apply and expensive. If I was to get it I would insist on a warranty, an escrow and some independent 3rd party in the case of dispute. The stuff I've cobbled together below, including form earlier crew posts may be of inte
  5. Paul, I've just learned a new phrase which young people use: FAFO. You might find that the wonderful young people in the pilot program have the full approval and cooperation of MPI.
  6. Speaking of tikanga, partnership and respect, who else enjoyed John Campbell's very moving and poetic piece the other night?
  7. Interestingly Harry, Maori Wardens actually do a great job. Why? They have a proper attitude to "policing". Ie keep everyone safe including any possible "offenders". De-escalate, respect, tikanga. And you know what? It seems to work.
  8. C'mon Harry. Have another look. They're not vigilantes; it's a joint project with MPI etc. As for the young man he impressed me. I don't know if you've ever done a standup media interview - it's not easy but he did well. He appears to be a qualified skipper which is not an easy ticket to get and he's had 5 years experience with the Harbourmaster and knows about de-escalation techniques. Tell me what more you'd want to see. It's also a pilot project so let's hope it goes well. All power to their arm I say.
  9. I didn't. My dinghy was stolen from the public racks at The Landing which are managed on behalf of the council by STF Ltd. If anyone sees my dinghy, I want it back.
  10. size including thickness of plywood? I have a mate with a factory who may squeeze it in, but he's very busy. phone me if you like
  11. Clever. The tumblehome gets me. Who's boat? Design?
  12. Problem with locals in their tinnies in what needs to be a reserve is the abuse that non-locals in their tinnies do to the moana. We saw it a while ago when reef species were taking a massive hit on what was essentially a commercial operation, run with tinnies. And big ups to Matt for the thread!
  13. Yes ma'am i realise your planet is on 🔥🔥🔥
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