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  1. Yes. Well done to Matt!!! Who's the new owner?
  2. If you mean this pic, yes. let's hear about the boat.
  3. There's also unpaywall.org but I doubt if the Herald would be counted as scientific /end saracasm
  4. A quick google search found that the UK authorities said in 2013 "None of the EVDS on the market that we are aware of, currently meet the light intensity required by the IMO Life Saving Appliance Code". Does anyone have an update?
  5. So what's to stop 2 or more people from meeting in the same anchorage?
  6. How on earth do they expect to stop yacht to yacht mingling at anchorages?????
  7. Michael Field on twitter @MichaelFieldNZ · 15h And now @nzherald falls for the PR spin about the super yacht Bold not able to bring its millions to NZ for a refit... fails to say there is Covid aboard & that it was fined for violating Vanuatu's border.
  8. and your evidence for this is?? And what of this which directly contradicts you? https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/mar/01/fossil-fuel-cars-make-hundreds-of-times-more-waste-than-electric-cars
  9. Dunno why I waste my time but ... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/mar/01/fossil-fuel-cars-make-hundreds-of-times-more-waste-than-electric-cars
  10. yep. that's me. 4 cents a km in my MiEV. Good for the planet and good for my wallet despite the fools who don't understand basic science and arithmetic youtube.com/watch?v=A6SxgKvsBmM
  11. OMFG do we have a climate denier amongst us???
  12. bike lanes would solve that nicely
  13. Sorry not sorry doesn't cut it.
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